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Walla! Web mail - free 1G mail
Current weather in Tel-Aviv
maps anywhere in Israel
zoomap - see your street and house
Tel-Aviv Maps, iView         webcams - "
Open Office Hebrew final (free)
Ynot |
Israel Cell Phone number converter (free)
Click to get your horoscope

Palestinian Authority Indoctrination of Children | TV clips | Photos 
MEMRI: Anti-Israeli incitement in Arab countries: documents 
Israel's War Against Terror - Presentation Archive 
This is the face of Islam - Gallery
Sobering Up - Oslo agreements and their results
Lynch in Ramallah        Who killed Mohammed al-Dura?        Dolphin Tragedy
Imagine | History of Israel in a Nutshell | Nutshell Too | The New Antisemitism  
History in a nutshell site 2 | Imagine site 2
What do Palestinians mean by "End of occupation"
The Arab-Israeli conflict - a brief history | The Guardian
Ops. Iraqi Freedom Personal Preparedness in Israel (Hebrew software for Palm)

The official Palestinian Authority map.
They don't think Israel exists.

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Barak 013
BezeqNet 014 (my ISP)
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HOT cables
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Jerusalem On-Line
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Elections 2003
@ Ynet | @ Maven

Likud | Avoda | Shinui | Shas | Haichud Haleumi | Meretz | Hadash | Balad | Am Achad | Herut | Meimad

The Israeli Government's Official Website, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Israeli Government's Official Website, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The State of Israel, The Judicial Authority.
The Prime Minister
The Israeli Knesset
Virtual Tour of the Knesset

Bank of Israel
Israel Defense Forces
I.D.F. web Site
Police - official site
Police Tel-Aviv District
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Foreign Ministry
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Religious Affairs
IMinistry of Communications

The State of Israel, The Judicial Authority.
The State Comptroller Israel
Law of Return
The Jewish Agency Homepage

The Central Bureau of Statistics
The Central Bureau of Statistics
Israel Atomic Energy Commission
Embassy Database > Israel Embassies
Israeli Embassy and Consulate Directory
Ben-Bassat Report
Gov. Mall - pay your dues

bitterlemons.org - Palestinian - Israeli crossfire
bitterlemons-international.org - Middle East Roundtable
Backspin - Media Realignment Project
Israel's War Against Palestinian Terror
SyriaComment blog
Yitzhak Rabin - Biography - nobelprize.org
Shimon Peres - Biography - nobelprize.org
Yasser Arafat - Biography - nobelprize.org
Yasir Arafat - Psychological Profile and Strategic Analysis
- ' - www.hafgana.co.il

Israeli Satirical Picture Gallery

IsraTV - "The Road to Jenin" movie
DEBKAfile, Political Analysis
Palestinian Media Watch
Israel CIA - State Department Files
The Jewish Virtual Library - Politics
Politics Now - The Israeli Politics Site
Adva Center - equity and social justice issues in Israeli society
FAQ: Palestinian Violence and Terrorism; The International War against Terrorism
Israeli-Palestinian conflict: encyclopedia article from Wikipedia
The Search for Truth in the Middle East
Neil Lazarus Israeli seminars
MEMRI: The Middle East Media Research Institute
The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Mideast Debate
Internet Haganah - confronting Islamist terrorism online
Daniel Pipes

Mideast Debate
Yahoo! Groups : am-israel
Yahoo!: Nations With Nuclear Weapons (Oct 19, 2002)
Ayn Rand Institute -- In Moral Defense of Israel
Freeman Center for Strategic Studies
IRIS: Information Regarding Israel's Security
IMRA - Middle East News & Analysis
Mid East Education Team
lgf: sunbathing in the van allen belt
Israel news and commentary from IsraPundit
Democracy for the Middle East
Palestine Facts
Caravan for Democracy
MidEastTruth - Middle East Truth
The Peace Encyclopedia
CAMERA: Committee for Accuracy in Middle-East Reporting in America
Myths and Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
The Arab Israel Conflict in Maps
Ariel Center for Policy Research (ACPR)
Peace with Realism
The Golden Report
Iraq's presidential 'palaces' (BBC October 1, 2002 )
Iraq Special Weapons Guide
Palestine Facts
Washtenaw Middle East Watch
HonestReporting.com - Fighting Media Bias
History of Israel, Palestine & Zionism, Refugees, PLO. Terrorism, Arab-Israeli COnflict
Salience Voices-Stop Media Bias Against Israel
DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism Security
Israel Resource Review
Israel Hasbara Committee
Hasbara Israel Advocacy
Yahoo!: Israel - Palestine Conflict
Yahoo!: Israel - Lebanon Conflict
University of Texas - Middle East Network Information Center (MENIC)
The Rabin Assassination Conspiracy
Negotiations With The Palestinians Table of Contents
Negotiations With Jordan Table of Contents
Negotiations With Lebanon Table of Contents
The Next Middle East War
The Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies
The Peres Center for Peace
Politics Now - The Israeli Politics Site
Institute for Counter-Terrorism
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Israeli politics and humor
Selected Reference Documents-Peace History
"Peace Now" in Israel
Dor Shalom
Red Line
tibi zohar's peace home page
Political analysis (Eng/Russ)
1973 Yom Kippur War Table of Contents
Politics Now forum
Politics Now - The Israeli Politics Site
The Israeli Political Arena '99
(MEPF) The Middle East Political Forum
Ron Solomon's Photo Showcase: Rabin Memorial
Free Ron Arad!
Making Israel Matter
The Jabotinsky Institute in Israel - Museum, Archives & Library
Authentic Liberalism -- Ze'ev Jabotinsky Israeli Classical Liberal Web Site
Peace for Palestine
100 Years of Zionism
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem - Middle East Intelligence Digest
WIC Biography - Golda Meir
Seeds of Peace
Politics Forum
The Israel Democracy Institute
Mideast: On Target
Americans for Peace Now
Maps of the Arab-Israeli conflict
Is peace with the Arabs a reality?
US-Israel Relations (JSOURCE)
Hashomer Hatzair - Israel
The Kahane Website
Terror or Peace???? charts
Katyusha Rockets and Israeli Security
Tatiana Soskin Page
Neil Lazarus Mailing List
Maps of the Golan Heights
War of Attrition Memorial
Israel Information Service
Gamla News & Views from Israel
Palestinian Awakening
USCR: Middle East Refugee Info
Israeli Photographers & Photojournalists: Ron Solomon's Photo Showcase
Jewish History: Israeli Wars
The Israeli judiciary & social violence
Anti-Defamation League
Jerusalem Table of Contents
Chaim Herzog memorial page
Virtual Jerusalem presents Eli Cohen
Wye Memorandum
CNN - Struggle for Peace
A Personal Diary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Israel's Lebanese Options, Dec.1998
BBC: Saddam Hussein profile
Jane's Information Group: Defence, geopolitical, transport and police information
Jane's Missiles and Rockets - Take a look at some of our sample pages
Kol Haam
New Hebron Homepage
Sikkuy--The Association for the Advancement of Equal Opportunity
Likud of Holland : Israeli & Middle East politics
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
ICT - Counter-Terrorism
The Jewish-Palestinian Encounter
Juden fur Frieden - Gush Shalom
The International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers
Negotiations with the Syrians Table of Contents
Golan Heights Table of Contents
Hesitation Before a Syrian Peace
Middle East Discussion Forum
American Friends of the Golan
Jerusalem, Israel, and the Arabs
True Peace Home Page
The Kahane Website
Manhigut Yehudit
Bridges For Peace
Birth of the (Palestinian) Nation?
Emergency Assistance to Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza
"Jacobs" Israel World
Ariel Sharon
Ehud Barak
Yesha News
King Abdullah II Of Jordan Official Website
United Jerusalem webring
Brit Shalom, the Jewish-Palestinian Peace Alliance
Israeli Eyes - In memory of terror victims
Yahoo! Groups : GilahYisrael
Anti-Semitism in the Official Egyptian Press
The Afghani threat: bin Laden vows to attack Israel (June 2001)
The Israeli Response to the 1972 Munich Olympic Terror
Remembering the Entebbe rescue mission 25 years later
Jewish Peace Fellowship
Violation of the human rights in Israel (Hebrew, English, Russian)
Why the Muslims Misjudged Us
Standing With Israel
Israel's War Against Palestinian Terror
Tal G. in Jerusalem
Jenin Al Kassam
Iran - Terror by Proxy
Qa`idat al-Jihad
Top Muslim Clerics Endorse Suicide Attacks
The al-Aqsa Intifada An Engineered Tragedy
The Al-Qaida-Hizballah Connection
New Arenas for Iranian-Sponsored Terrorism
Yasir Arafat - Psychological Profile and Strategic Analysis
Palestine Facts Home Page
Jewish Internet Association
Israel Doc : le conflit isralo-palestinien
Jenin, Arab/European view
Boycott Watch - boycotts against Israeli and Jewish products
The Yamin Israel Party
Shmana | Hear Us
The news, uncensored
A Time To Speak
Honestreporting Italia
elConflicto.com -La verdad de Oriente Proximo-
Jewish Friends of Palestine
Against the boycott of Israeli scientific institutions
Reply to a defense of the Harvard-MIT divest petition
Israel Policy Forum
Guardian Unlimited | Timeline: history of al-Qaida
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
The Lynch Palestinian Terror

