Well here we are, literally at version 1 at version 3.121 (as of 1/15/99) of my homepage. Yes, it sucks, yes, it's lame, but it's mine! Muhahahahahahaha!!! Look for real pages to come soon, with GRAPHICS! and PHOTOS! *Note, not my daughter*

Well, there is alot of things I never get around to, this is one of them. I was wondering if my mental picutres of this page would ever come to pass, and I hope one day they do. Do you care? I'd hope not. Bon soir. Ed

NEW and improved V2 things

My Europiean Saga, A MUST SEE, but appearently not a must finish.

The Mystery Links!

Don't ask me, I just work here. I haven't even checked half of em, try at your peril, seriously.


Oooh! new links!

Find Your Star Wars Twin

Happy thanksgiving! wanna hear what I would sound like if I was a turkey, before I got me head chopped off and bread stuffed up into the crevices of my hind quarters? Me too! Try this... Turkey Time

More things I should point out. A better picture of me, in costume for Halloween, exists here, just click on this Snazzy Link!!!
Ah, the sweet sounds of the Smiths? Well, I got a work in progress going here, and now, in the works, the complete works of Morrissey, Marr, Andy Rourke & Mike Joyce - courtsey of Rough Trade productions and too many companys to credit here. Enjoy. Smiths Lyrics

Cool beans! Something new. Check out me at work, in the classics: Work1 , Work2 & Work3 and last

Since for some reason I chose the video game area of Geocities, I'm looking for games, old and new. I'd appreciate any heads up on these:
  1. Bards Tale II & III
  2. The Ultima I-VI CD Actually the new 1-8 one. Wo Ha!
  3. X-COM/UFO Defense
  4. Silent Service
  5. Outpost
  6. Deathlord
  7. Sentinel Worlds - Future Magic
  8. EA kinda rocked, didn't they, at least while with Interplay, neh?
  9. Master of Orion
  10. Various commodore 64 games I grew up on.

My Software Soapbox:

Interplay has put out several compilations, including the AD&D, Bards Tale, Might and Magic (1-5), some of the Ultima (which is also a compalation), and perhaps more. Between that, the Sid meier's comp's and the other Microprose stuff. In fact, most of the best stuff is the old stuff. That's not to say, erm, that the Civ's did not rock, or that Age of Empires or the Lucas stuff has not been great. Just the older stuff was less eye candy. When I wanted to cheat in my games, I had to get a hex editor, copy a 2nd copy of the game with my C64/1541 Disk drive (a 15m process, mind you) and have a backup. Now, I see cheats for beta's and I laugh.

While on the other hand, stuff like graphics, word processing and the rest of the non entertainment stuff has done nothing but gotten better and better. People whine to me about the evils of Win95, Microsoft, how they are abusing companys like IBM & Apple. Feh. It's only following the trend that was created by these same companys. Ever wonder why the Amiga and C64/128 never got past being a game computer? In part it was their own incompitence, but, heh, there's a story that's never fully been written here, I'd love to see it.

Comments? compliments? Info on how someone with a BS in meteorology and near no experience can get a job forecasting? Please feel free to email me at My EMAIL address

Next: A themed page, as well as seperation and the potential utilization of my other account.

And now, from the people who request I not advertise... my hosts: *sound of someone biting the hand that feeds them, to be added soon*

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