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CUPS Run downs on the tracks including shortcuts, strategies general info and where to use those items
CHEATS Some cool tricks that make the game more interesting
ITEMS what the items are and what they do
BEST TIMES See how your times compare to the rest of the world
PICTURES The strangest pictures that i could find relating to Mario Kart 64. Everything from advertisments, pre-production screen shots to Japanese box art and the rare japanese controller
CHARACTERS Strengths and weaknesses, see how the characters and their karts compare
BATTLE All the info you'll need for playing against your friends and beating them every time
VIEWER POLL Take the Mario Kart 64 Station's viewer poll
POLL RESULTS See who everyone thinks is the best player, which is the best track, etc.
LINKS See some other mario kart 64 related sites as well as some nintendo 64 and other video game related sites
THANKS Here is the place where i get to thank all the people that made this site possible
DISCLAIMER Legal stuff that I thought might be needed so that I don't get sued
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