Binyamin Netanyahu's supporters site.
A guide to Hamas
Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas
Hamas - about
MidEast Web - Hamas Charter
Hamas -Terrorist Group Profiles
Hamas - Jewish Virtual Library
About Hamas
Neve Shalom Village~Wahat al-Salam
Women in Green
Terror Victims Association
Hasbara Australia
Ayn Rand Institute -- In Moral Defense of Israel
The Official Kahane Web Site
Kahane Tzadak
.:: ::.
Jewish Hebron Community
Golan News
- Nablus
Tzemach News Service - Israel and the Jewish people
Women in Green
Zo Artzeinu
True Peace
Our enemies
American Friends of Moledet
American Friends of Israel's National Union
Justice for Jonathan Pollard
terrorismfiles.org : Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction (WMD)
NIF - New Israel Fund
Current Viewpoint
Israel Action Center - Information Middle East Terrorism
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center -
Israel Security Fence - Ministry of Defense - ,
Zionist Leadership Policy Institute
Infokeren - by Mexican Jews
Misdar Jabotinsky Ha-Umma Israel
Save Israel - Barry Chamish
Anti-Semitism blog
MEI Middle East regimes and terrorism
Israel Hasbara Committee
Middle East Cartoons
CRISIS:ISRAEL - forum on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Hasbara Nederland - Informatie over Israel en het Israelisch/Palestijns conflict
Forum de discussion concernant ISRAEL, la France, les JUIFS de France
The American Jewish Committee
Middle East Political Forum
the Hanuka Experience game
The Voice of Truth
- '
Zionism on the Web
Zionism and Israel
State of Israel blog
Ynet - : -

Palestine Remembered, al-Nakba 1948
Fateh Organization Website
Comprehensive survey of the web sites of Hizballah
PLO. Negotiations Affairs Department
IslamicAwakening.Com - as-Sahwah al-Islamiyah
Al Jazeera
Syria Times
Palestinian Satellite TV Channel
Syria Satellite TV Channel
Islamic Republic News Agency (Iranian)
Albawaba's Comprehensive Web Guide
Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations
Palestinian Information Center
The Country of Palestine
Islamic Association for Palestine
Palestinian National Authority
Palestinian National Authority Official Website
Nasrallah Lebanon
The Popular Front for The Liberation of Palestine
Democratic Palestine
Palestine Ministry Of Information
Fateh Organization Website
Birzeit University, West Bank, Palestine.
The Institute For Palestine Studies
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
Background on the PLO
The Palestinians In Their Own Words
Islamic Association for Palestine
Out There News explores political Islam
The Challenge - Produce A Sura Like It
Palestine Chronicle - News and Commentary from Palestine
Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation
Gulf News Online
Libya Satellite TV Channel
UK Muslim TV Ahmadiyya
Palestinian propaganda in Polish
Ramallah Online
Palestine Independent Media Center
Palestine Media Center- (PMC)
Radio Islam: Israels agenter i Sverige. Israels maffia i Sverige
Radio Islam: English. Palestine. Jewish occupation. Zionism.
Dheisheh refugee camp
Playgrounds for Palestine
Jihad Watch
PalestineCampaign.org (UK)
Arab Ambassador

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news & weather

Internet Public Library: Israel - Online newspapers
Newspapers and other media sources from Israel, Kidon Media-Link
Chol Israel - Breaking News from Israel
DEBKAfile, Political Analysis
y-net (Yedioth Ahronoth)
Ynet in English
News First Class
Foreign currency exchange rates live
ArabYnet - Arabic news from Israel (Yedioth Ahronoth)
Channel 1 News
Channel 2 News
Channel 10
KOL-ISRAEL.com - Live Radio, Daily News and Sports
Israel TV News on IsraTV International Israeli TV
Nana news
NEW.CO.IL - What's new in Israel ?
Gamla News, Politics, Interviews, Military commentary
Haaretz Daily - English Internet Edition
Maariv in English
Maariv International
Arutz Sheva - Israel National News
IsraelNationalNews TV
Jewish news - Moreover
Israel News.net
Jewish Chronicle

Daily Alert
Israel News Desk
Israel Today
ISRAEL NEWS Around the Clock
Jerusalem Post
Israel News Desk
NOOZ - The first Israeli news bot
IOL Israeli News Site
Areshet Daily
Maven - The Portal Directory to the Jewish World
Yom - yom
The Jewish Week
index of all local newspapers in israel
Middle East Newsline - Area News - Updated Daily
Jerusalem On Line
Israeli Culture from The Mining Co.
HonestReporting.com - Fighting Media Bias
IsraTV The First International Israeli TV
CAMERA - Monitoring Media Coverage of Israel
GLOBES: Israel's Business Arena
Globes TV
Analyst Online
Status - Israel's leading manager's magazine
Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics
Kol America Inc.
Israel News Online
Haayal Hakore - Israeli Culture and Current Affairs
Bimcom - the Alternative Magazine
Jewish World Review-main
Jewish World Review
Chicago Jewish News
Tel-Aviv newspaper
Jewish Communication Network
Ariel's Homepage
Ilespnl: Prima Plana
Israel Club
Arutz 7
Israel's Media Watch - Lada'at
Dateline: Israel
Israel Information Office in Scotland
infoPager (free download)
The Middle East Times : News from Egypt and the region
IsraNews : Le bulletin d'information hebdomadaire pour tout savoir sur l'actualit isralienne
Zipple.com: The Jewish SuperSite
Lifestyles Magazine's Jewish Supersite
Aurora es Israel en espaol
The New Jewish Gazette/De Nieuwe Joodse Gazet
United Jerusalem
www.jewish.ru - Russian Aliah Center
Actu.j.com: Le portail du Journal Actualite Juive
PLETZ.com - o seu site judaico!
Revista Judea de Cultura
ERETZ NEWS - o site de noticias da comunidade judaica do Brasil
Jews News
El Reloj.com, Israel en tiempo de noticias.
news first class
jewish comment uk israel news
Jewish Information Central
Iton Gadol (in Spanish)
Daily Alert
Online Magazine for Peace in the Middle East
Associazione AMICI D'ISRAELE Onlus
United Jerusalem
Israel Info Center
Guysen Israel News : infos et articles sur le proche-orient
Israel News from Jerusalem Newswire
IMRA - Middle East News & Analysis
Isracast - multimedia broadcast and distribution
The Jewish Exchange
News From Israel
Aurora-Israel Digital (Spanish)
Access|Middle East
Alondon.net - . -
Shalom magazine
Israel National Radio
Canadian Jewish News
BauBau Photowire news photos from the Middle East
Israel Net Daily

