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Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts

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Old Trek IBM PC Computer Games (most will also run under windows) are available for download as they are:

Other SciFi IBM PC Computer Games

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Please do not ask for anything missing from the files [like documentation], everything I have is here. For more games and programs check out the GAMES section of my annotated Links webpage at the top.

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Maps by Tommy

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A Trek Map by Timo S. Saloniemi

For an alternate view of the trek universe in Jan, 2001, here is a big chart, 1452k, by Timo Saloniemi, who gave me advice on some of my maps. Here are the postulates he used:
"This map is based on the basic assumption that the warp speeds given in The ST Encyclopedia are correct. This necessarily limits the distances between known locations quite a bit - within a single episode (usually at most 2 weeks), a starship could travel no more than 50-60 ly at reasonable speeds, and a runabout would only cross about one or two lightyears.

The map also places real stars in their currently known locations. See www.stdimension.com for reference. Some of these stars conflict with the Encyclopedia speed info - for example Deneb and Rigel are too far away to have been visited in "Encounter at Farpoint" and "Mudd's Women", respectively. Many explanations have been suggested, including semistable wormholes of regions of faster warp travel. Choose your favorite explanation...

Some empires - UFP, Romulans, Klingons, Ferengi, & Cardassians - are placed according to a galactic map in The DS9 Tech Manual. Others are inserted where they best fit travel time info or real stars mentioned. I have deliberately chosen not to make two empires touch unless there has been EXPLICIT mention of a border between them. If it is only stated that two empires are in contact or conflict, I generally assume it takes place across unclaimed territory, or across the territory of a third empire. At Encyclopedia warp speeds, no empire could really prevent others from trespassing through their fringe areas anyway.

Finally, I try to use graphics and partial maps seen in actual episodes as reference material. Most of these can be found at the ST Dimension site. For example the shape and location of the Cardassian empire is based on a map glimpsed in DS9, while a perspective wall map seen in early TNG and DS9 gives many additional locations like those of the First Federation or the Kzinti.

Naturally, there are minor and major contradictions between the sources, so this map is just an attempt at a compromise. Contact me for details."

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