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The purpose of purchasing nerf guns is to, well, have a nerf war with them. Not to create a website and go around dissing nerf guns, not to show off to friends, but to blast at your friends 'till the cows come home. Now that you have carefully read over my reviews, got your hands on only the best nerf guns out there, and grabbed a few buddies, what do you do? Have an all out nerf war! Submit your own war stories at the bottom of the page!


-Here are a few places to assemble your men and attack the enemy!-

Someone's House: This type of battlefield has many places for cover, ambushes, and snipering, especially if the house is two stories. Of course, if you just sit and wait for your opponent, house wars can turn into one big standoff. Overall, a good place to have a nerf war.

Public Park: This place is great if uncrouwded. I'm talking about a park with a playground, open fields, and concealing bushes for ambushing. The park has it all; snipering, open area for charging, escape routes if necessray, great bases, and plenty of coverage mixed in with open spaces. One of the best places to set up a nerf war.

Neighborhoods: You can also set up in and around your front lawn. Make boundaries, though. These kinds of wars especially require guns with long range. An OK place to pop out your nerf guns.


-These are wars that usually don't last longer than five minutes, and are mostly one on one-

*If you are shot once anywhere with any type of ammo, you are considered dead, deceasded, departed, gone, lifeless, perished, extinct.

*You cannot catch darts, arrows, discs, rings, or missles. Peroid.

*If a nerf projectile grazes you, you are still alive, but be more careful.

*With the exception of the Manta Ray, you cannot purposely block incoming amunition with your nerf gun.

*Everyone may carry one nerf gun.

*Every nerf warrior for himself.


-These are the ultimate nerf wars. They include teams, strategies, and a variety of many nerf weapons. They occur if your whole afternoon is open-

*Divide yourselves into two teams. When there are three teams, usually two teams gang up on the other one.

*At the start of the war, each warrior has ten life points.

*Usually, many pieces of different ammo will be fired in one war, and I think bigger pieces (Like Arrows) should take away more life than smaller ones (Like micro darts). Arrows will take away 5 life points, missles 4, regular darts, larami darts, balls, and discs take away 3, and micro darts take away 2 life points. I hope this isn't too complicated.

*If you are pummled or barraged by amunition (like a raid with a Chainblazer) you are dead, no matter how much life you have.

*Once you reach 0 life, you are dead.

*Each team has a base on opposite sides of the battlefield.

*This war's theam is like capture the flag, except there is only one flag and only one team guards it. The other team tries to get it and bring it back to a designated location (Their base).

*The defense may have a maximum of two people guarding the flag at one time. The other people set out to shoot down the offense.

*Once an offensive player has obtained the flag, he may not hand it off. He must sprint back to his base. If he is shot once while carrying the flag, he is dead. If he carries the flag back alive, the offense wins.

*If the defense completely shoots down the offense, defense wins.

*The defense may carry the flag back to it's original location if the flag is dead in play. If they can without being shot.


-I got ideas for these positions from Spoon's page-

*Front Man: The single leader of your team. He is the first to shoot, and the first to be shot at. He is your smartest warrior who will provide strategies and leadership. Prefered Weapon-Arrowstorm.

*Trooper: A common soldier. He must be the one to carry out many tasks assigned by the front man, including backing up the front man. Best at following orders. If another member is shot down, the trooper must give up his position to fill in the dead man's position. There may be several troopers on one team. Prefered Weapon-Supermaxx 3000.

*Sniper: This guy may have a partner or two, but don't have several snipers, for the sniper must be very stealth. He must be able to shoot down what he aims at. Stays back on high ground near the base. Helps guard an ammo horde if you can collect one. Prefered Weapon-Crossbow.

*Machine Gunner: This warrior carries the heavy artillery, the big rapid fire weapons. If one man can take down an army, it is the Machine Gunner. The Rambo of Nerf. Usually the worst at following orders and goes of on his own a lot. Prefered weapon(s)-Chainblazer/RotoTrack/Ballzooka/Razorbeast.

-So, you have one Front Man, One Machine Gunner, Two/Three Snipers, and the rest are troopers. If you can all work together, you can expect success-