Click for Tel Aviv, Israel Forecast

Click for Tel Aviv, Israel Forecast

Weather Underground: Tel Aviv
Weather Underground: Israel
NRG Weather
Israel TV Channel 1- - IBA
Walla! Weather
Ynet weather
The Weather Site - Israel
Israel Weather
Israel Meteorological Service
Tel Aviv,IsraelForecastby Intellicast.com
CNN.com - Weather - Tel Aviv, Israel
Israeli Weather

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The Holocaust
Holocaust.co.il: Main Links
The Jewish Virtual Library - The Holocaust
The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names
Adding Names to The Central Database of Shoah Victims
The Concentration Camps Today
Visiting the Concentration Camps
The WWII Aerial Reconnaissance Archive - The Camps
virtual cinema of The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
Fortunoff Video Archive
Shoa.de - Ein Projekt zu Shoah, Holocaust,Antisemitismus
Jewish Communities from Poland
Holocaust Chronicle
Holocaust Web Resources Project
Holocaust Names
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
The Official March of the Living Internet Website
Literature of the Holocaust
Auschwitz: Place of Horrors
An Auschwitz Alphabet
Images for Reflection
Maven - Holocaust & Antisemitism Links Page
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Missing Identity Holocaust Survivor Children
The Holocaust History Project Homepage
Holocaust: Cybrary of the Holocaust
Crossing Over: Oral History of Refugees from Hitler's Reich
Holocaust Denial On Trial
The Museum of Jewish Heritage
Warsaw Ghetto
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Simon Wiesenthal Multimedia Learning Center Online
Hamburg Study Center on Holocaust Education
WWII Concentration Camps (Birkenau,Mauthausen) - Photographs
Polish Jews, Concentration Camps, Death Camps
Documentary Resources on the Nazi Genocide
Jewish Records Indexing Poland
JewishGen ShtetLinks
JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy
The Nazi Doctors
Adolf Hitler, Der Fuhrer
Adolf Hitler
Albert Goering, the good brother
Amon Goeth, Hitlers nazi butcher
Paula Hitler, the sister of Adolf Hitler
The children of the Holocaust
Hell of Sobibor
The Angels Of Death
The Holocaust, Courage and Survival
oscarlis : Horrors of Holocaust Pictures Gallery
Center of organizations of holocaust survivors in Israel
Rudolf Hess Webseite
Nazi and East German Propaganda
Justice in the Holocaust
Switzerland & the Holocaust Assets
Summary Of Report On Looted Gold And German Assets
Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation
Lost Art Internet Database
Vatican Bank Claims
The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims
The Ghetto Fighters' House
Holocaust Names
Jewish Labor and the Holocaust
HopeSite - The Holocaust Education Center
Obozy - Nazi camps in Poland (in Polish)
Panstwowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau (in Polish)
Kolbe, The Saint from Auschwitz
Yad Vashem Web Site
The Holocaust Commission
Wannsee Conference: The Implementation of the Final Solution Is Planned
Holocaust Links
AICE - Holocaust
The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy
An Angel of Mercy - Raoul Wallenberg
Voice Vision: Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories
The Ghetto Fighters` House
Mina Cohen - artist
Holocaust and a boy
Auschwitz/Birkenau - Photographs by Alan Jacobs
Victims of Mengele
Hitlers Deathcamp Sorbibor
Josef Mengele, Angel of Death
MORESHET Mordechai Anilevich Memorial Research and Study Center of Holocaust
Shtetl: Memorial
Mazal Library Home Page
The Shoah Dream Project
The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Beth Hatefutsoth
Living Heirs
Anne Frank and Oskar Schindler in memoriam
Schindler Survivors
Anne Frank Homepage
The Anne Frank Internet Guide
Anne Frank House
Auschwitz Hitler`s deathcamp
Treblinka Extermination Camp
The Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw
Rescue of the Danish Jews
Polish Jews, Photos
The photos tell ..
Holocaust Memorial at MELRC
An Auschwitz Alphabet
Social Studies School Service Holocaust
The Madagascar Plan - The Holocaust
Hitlers Women
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Jewish Museum Vienna
Jewish Museum Berlin
1938 ...das ehemals groe deutsche Judentum
Jewish Museum in Prague
Jewish Museum Home
The Holocaust Museum and Resource Center of Scranton, Pennsylvania
Jewish Museums Forum
Holocaust Teacher Resource Center
Holocaust - Welcome from The Mining Company
International Forum on the Holocaust
B_Milman Home Page
Women and the Holocaust
Impact of the Holocaust
The Black Book of Polish Jewry: Martyrdom Under the Nazi Occupation
The Holocaust Ring
Electric Zen: An Einsatzgruppen Electronic Repository
Holocaust - Bulletin Board
Holocaust Glossary
The Holocaust Timeline
Chat - The Holocaust
JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy
Olocausto e Letteratura
Karen L. Simonetti; the "Nonesuch" Librarian
The Yellow Jewish Badge - The Holocaust
Last Expression
Art and Poetry - Holocaust Net Links
The Holocaust History Project Homepage
Our Turn to Remember - The Holocaust
Cracow, Casimir, Auschwitz-Birkenau with a guide.Jewish genealogy in Poland
Ressources documentaires sur le genocide
Reflections in Rhyme
The Holocaust History Project Homepage
Displaced Jews in Europe: 1945-1951 - Geography
The Nazi Doctors Trial
Death and Concentration Camps - maps
Holocaust Trip in Eastern Europe - 07/31/98
Little Pink Shoes at Auschwitz - Birkenau - 08/15/98
Pogrom against the Jewish People in Innsbruck
Rescue of the Danish Jews
The story of Oscar Schindler
The entire Schindler`s List
Oscar Schindler, why did he do it ?
Emilie Schindler
Der Stuermer - The Holocaust - 11/30/98
Ada Holtzman Home Page
Holocaust horrors
Sho - Olocausto
Survivor Story from Slovakia
Abba Kovner and Resistance in the Vilna Ghetto
Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York
Wannsee Conference: The Implementation of the Final Solution Is Planned
Millbridge Holocaust Site
Alfred Tibor sculpture
Oscar Schindler Site
Living Testimonies, McGill University
Visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Search and Unite
Descendants of the Shoah
Witness & Legacy - Contemporary Art about the Holocaust
International Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Memorial Sites
Resources for Children of Holocaust Survivors
Cecelia Clancy's Shoah (Holocaust) Study Page
Aktion Kinder des Holocaust
Descendants of the SHOAH Melbourne Australia
Zabludow Memorial Website
The Struma Ship Tragedy 1942
Cape Town Holocaust Centre
Images from Rescuers 1986-1992
Ghetto Ebraico di Venezia - Jewish Ghetto of Venice
Jdisches Museum und Museum Judengasse Frankfurt am Main
Poland's Class of 1936 - A WWII Survivor's Quest
Judenpogrom in Innsbruck
March of the Living - Canada
Zydzi w Czestochowie
If Not Now ....
Voices of the Shoah Remembrances of the Holocaust
Songs of The Holocaust
Holocaust EducationThrough Art
"A YEAR IN TREBLINKA", 1945, By Yankel Wiernik
VISHNIVE BELARUS Homepage (Vishnevo, Vishneva, Vishniva)
PBS - From Swastika to Jim Crow
Humor as a defense mechanism in the Holocaust
Children from Izieu - Klaus Barbie, the butcher from Lyon
Sara's Children: The Destruction of Chmielnik
I am from Vishnevo
Bialystok Poland Jewish Children's Memorial
Project Next Step of the Simon Wiesenthal Center
Wilhelm Canaris
One Thousand Children
The Beth Shalom Web Centre
Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz Homepage
The Oregon Holocaust Resource Center
Interviews from the Underground - Official Filmsite
West Chester Univeristy Holocaust / Genocide Education Center
The Association of Jewish Refugees
A boy survived, Joseph Schleifstein
Maria Countess von Maltzan
Remembering the Jews of Lubaczow
Jane Haining
Miep Gies and The Diary of Anne Frank
The Art of Morris Feinerman
The Chiger Family
The Mechelen Museum of Deportation and the Resistance
Holocaust Era in Croatia: Jasenovac 1941-1945
Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, an eyewitness from Auschwitz
Hermann Graebe and The Final Solution
Kalmen Wewryk, Sobibor and The Final Solution
A letter to God from La Maison d'Izieu
Nicholas Winton, the Schindler of Britain
Learning about the Holocaust through Art
Rudolf Hoess, Death Dealer of Auschwitz
Irene Muskal OB"M, Bergen-Belsen and Beyond
Kurt Gerstein, conscience-stricken SS officer
Irena Sendler, Saviour of Jews
Holocaust Educational Foundation (HEF)
Baral family
Papers by Sandra S. Williams
The twins Eva and Miriam Mozes survived Auschwitz
Masha and Zoya
The Children with the Star
Children who cheated the nazis
Per Anger
Rabbi Weissmandl
Krakow, Kazimierz, Oswiecim z przewodnikiem.
Kielce, Poland
OLOKAUSTOS - Storia dell'Olocausto dal 1933 al 1945
We remember!
Business and the Holocaust
Alois Brunner
Anne Frank
Pictures of Holocaust Horrors
The Holocaust Children
Gerstein - SS Officer With Consience
Adolf Hitler - and his victims
Irena Sendler story
Auschwitz - photographs by David Cirese
Wladyslaw Szlengel, the ghetto poet
The Art and Politics of Arthur Szyk
Poniatowa Forced Labor Camp
Teaching Holocaust,Special conference for educators,August 8-11, 2004
Rajzel Zychlinsky, Yiddish Poet from Gombin, Poland
My Journey by Mike Kaufmann
Talking With Angels
La memoria della shoah

