Everybody knows that DooM or DooM ][ is cool. Everyone thinks it's perfect (well... not anymore because of Quake and Duke 3D). DooM and DooM ][ are so cool that people seem to forget how cheap the graphics look in DOS mode. That's why the is DooM 95.

DooM 95 let's you play your DooM.wad or DooM2.wad file (or any other wad you may have) in superb 640 X 480 graphics. DooM 95 also lets you have enhanced midi sound if you have a midi synthetizer. You actually take almost full advantage of you speakers. DooM 95 is worth it if you have a good computer. Make sure you computer meets the requirements below before downloading:

Required configuration: 486 DX4 66, 8 MG Ram, 512K Video Ram, Win 95. (For 320X200 gameplay)

Recommended configuration: Pentium 120, 16 MG Ram, 2 MG Video Ram, Win 95. (For 640X480 gameplay)

If you have the recommended configuration, or less, it not worth it to get DooM 95.




Sxl.zip: Sxl is a wad I have made myself. SXL stands for Super Xtra Large. It is a major remake of the original DooM ][ wads level 1. I made the wad three times bigger the the original so you can have some space to shoot around and so you can avoid incoming fire. The is a 1 level deatmatch wad witch has new graphics, new sounds, musics and new weapons. (1.2 Meg Zipped)

BB4DooM: Check this out! Total DooM conversion to Beavis & Butthead. This thing looks cool. I havn't tried it yet but I know that all you Beavis & Butthead fans out there would love to get you hands on this wad.

Surreal2.zip: Surreal is a really really cool deathmatch wad. It has some really, and I mean really, cool new graphics and new sound effects along with a killer music. There is a cool highway that has a fuel station. Really nice. This is a 1 level deathmatch wad. You may wanna look around first in a single player game to ckeck it out. (201 K Zipped)

Thelord.zip: The Lord is a wicked single player level. This is one of the wads I have liked the most. I strongly recommend it for 2-4 player co-op play. It may take a very long time to finish but it is really fun. You will see new graphics and hear cool new music and sound effects while you will be kickin' some demon's ass. 6 Levels. (266 K Zipped)



Computer Deathmatch

Ever passed a summer at home and all your friends were gone? Were you lonely? Were you bored? Believe me I did. And lemme tell ya that it's not funny to pass a summer without fraggin'. So of course there was a solution to that but, as it always happens with me, I discovered it once summer was over. The solution was DooM Computerised Deathmatch.

I think you have a big idea of what this is but if you don't, then here's what this computer deathmatch is. You can play deathmatch without a modem or a network. No you cannot play with a friend like that (maybe that's what they'll invent next, you never know) but you can play four player deathmatch against the computer. The programs are cool but it's very hard to be able to kill a guy. Here are three computer deathmatch programs:

1. Computer Deathmatch (that's what the program is called)

2. Grab That Throat (another computerised deathmatch thing)

3. Thug Autoplayer (yet another one)


Useful Utilities


Here's some very useful utilities for creating and/or editing a DooM wad.


DeeP is the best map editor for DooM / DooM ][ / Heretic and Strife. It even has support for Duke 3D. If you're looking forward to start making DooM wads or already know how and want a really easy to use and complete map editor DeeP is your thing. Very easy to learn, yet very complex DeeP is all you need to create a nice map. Alos , check out the authors homepage.

 Note: To Download DeeP, click on the icon above. You will be teleported to their download page. The reason I have not included a direct download link is becuase they have a wide range of mirror download sites and the also have two versions of DeeP: The DOS versions and the Win 95 one.

Wintex43.zip: Wintex 4.3 is the best and easyest (according to me) program for advanced wad editing. Wintex can merge wads together, merge wads into the main iwad. With Wintex, it is very easy to add new music, new sound effects and new graphics to your wad. Wintex also features a really cool copy & paste option that is very useful to extract data from another wad and put it in yours.


The above editors are very useful and complex. If you check out SXL.ZIP and you have been amazed by the quality of the wad (I'm sure you did) well I'll let you know that all I used to do it was DeeP 8.75 and Wintex 4.3. I truely believe that other tools such as Midi-2-Mus converters are not useful once you have the above programs.



DooM ][ Upgrade Patches

The point in pathing up your DooM is because early versions have a few bugs. For example it is possible that before you would get a consistency failure for no reason during a multiplayer game. Then if you patch your DooM it wouldn't happen no more. Note that the above saying might and might not be true. I just gave an example. Here are the patches:

1. DooM ][ Patch 1.666 to 1.7a

2. DooM ][ Patch 1.7a to 1.9 


Any comments or suggestions are welcome at Alxl@Hotmail.com

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