Thong Stink Face Match

(or horny teenagers will think this is the greatest match ever)

Federation: WWF

When: Summerslam 2000

Who was in it: The Kat with Al Snow vs. Terri Runnels with Perry Saturn

The coming of the attitude era marked the emphasis of sex and violence in the WWF. This paved the way to WWF's domination of sports entertainment. The sex part of the attitude era has provided many good things Angle/HHH/Stephanie love triangle, the Godfather, and Val Venis. But it has made Vince shove worthless t and a on us fans and tainted major PPV's with it as well. One of the worst of these PPV t and a fests was the thong stink face match at Summerslam 2000. For the uneducated the stink face is when someone is laying in the turnbuckles and you shove your ass into their face. So I guess some nimrod thought, "Let's put two women in bikinis and have them fight, until one of them stink faces the other." And so this black mark on professional wrestling was begot. It was a very technical sound match featuring such moves as hair throws, body slams, and ass spankings. Yes the last one is not a typo. The WWF sometimes thinks it's porn (lesbian porn mostly, read: Lita/Chyna spanking incident). If I was in a wrestling match the first thing I would do is mount my opponent's back and then spank their ass (only if it was Molly Holly). The WWF must of used porn stars to plot this match. You ask me what other crazy shit happened, a ref got head bunted in the balls. You see Terri was about to give the Kat the stink face and the Kat countered by kicking her, cause Terri's head to meet the ref's crotch (and not in the way he'd want a woman's head to meet his crotch). If anyone cares the Kat won the match but who except Lawler really does.
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