New England Holocaust Memorial Boston Massachusetts
The International Landsmannschaft of CZSTOCHOWA JEWS and Their Descendants
Cross Cultural Service Project - Belarus 2003
CICAD - Coordination Intercommunautaire Contre L'Antismitisme et la Diffamation
Jdisches Leben in Pankow

Holocaust Understanding and Prevention by A.Kimel
An Online Holocaust Magazine - Holocaust Understanding and Prevention by A.Kimel
Shoah Remembrance - Holocaust Poetry compiled by A.Kimel
A Collection of Holocaust Stories by A.Kimel
Holocaust Educational Digest - A. Kimel, Holocaust Survivor
Holocaust: Hanukkah in the Concentration Camp
Holocaust: Holocaust Myths by Alexander Kimel
Holocaust and Christianity by A.Kimel
Holocaust Guilt & Responsibility
The Mad Revisionist - revisionism revisited

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jewish, religious & atheist

Judaic Studies on the Internet
Judaism 101
Hebrew Calendar project
Current Jewish Calendar
Calendar Converter
Judaism 101
eJewish.info Jewish database
Hebrew Bible with vowels HTML Freeware
Mish Mash - Over 10,000! links to all things Jewish!!
Jewish webcasting guide
Harry Leichter's Jewish Communities of the World
Global Jewish Directory
GOLEM Jewish Hypersearch
Jewish Globe Judaism Portal
Live Western Wall Camera
European Liberal Judaism Links
Synagogues of the World
The Jewish New Year: High Holidays, and more!
Jewish Holidays on Zipple.com

Bnai Brith
Jewish software
Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar
Harry Leichter's Jewish Holidays Pages
Maven - Jewish Holidays Links
Maven - Rosh Hashana Links
Jewish Occasions by Greetz.com
Sealingwax Greeting Cards - Jewish Heritage
Hebrew Blessings by Joel Moskowitz
Bytesize Greetings Cardshop - Passover
Index of Images - Passover 1996
Free Jewish Passover Graphics and Images
Purim - Judaism Net Links
From Pesach to Shavuot
Maven - Jewish/Israel Pesach-Passover
Jewish Holiday Recipes
Maimonides (Rambam) Resource Page
Zipple.com: The Jewish SuperSite - Where Cyberspace is JewishSpace.
Backgrounds for Jewish Holidays from Uncle Debi's
The Memorial Site - izkor
Ask the Kabala...
Jerusalem Mountain - Blessings from Jerusalem
Jewish Heritage Online Magazine
East European Jewish Heritage Project
Shtetl: Timeline PBS
Road to the Shtetl
Jewish World Review
Judentum - Israel und die Welt
Kosher Delight - Jewish Online Magazine
Jewish Studies on the Internet
Jewish Communication Network
Skrivarstu - Judaica
Dor L' Dor Home Page
Juden.de - Jewish life in Germany
Jewish museum of Greece
Homepage of the Hungarian Jewry
Hungarian Jewish Roots
PAIDEIA - the European Institute of Jewish Studies in Sweden
Judiska Forsamlingen i Stockholm
Polish Jews, Jews in Poland, History
Fundacja Shalom
The last Jews of Birobidzhan
Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia
Short history of Jews in Poland
Jewish Community in Poland
Forum Zydow Polskich
IZRAEL - serwis powicony Izraelowi i narodowi ydowskiemu
Eifo? - O Portal da Comunidade Judaica Brasileira
Judaismo no Brasil e no Mundo
Machers - Jewish US resources search engine
Hitachdut Olei Britannia
Juden in Berlin - Jews in Berlin
Judaica w Polsce
Jewish Community in Poland
Kazimierz - Jewish district in Cracow
Pardes Lauder - Zydowski religijny portal internetowy
Mifgash home page
The SABRA Home Page of Israel
Young Judaea
Beth Hatefutsoth
Kashrut.Com - Kosher Food Information and Product Alerts
Austrian Jewish Museum
Jewish Museum in Prague
Organizatiei Unitare a Evreilor Originari din Romania
Telfed - South African Zionist Federation
Historical Society of Jews From Egypt
Iraqi Jews who left Baghdad during the 1960's and 1970's
Project Genesis: Torah on the Information Superhighway
Bob Dylan: Tangled Up in Jews
Guide Pratique de la Vie Juive
The Jews from Asia
Sephardic Jews of Turkey from BSZ
.:: Zlfaris Sinagogu ::.Jewish Museum of Turkey
Falasha - Ethiopian Jewish Religion and Traditions
Sevilla-Sefarad. Amigos del Legado Sefard
Netherlands Society for Jewish Genealogy
JFUkraine Home Page
Judovska Skupnost Slovenije
The New Past and Future, Hungarian Jewish Cultural Quarterly
Slovak Jewish Heritage - Slovakia Synagogues, Jewish Cemeteries, Jewish Museum Bratislava
KehilaNet - Comunidad Juda en Internet
IWO - Instituto Cientfico Judo
The Sephardi Connection
Sephard Genealogy sites
Judaismo.com.br (Brasil)
History, culture, spirituality, music of Jews and Roma (Gypsies)
Bienvenue sur Israelfr.com, le serveur francophone
Marben Pages, Argentina
Comunidad Bet Hilel de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
IGB Basel - Willkommen!
ICZ Zurich
Keren Hayessod
Baba Sali
Yeshiva University Main Page
Jewish Book of Life
Ahavat Israel - Chat
Shalom Online - La Comunidad Juda de Latinoamrica en Internet
The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization
Tara Publishing - Electronic Books
Kaluach - Easy Hebrew/Civil calendar
Aish HaTorah - Window on the Western Wall
Place a Note In The Wall
Karaite Korner
National Museum of American Jewish History
Jewish Midis
Manof Jewish Information Center
Halacha rulings, Q&A
Jewish Divorce Website
The Ultimate Jewish Calendar Page
Zemerl - The Yiddish Song Database
Great Rabbis And Their Messages
Ask a Rabbi.com
Ask a Rabbi on Jewish Community Online
Jewish History Resources
Yisra-Ed --- Judaic Teaching Resources from Israel
The Romanian Jewish Community / Comunitatea Evreiasca din Romania
Jews of Romania Virtual Exhibition
Rishon: La web judia de Argentina
The Jewish Survival Series
The Homer Calendar
Free Jewish graphics
Judiska Museet i Stockholm
Russian Jewish Students Organization
Vaad Hajinuj - Jewish Education in Argentina
Jewish Heritage Video Collection
Jewish Woman magazine
PLETZ.com ::. o site mais recheado da comunidade judaica
Iraqi Jews who left Baghdad during the 1960's and 1970's

