LAZ'S 2ND ENCOUNTER: When the original thirty levels get too easy for you, try these on for size. (30 levels)
ARENA OF DEATH: On every level, you find yourself in the center of a large arena, surrounded by dozens of enemies you have to fight off as you search for the keys to the elevator, and each level pits you against even more and stronger enemies. Not for the timid! (11 levels)
MUTANTS' LAIR: On a mission to terminate the infamous Dr. Schabbs, you must fight your way through an installation literally infested with his demonic creations. Can you survive long enough to make it all the way to Schabbs' lab? (10 levels)
THE HAUNTED CASTLE: The Haunted Castle isn't like any Wolfenstein adventure you've ever played before, because it's loaded with enemies far worse than bosses... enemies you can't kill! (7 levels)
OPERATION: ANNIHILATE!: For those of you who crave action, here it is! Lots of barricaded enemies, secret doors, and places where you can shoot past columns at enemies three rooms away -- and they can shoot at you. Beware of snipers! (10 levels)
B.J.'S REVENGE: B.J. returns to a castle he escaped from to wreak havoc Rambo-style, armed with full weapons and lots of ammo. The only trouble is, the Nazis are waiting for him. Lots of non-stop action, and two levels let you slaughter officers and mutants wholesale. But don't get too carried away, or they just might slaughter YOU! (9 levels)
TREASURE HUNT: This adventure is unique in that once you complete your mission, you have to go back the way you came through all the previous levels in order to escape -- and the Nazis have set up barricades, changed the locks and brought in reinforcements. (11 levels)
AUF WIEDERSEHEN, ADOLF!: Your objective: to assassinate Adolf Hitler. But it's not as simple as it sounds, and the wily Fuhrer leads you on a wild goose chase through secret underground tunnels and neighborhood buildings crawling with dozens of his goons... and even a few look-alikes. (15 levels)
HALTEN SIE!: Once again, you must escape from a dark and evil Nazi prison -- only this time, the fate of the free world depends on it. The Nazis are planning a secret attack that might decimate the Allies, and only you know about it. Can you warn them in time? (11 levels)

TREASURE HUNT DELUXE: This improved version of Treasure Hunt includes new and enhanced graphics. (11 levels)

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