P.I. HATES YOU! ~ 4/97 - 9/00 ~ R.I.P.

"Oy Vey!"

Well, this is it kiddies... the 'last hurrah', the 'death rattle', 'finito', etc., etc., etc., ... It was around april 20th, 1997 when a group of drunken scumbags decided to get together and spew their collective idiocy at the internet, in the interest of 'hate' and 'degradation'. At first, it was a spiteful way of unloading our psychosis on the unwilling masses, and it was fun while it lasted. Lately however, between our Communist gatherings, AA meetings, promotional tours (basically junkets to 3rd world countries), and other various chores and duties that will remain nameless so the authorities dont catch on, we simply do not have the time to bang out a quality update monthly (as if it was ever 'quality' to begin with). The fact that the page has continued on as long as it has is a testament to our mean-spirited will, more than a sign that we intended to amuse and liked the accolades. We never had a 'fan base' to speak of, and we didnt do this for laughs or to make buddies. You were then, and always will be- the butt of the joke. Even now, as you waited for closure, we barely bothered to throw this final page together. They say all good things come to an end- and the death of this page shows that all bad things come to an end as well. We could go into a long, rambling essay about our decision to close down shop, but in the long run- you're not worthy. The name of the page was 'P.I. Hates You', and indeed- we do. So go back to your lives, do whatever it is that you do to get by... and forget we ever existed. Show's over, kids... See you in Hell.

~Sheer Terror, Negative Creep, & Finster


This is where we put all the permanent parts of the page on exhibit for all to see. Originally, we werent even going to give you this much, but since them bastards at Yahoo™ decided to list us, we figured theres a steady stream of losers that will be in and out of here for some time to come, so we figured if we could piss some people off posthumously, what the hell. So here goes:

The Wigger!

Where's Etan?!

Ask Fathead!

Attack Of The Giant Rapper!

He's Amazing! He's Unstoppable! He's Cheap And Easy Filler For The Page!!! It's The World-Famous Geo-Dancer™!!!

McPissy's Limerick Page! (Warning: This Page May Cause Blindness!)

Revenge Of The Nerds!

Ever Ask Youself: "What's Takin' So Friggin' Long?"

The P.I. Faq!

The... Who?... Oh Yeah... The Pinto Memorial!

Paranormally Incorrect!


Parting Shots!

The P.I. Cyber-Tweak™!

Mustachio's Lament!

The P.I. Celebrity Interview!

Biggie's Belly!

What Is P.I.?

The P.I. Celebrity Corpsewatch!

Weekend In Vegas!

Good Stuff!

The P.I. Poetry Corner!

The P.I. Deathwish!

The Rant Archives! - Temporarily Down, Pending Edit

Obligatory Game Reviews!

Fun With Ebonics!

Our FIRST Issue Revisited!

Where are the monthly sections, you ask? Whats the difference? You aint gettin 'em anymore... But for those of you who missed the boat altogether, heres a representative sample of what you missed:

Dime Store Jesus!

Tupac Sez!

Miscellaneous Stuff:

Town Crier Drawing

Beer- It's What's For Dinner!

No One's Safe From Drug Addiction

Just A Skull

Jerry Garcia, Eat Your Heart Out

Big Pun @ The Beach

Big Pun @ Easter Time

Big Pun The Irishman

Fun With Scratch-offs

The Reality Of It All



...so there you have it, kids... 3 years of tedium and drunken mediocre babble flushed down the crapper™! Thanks fer playing along at home, and always remember to wipe....


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