The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation - Lodz
Progressive Jewish Forum of Copenhagen
Brief Synopsis on Jewish Theology
Jewish Community in Poland
Judaizm Humanistyczny
Sephardic Jewish Center - Magen David
Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews
Juden in Berlin
History of Jews in Baden/Switzerland
Jewish community of Gothenburg, Sweden
Compact Memory - Deutsch-jdische Literaturgeschichte im Web
Jewish Dance
Kosher Restaurants & Jewish Resources around the world
Radio Chabad
- , ,
Yiddish Radio Project
Alemannia Judaica - Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Erforschung der juedischen Geschichte
International Association of Jews from Egypt
Jewish Internet Television
Federaci?n Universitaria Sionista Latinoamericana
Asociacin Israelita de Beneficencia - Kehil de Rosario
Jewish Heritage in Ukraine
The tradition of Iraqi Jews

The Israeli Atheists Society
Cogito - Ergo sue me!
Fed up with religious influence?

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culture & entertainment

Ynet -TV schedule
IOL TV Guide
INFO-NET Israeli Tourism & Entertainment Guide
Time Out entertainment weekly
Jewhoo! celebrity search engine
Dr. Caligary's Cabinet - Movies Reviews
Seret.co.il - Israel's Movie Portal Fish Eye : Movie reviews without the boring bits
ATRAF portal for young
Vgames -
HOT cable TV

TV Channel 5 (sport)
TV Channel 6
TV Channel 8
TV Channel 10
Bip channel
Briza channel
AXN Israel channel
Kik TV
Jewish webcasting guide
Galey Zahal radio
Reshet Bet
"Emtza Haderech" - 90 FM
tel aviv City Connection
The Israeli Restaurant guide
Tel Aviv Insider
LEV cinemas chain
Mooma - Israeli music portal
MOOMA singers/groups index
Daily listing of all classical music concerts and opera in Israel
Fish Eye : Movie reviews without the boring bits
Mooma music portal
Israeli Culture from The Mining Co.
ilMuseums : Israel Museums Guide
il Museums : Israel Museums by Travel 2000
Israeli Artists at Israel Art Guide
inter ART israel
The Artists & Sculpturer Israeli associasion
Art on the Net (art.net)
Art In Israel
inter ART israel
The Concert Web: Israel
jewish painters
Menahem Erez's Web Site/art from israel
New Stage
Italian Judaic Jewish art and crafts
Jewish Art Network

Cheap music mp3 downloads. ALLOFMP3
MP3 Magazine
MP3 and VQF
Hebrew MP3
Hebrew MP3 Site

2 e a t -
GoodFood - Israeli Food Guide
Dinner Site Israel: on-line restaurant guide
MusicZone Shop
com-edi, The satire site of israel
KiDS' Jerusalem Adventures
INDIC - Film and TV Services
Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
Jerusalem Music Centre
Ofra Haza Memorial Ring
Welcome to Jerusalem Anthologia!
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
The New Israeli Opera
Sholom Aleichem Home Page
Old City Caesarea Gallery
David Broza
The Beri Saharof site
Shabak's Official Site
Pick a Card (Afula Express) - Best film 1997
Babylon 5 (in Hebrew)
edi's satire and humor site
Lori's Mishmash Humor Page
Welcome to NMCity
Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
Ron Solomon's Photo Showcase
Hebrew Poetry on the Internet
STARCAST - Israel's Casting Site
Hear Achinoam Nini (Noa) on The Israel Hour!
Israeli Folk Dancing - Israelidance.com
Musique juive
Meditational Kabbala Art Gallery
Hed-Arzi Music Publishers
Matti Caspi
The best Israeli Humor site
The National Center For Jewish Film
Israeli Dance Group
Rec.Humor.Jewish Homepage
Welcome to The best Israeli Humor site
The Artists & Sculpturer Israeli associasion
Avraham & Yaacov
Jazz in Israel
MaY fun site
Voices Israel Group of Poets in English
Tattoo Jew Zine
Jewish Humor, Links and Jokes
The Oy Vey! Jewish Jokes
Etgarim - riddles weekly
The Israeli folk dance center
Chagall Windows,paintings,download, in Hadassah
Mike Burstyn's Home Page
h a m o n v o l u m e
The Tel Aviv Photo Gallery
Jewish Film Archive Online
Telvelart Gallery
Ta-Kelim - Israeli humor
Games Zone
Riddles Weekly
Sunset Radio - Israeli stations
Israel Football
Ofra Haza: 1957-2000
RadioIsrael.com - Israeli music online
Shlomo Artzi - Non-official Fan Website
The Old City Caesarea Gallery
Mike Burstyn's Home Page
Who wants to be a millionaire? (like the TV game)
Ilana Goor Museum - Jaffa Israel - Living With Art
: : Cinema ebraico : :
Nice jewish jokes
Kick Granny - Jokes so funny you laugh
Art Chaim Odem
Museum of Italian Jewish Art
The Voice of Heaven - Ofra Haza
judaic european art
Israeli, Oriental and Mizrahit Music in mp3 format
Shlomo Artzi - Non-official Fan Website
Sarit Hadad
Golem TV for kids
Ascalon Art
National Yiddish Book Center
Esther and Abi Ofarim
ONE - Israel's Sports Portal
Safsal - Israeli Basketball Site
The Boston Jewish Film Festival
Esther and Abi Ofarim
Bananot.Com - girl forums
Jewish Humor On The Web
Unofficial Gali Atari homepage
Rubik cube in Hebrew
Ynet -
Ein-Hod Artists' Village, Israel
LIVE.CO.IL - index to Israeli live media channels
Demons Under the Sink
MultiNet PLAY
My Riddle
- www.calls.co.il

The Blind Janitor - Music reviews by people who care
Fish Eye : Movie reviews without the boring bits
Polaniya.co.il -
Helen Bar-Lev Gallery
Avivarchive- Aviv Geffen files
Nahum Gutman's Museum
WFM radio/tv
-100FM -
A group of tactical PC Gamers who love Israel
Oldies 4 Ever games
Snopi Flash
TV Classic series
Jimbo fun
Dry Bones cartoons

- ,

, -
Yiddish.net links: Yiddish language, theater, art, music, literature, culture
Jewish Theater of Austria
Jewish Blogmiester, Discussions on Jewish Music and other topics
Esther Ofarim The Official Website
The Official Israeli Eurovision Song Contest Site
Artist Index Israel
radio 106FM.co.il - Kol Hakampus

