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Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts Page


Inside these webpages are the collective novelty font works of Tommy of Escondido and his associates. We have reconstructed the languages and scripts/fonts of alien species across several large TV and movie series such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, Star Wars, and other SF series & movies. We have only done those not already done elsewhere.


Introduction & info, here

StarTrek Alien fonts

Babylon 5 Alien fonts

Other SF Alien fonts

FTP info & annotated Links

How To Font

Dune Chakobsa Language

Games, Maps & Textfiles

Ratings & Awards received


In an effort to provide the most accurate reconstructions possible, we have used only official & generally fan accepted sources of information - referred to commonly by fans as "canon souurces". Such sources include books & authors such as:

  • The Making of StarTrek Deep Space Nine
  • The Illustrated Star Wars Universe
  • The Art of Star Trek
  • Star Trek: Where No One Has Gone Before - A History
  • The Star Trek Encyclopedia (both new and old editons)
  • John Quijada, Author of Dune Fremen (Dune Encyclopedia 1984)
  • Utopia, by Thomas More
  • Larry Niven, SF author of Known Space world books
  • Dinotopia

Other sources include aired TV episodes, motion pictures, websites & authorized games. We have tried to make these fonts as accurate as possible with the available materials, but there may be some errors due to the producers and set designers changing the fonts & also due to the limitations of detail and clarity on TV.

We hope you enjoy our creations. If you have any material or help to contribute, contact us at these addresses:

Star Trek, Star Wars, miscellanious material:
Tommy of Escondido/b_debaan@hotmail.com

Babylon 5 & Dune material:
Michael Lee/MikeHLee@aol.com.

All of our font collections come in Windows'® Truetype® format, and include Microsoft Write® documentation containing keymappings and examples. These fonts are 'Charity-ware'. (Meaning: if you like the fonts and plan to use them, please give a little more than usual to your favorite charities such as the Salvation Army, United Way, or others the next time you have a chance.)

Tommy's thanks to those who helped him:

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