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Tucows BezeqNet
Tucows Netvision
Tucows Israserve
Tucows 012.net
Tucows Zahav
Tucows Mirror
Tucows Mirror ?
Tucows East Jerusalem
Tucows Ramallah ?
Tucows Kuwait

ParaPara - software @ Nana


Main Israeli Sites Index -
Israeli most useful links index - UzIt.co.il
Ynet - -
NetExpress - THE way to find main Israeli sites
Find Israel search engines with Colossus

< A HREF="http://www.50plus.co.il/">50plus
a - multi-search page
B-Life Family Portal
Bezeq International
Booka! Search
Boom - the portal for the young
eMaMa - Family Portal
El Portal de la Colectividad Judia Latinoamericana
Gashash Hebrew/English search
GOLEM Jewish Hypersearch
Google Israel
Grippo - Israel Directorio de Israel
HaReshima: The Jewish Internet Portal
Hevre.co.il - Find Your Friends!
IFI - Le site des Internautes Francophones d'Israel
Internet Zahav
Isralink search
It-u-run search engine
The Jewish Universe
Koogle Jewish search
TOPJ.NET - Le Portail de la Communaut Juive Francophone
Latinex - El Directorio de Empresas Israelenses en Espanol y Portugues
Madlik - index for cool israeli sites
Maven - The Portal Directory to the Jewish World
MorFIX: Hebrew and Arabic Search
MSN search
Microsoft Israel
Nana @ Netvision
Nana index
Nana (English)
Nana (Russian)
NETO Hi-Tech search engine
NEW.CO.IL - What's new in Israel ?
NU?! - The Jewish Portal
ONE - Israel's Sports Portal
MSN Microsoft
PAGAZ - Israeli site index & search engine
Restoria Search Engine
Russian Aliah Center
Sababa search
ShalomOnline (Spanish)
Soyuz (Russian)
Speedy Net
Start! search & portal
TAPUZ search engine
WALLA! search engine
Walla zone
Walla computers
Yandex (Russian)
Ynet for Israelis living abroad
Zinuk starting page
Zipple.com - The Jewish SuperSite
Zooloo index
The Israeli TOP 10 sites

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Generation J, webzine-- Send a Postcard
Yotvata cards
Jewish free cards
Hungarian Jewish Cards
Jewish E-Cards
Amazon.com Cards: Free Animated Rosh Hashana Cards
Free Passover Greeting Cards from 123Greetings
Ahavat Israel - Post Card
Jewish Greeting Cards
Purim cybercards by Greetz.com
Purim Cards & other free electronic greeting cards
Jewish Postcatds (Russian)
Graphics Schmaphics -- Judaic Greeting Cards by Roz
Greeting cards in hebrew
The Post Office - free cards
Boom postcards
Hag Samehach - free postcards and more
Funny cartoons greeting cards
Ahavat Israel - Post Card
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Flash cards
Icards, envoyez une carte postale pour les ftes Juives
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War rez From Another World - The Real Heb Suppliers , movies downloads
The LioNetwork - movies downloads
Emule Israel
Israel Internet Association
Microsoft's English-Hebrew Glossary
Autodidact-Number One Site for free learning
Guides.co.il - ,
Ware z From Another World - //
Techno - The bit of technology
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Your Gadget-Spot
HebJuggler - automated conversion of Hebrew text formats (free)
Tao HebrewXP -
Irrelevant - urban legends - false or true?
PCphobia - PC101
Sivan - daily techie news
Nana Daily
Noam Rotter Net
Computer guides
PC Arena
sapakim - list
Mentor computer help site
Wireless.co.il - Your Wireless information portal
All Jewish at Zipple.com: The Jewish SuperSite!
A webmasters smorgasbord of free resources
Yazam.com - Resource Center for Entrepreneurs and Investors
Tipo.co.il - MS Messenger community
MSN Babylon translations
israel.internet.com - Israel's Internet & IT Network
JEMIX free domain (URL redirection) service

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SightCom Express - Hebrew Email On Line
Free Hebrew Web mail @ Internet Zahav
NewMail - FREE Web-Based Email with Pop access (dying?)
InterMail free Web mail
NaNa Hebrew WebMail
"People and Computers" zine
Vmail Hebrew Web Mail
Visit - free URL forward
linBrew :: Linux/Hebrew
MP3 - Hebrew Help Software songs and Definitions
Hebrew support for Windows in any aplication
Hebrew Keyboard Tutor
IOL Captain Internet Index
People and Computers
Hebrew Font Source - The best source for free hebrew fonts
Oketz Hebrew Fonts
Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive
BalckBox Fonts
Sigall Bachman's Hebrew site building guide
How To add NIKUD in Word!
Go.Israel.Net ! Hebrew support
Sapir English/Hebrew Text Processor
Fax Hozer - Advanced Fax Services, Fax From Web, Fax On Demand
Israel Internet Association
The Israeli HyperBanner
Jewish Banner Exchange
generationj.com, a webzine for Jewish genXers.
Mobile World magazine
Gefilte Greetings - Send a Free Electronic Card
Index of Israeli internet sites
Internet Society - Israel Chapter
MSN Israel Community
Russian net
All possible ways of getting money doing nothing
Yehuda Shamir's Site - The Calculators Channel -An Interactive Site
Yehuda's HTML Hebrew Converter
Israel, Guide All links
Rav-Milim Software
How to create a Hebrew site in the internet
Berber's Home Page
Guy Granit
The First Hebrew Hardware Site
Ahavat Am Israel - FREE Software
NetVision's - Gaming Zone!
SightCom Express - Send Hebrew E-mail!
Jewish Guide to the Internet--Update Page
HyperBanner Network
The Israeli TOP 10% website awards page
Adobe HEBREW PageMaker 6.5-ME
Maven - Jewish/Israel Index (Rosh Hashana)
Hebrew on the web FAQ
Achbar - Israeli Youth Site
MSN Israel Community
MSN Jewish Community
InBar Internet Cafe
The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel
Red - Provided by NetVision
The WWW yellow-pages of Israel
The Internet
Israel's Yellow Pages
NetMedia International
Israel & the Internet
Maven - More than 4,500 Jewish/Israel Links!
The Ramat-Negev Freenet
Evrit Center
e2 - Hebrew HTML editing software
E-vrit, Hebrew Word E-mail
HebJuggler - Hebrew text format conversion utility (free)
Israel Internet Association
Israeli Linux User Group
Israel Media Index Page
SABRAnet - Where Israel comes alive on the Internet
Tel-Aviv Online chat
Jewish Ring Home Page
Talk City
Jewish Teen Chat
Welcome to SparksFrontPage
Hebrew Software Digest
Welcome to JewishMOO
just be... COOL!
CorkyNet's home
People and Computers magazine
NASI school of technology
WIN women magazine
NSRC Israel
The Jewish Hyperbanner
NETO Hi-Tech Search Engine
Jewish Resource Page
TOP J - Le classement officiel des sites de la communaut Juive
Israel Club
Jukim computer zine
MaY site: ICQ, fun, software
Adobe Middle Eastern Software
Jewish Links in Russian
The site of InterPoll
Computers, telecom, hardware English-Hebrew dictionary
100% Free Stuff
Bitsela Artz: Free and commercial Jewish clipart
iNTERface Computer Zine (in Russian)
Jewish Clipart - Transparent Gifs - Jewish Graphics
Antioch Hebrew Utility
Go.Israel.Net downloads
Intel- New opportunities
FREE (software.up.co.il)
Icons Art Gallery and Website
Walla 40 plus
Jerusalem Backgrounds
Welcome to KefClub
Jewish discussion groups, by David Grossman
Flight Simulator
Fanan zine
Music at Lahavnet
Bitsela Artz - Commercial and Free Jewish Clip Art for the Web
Bono for kids
GOOP warez
ICE media & information news
Shin Chat
Yazam - Giving Startups a Head Start
Jewish Domain Names
Psion Hebrew support
Welcome to FontWorld Website!
Jewish and Hebrew Discussion Groups
eGroups : JewsTALK
Live media sites index, live cams, photos sites
Spotnik, power spot to the media
Diburim forums
Free Jewish Wallpapers
Gillian's Jewish OE Stationery
Animation Library - Jewish
www.billy.co.il software
neto hi-tech directory
Approach The Net - Public Internet Terminals
Esosoft's Mailing List Service
Luach-Doar Hebrew BBS
Guides.co.il - computer guide
AlizaNet BBS
Hyde Park forums center
FileArea.co.il (in Russian)
free Outlook Express Stationery
Jewish Software Center - store
Haifa Linux Club
RJews.Net - server of Russian-Jewish sites
Investor HighTech Magazine
Birobrim Forum
Upload -
Whatsup -
oldies games
Fresh Forums
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FaxHozer - Fax Free in Israel
Giiberish--->Hebrew (free)
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RocketMan - fun stuff links
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Ministry of Industry and Trade
Zap - compare prices
LF -
- 450 -
AppleStore.co.il - opening August 1, 2005

MyCar - The Transportation Portal
Sakal on-line
ExlNet - Israeli Hardware Center
ExlMarket - Israeli Hardware Center
Bug Computers

InterMail Buy&Sell
Zoom4U -
Nana Clasifieds
' -
Simbo auctions
522 Shopping Mall
Chip Computers Mall
Mardanit computers
Aluf Computers On-Line Computers store
Comfree Computers Ltd.
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- ,
Iwin.co.il -
EnterPrice E-Commerce

MSN Shopping
NRG Shops
GetIT 1-700-700-745
Deal Center
Home Center

Ten Bis! food home delivery
DirectLab Online Shopping Mall
Israel Direct .COM For All Your Shopping Needs
Hamichraz Hayashir
4Sale (DailySale?)
Kolbi -
522 Mall
Combina - Your Shop on The WEb
Liraf auctions
Pompa -
Shopster -
Tapuz Shopping
Haluach hayashir.com - classifieds
Dizengof shopping center
SONGS.CO.IL - buy songs on line
Imusic mp3 online music store
NMCity - Israel's largest music company site
Order in a click, to and from Israel
Order in a click
Intersoft Catalog
viar homepage, shopping
Mardanit's LTD PC store Entrance
Misradia - Office Store
Isfar - Sony Distributor is Israel
Ativ Dealers
Davka Corporation Home Page
JewishSeasonal.com - gifts and jewish holiday items
Israel Direct, Gifts, Virtual Tours and Exhibits of Israel
Jerusalem4u - Judaica, Art and Jewelry
IMP Israel Army Surplus Products and T-Shirts
Mr. T Army Surplus Store
Dash Cham Israel Gifts
Get It
Israeli on Line Gift Shop
Mitos Book Shop
Chinese Grocery - First Online Eastern Food in Israel
Welcome to Rahit-Lahit
Steimatzky books
ibooks Steimatzky
Toda gifts
Take Away Food
On Line
Tzabar Travel
Matach store
Lifenet Health Store
Music Zone
NMC music
ArtLink - contemporary international young art, online auctions
best jewish books.com
Netaway home food delivery
UsaAddress, shop in USA
EZbuyUS, shop in USA
Mustop, shop in USA
Menshenables Judaica Home Page
Jerusalem Life Home - Shopping for Jewish Gifts?
Nana Flowers
The Learning Plant
any hanukkah menorah
Israel Army Surplus Store
Israeli Wishes - Products from Israel
Hammersite Inc. Online Guaranteed Fine Art Auctions
Chinese Grocery - Online Eastern Food in Israel
Support Israel ! - buy Israeli products!
Rotem Gear Shop: t-shirts and street apparel
Dead Sea cosmetics, T-shirts, Perfume
Falafel auctions
Shilav for kids
Canyon Renanim
Mey Eden
Pongo - T-shirts, gifts, Israeli army t-shirts
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Ivory Computers Ltd.

Kmt.co.il Super Store - , , ,
Mustop - order in US, receive in Israel
Bolenat.com -

Sifrei-Kodesh (SmartImage Ltd.)
GraphiCard Print Shop
Bookme -
bcs computers
Lion Games supplies
Israel Catalog
GiliShop (worth a look)
Jewish Books USA
netactive.co.il auctions
parsi (? ?)
BakBook, books and movies

CrazyShop -
Zer4U -
2 e a t -
ski stuff
Azrieli Center map
tech store
NoRisk -
Satlan smoking accessories & presents
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Blue White Direct books music videos
The Book Gallery - Rare Books, Rare Prints, Used Books
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Lazyme.co.il -
JMALL - The Jewish Mall


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science & education

The Center for Educational Technology - CET ()
The Center for Educational Technology - Kaveret Project
The Center for Educational Technology - Azimuth search
The Center for Educational Technology - Library
The Center for Educational Technology - Virtual Library
The Center for Educational Technology - mathematics
The Center for Educational Technology - Visual Math software

CET (Matach) store
Tel Aviv University
Album: Tel Aviv University Campus
Tel-Aviv University search via Google
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Weizmann Institute of Science
University of Haifa
Ben Gurion University
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Bar-Ilan International MBA
Open University of Israel
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
Galillee College - Management Training
The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Netanya Academic College
Shenkar School of Engineering and Design
Tel-Hai Rodman College
The Emek Yezreel College
Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
Negev 180 - Midreshet Sde Bokker
Ramat-Gan Law University
Galille College, The International Program
The Kreitman Foundation, Beer-Sheva
RRIS - Raphael Recanati International School
Israel Science and Technology Homepage
Israeli Educational TV
NETO Hi-Tech Education links
Ministry of Education
Yeshiva University, NY
Petersburg Jewish University
Strong's Hebrew Dictionary
Computers, telecom, hardware English-Hebrew dictionary
The Israeli site for unique Hebrew words
Welcome to the Bloomfield Science Museum
Welcome to RAFAEL
Teachers' Organization
Beth Hatefutsoth
Mishbetzet books
Hod-Ami Computer Publishing
Welcome To Focus Publishing .
Min.of Education - Matriculation Exams
MusicWeb - The Israeli Music Education Site
WUJS: World Union of Jewish Students.Quality resources.
ETNI - Israeli English Teachers Network
WUJS: World Union of Jewish Students

School Holidays in Israel

IsraBooks -
Autodidact-Number One Site for free learning
Jewish Virtual Library
The Virtual Jewish History Tour
The Jewish Virtual Library - Biographies
- -
Books4U - kids,buy online!
Kidum psychometric tests
Grad Software & Projects for Schools
SchooLink (software) - school environment
VSchool - The Israeli Virtual School
Ynet -
The Birth Of The Nation Video Library
The Jewish History Resource Center
Virtual Jewish History Tour
Martin Buber Homepage (English)
Antisemit's Library - know thy enemy!
A Glossary of Yiddish Expressions
Beyond the Pale: History of Anti-Semitism
sensei.co.il Languages and Linguistics
Shakespeare and Anti-Semitism: The Question of Shylock
Origins of Christian Anti-Semitism
School Sucks Israel
Israeli Prime Ministers Java Game
Names Project (Aids)
Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia
Jerusalem - Capital of Israel
Nueva Alejandria - Primer Servidor Educativo de Argentina
Wyatt Archaeological Research
Jews in Medieval Spain
Sholom Aleichem Home Page
The Fifth Aliyah
Israel Bible Museum
The Dennis & Phillip Ratner Museum
A Dedication to Spinoza's Insights
Rambam Medical Center
EIN GEDI - an archaeological expedition
dbook Hebrew Bookstore
Jewish Women's Archive
Jewish-American History on the Web
Israel Aniquities Authority
Jewish History Ring Homepage
Hebrew & Russian books translated into English
The Bloomfield Science Museum
National Center for the Hebrew Language (New York)
Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls
WISE OBSERVATORY, Astronomy in Israel
Antisemitism in the World Today
Academic Channel
A Journey To The Second Temple
The Lookstein Center's Virtual Resource Center for Jewish Education
Geophysical Institute
Starting With Aleph - eJeMM.com
Jewish Virtual Library
Aleph-Bet on the Net
Palestine in the 1930's
ATID Jewish Encyclopedia
eTeacher - tutoring online ???
Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America
Window to Physics
Findabook.co.il - old books
Jewish Heritage Video Collection
Hebrew dictionary
Aerial photographs - archaeology in Middle East
Ort Yad Syngalovsky - Junior High School
Munich Massacre, September 5, 1972
The Josephus Desktop
Editorial Boker - Jewish books and essays in Spanish
American University Hillel
Kibutz Sasa Library
Links about Ancient Israel
Jewish Brigade
Jewish Madagascar
The Lost Temple of Israel
Metukim - A diabetes website in Hebrew
Your Link to Jewish History
Zeev Jabotinsky
BiblePlaces.com - Photos of Israel from the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands
Translation Israel Net
Biblical Hebrew self-study courses, Hebrew resources
Centre for the Study of Historical Christian Antisemitism

Ancient Judaism
Ancient Maps of Jerusalem

, -
The Jewish Virtual Library - Israel
Jewish Foods of the World
The Jewish Virtual Library - Women
The Jewish Virtual Library - History
The Jewish Virtual Library - Vital Statistics
The Jewish Virtual Library - Religion
The Jewish Virtual Library - Maps
InfoMed - The Isreali Medical Site
History of Israel, from 1850-present
hebPsy.net -
Die Seite gegen Antisemitismus

- !
Ynet -

- , , ,
Ynet -
The Jewish Quarterly - Jewish literary and cultural journal in English

Animaland for kids

Jerusalem Through Coins
Jewish National & University Library

Learn English For Israeli Students

Optical illusions


Synagogue art research
Milah Your Hebrew Language Site

350 Years of Jewish Life in America
Archaeological World in Roman & Greek period
Zionism - Definition and Brief History

Take care - health

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other sites

" - Webcams
Ben Gurion Airport

Ynet Maps
Hello Israel on the Net+maps of big cities
Israel City Guide
Excite Travel: Israel
Discover Israel - On-Line Travel and Tourism Guide
Israel Hotels,B&B and Apartments Guide
Geographical Society Tours
Tour Time magazine
Library of Congress / Federal Research / Israel
Israeli Culture - Welcome from The Mining Company
3D Atlas Online: Israel
www.tremp.co.il -

Bezeq - 144 (not updated)
015 VOIP
Bezeq International (014)
Barak (013)
Orange Cellular Phone Company
Cellcom Cellular Phone Company
Pelephone cellular phone company
Arkia Israeli Airlines Ltd.
Israir Airlines
Issta Israel
Air Tour
Travel deals in Israel
Jewish Routes
Ben-Gurion Airport
Israel Duty Free - James Richardson

Dan Bus Company
Egged Bus Company

Diners Club
American Express

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE Israel)
Bank of Israel shekel rates
Banks Directory
Bank Hapoalim

Bank Leumi

Israel Discount Bank
First International Bank Of Israel LTD. (FIBI)
Mizrahi Bank
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Israel travel reservation center - Travelmania
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MyCar -- The Transportation Portal
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Israel Export Institute
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Dun & Bradstreet Israel: Duns100 - Israel's Largest Enterprises
The Israeli Sports Page
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Shikun Ovdim - the widest selection of housing solutions in Israel
Israel Physician's Guide
Israel Physician's Guide
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IASH - Israeli Association of Software Houses
Hadassah Medical Organization
Teva Hadvarim magazine
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The Israeli skeptic main page
Welcom To Mister-Y
QTEXT, QFAX for Win98
Holyland Hotel Jerusalem
Donahue & Grolman Virtual Law Office
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#GAME-TIME - sport chat
Free Jewish Israel Classifieds
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Beerotayim Tourism
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The Israeli Men for Skirts
Song Of The Dove
International Security Academy Head Office Israel
LINK Magazine: Israeli Business and Technology at www.link.co.il
No one belongs here more than you!
Welcome to "The Home" studio apartments in Tel Aviv Israel
ESRA: English Speaking Residents Association, Israel
Photos of Israel
Basketball Coaching In Israel
Engel Gallery
ISHA: The Jewish Women's Page
INTEL - Israel
Women in the I.D.F.
Ahavat Israel - Jewish Humor
Yak Shaya's Wine Pages
joodse kookboeken - Jewish Cookbook
Equal Rights for Women in Israel - 11/23/98
Sawasdee Thailand - touring Thailand
Sanhedrin - law e-zine
The site of InterPoll
Meshuganet: The Site Where All Craziness Lets Loo
The Golan Heights travel and information guide
IFI - Le site des Internautes Francophones d'Israel
Internet Addict
Teen to Teen
Ask Yenta - jewish yenta who will answer your questions
The Rabby Haimaleh home page
startrek in Hebrew
KLILIT - The first diet program in Israel
Mishpat-Net: law and legal Information
Nevo, law archives
Court On-Line
Lirot Olamot
Job Info
Research Institute of Municipal Tax (arnona) in Israel
Egged HomePage
Israel Image - J.H.M. Photography
Kiryat shmona on line
ICI Insurance
Pesto - your culinary assistant
NIK-net Dutch Jewish touristinfo
Israeli Medation Center - Gishur Neve Zedek
Computer Jobs in Israel
Immigration.co.il - Service resources for Israeli Russians
Regent - Incoming Travel
Kosherfinder kosher world online resources
MidEast Web - Middle East Maps
Teva (nature) News
local.co.il - Hasharon area
Ratio - Lawyers'Portal
Haim Ravia, Law Offices: Legal Links
Israel Nature & National Parks Protection Authority
Kibbutz net
Hamakom - THE way to find an apartment in Israel
Jewish Submarine under the Command of Captain Chaim Piast
Ganim - An Ecological Community
Violence Against Women - women's aid centers
Reshet America - Jewish and Israelis businesses in USA
Himorim - betting online guide
The portal of real estate land and taxation in Israel
Tlunot - a leading consumer rights web site in Israel
Twin Prophecies
Israel and Holyland largest picture library on the net
Jewish People Finder
USA travel guide in Hebrew
The complete travel guide
ILI - The Israeli International Law Institute
Tom Sherut (end of service guide)
Dead Sea Mor Clinic
Free Israel and Jerusalem Photos
Israel-Poland chamber of commerce
Magen David Yarok, care for animals
Working women rights
Eran - psychological assistance
Justice in Israel
Israeli Cricket Association
Israel Softball Association

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The Institute of Animal Research
Israeli society for Science fiction and Fantasy
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Israel Law Center

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The Cat Welfare Society of Israel

Easy-Forex - currency trading online

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Israeli law, Internet & Computer law, Intellectual Property
Bracha Goleshet - A Hebrew guide to sex, drugs and rocknroll
Magaf (Hebrew for "boot") - a geek club with an attitude
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Stars - because the stars never lie! astrology

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Israel for Kids
Gavriel Israeli Men Magazine
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One in Nine - Women for Women with Breast Cancer
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