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UPDATED: Sept. 18, 1999
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                             'N Sync Are Talkin' Jive 
                             RCA boy band 'N Sync may bolt for Jive

                             Time to round up the lawyers.
                             Word that disgruntled pop
                             millionaires 'N Sync are
                             threatening to bolt their U.S. home
                             at RCA Records for Jive Records
                             has created quite a dust-up. Not
                             only would the dramatic move
                             deprive RCA of a sure-fire
                             multi-platinum 'N Sync release that
                             had been scheduled for the crucial
                             holiday buying season this year,
                             but it would also be an embarrassment of pop riches
                             for Jive, whose roster already includes blockbuster
                             acts the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.
                             Combined, 'N Sync, BSB and Spears virtually
                             created the current teen sensation that's been
                             dominating the charts for the last eighteen months.
                             (How big are the Big Three? Add them up and
                             they've sold 27 million albums in America in just two
                             years, according to SoundScan.)

                             The deal though, is not done, and RCA's parent,
                             BMG, intends to fight. "'N Sync is a BMG act and
                             we will protect and enforce our rights vigorously,"
                             says a company spokesperson. (Jive's rep could not
                             be reached for comment.)

                             The deal could get particularly sticky since BMG
                             owns twenty percent of Jive's parent, Zomba Music.
                             BMG also distributes Jive releases.

                             But how could members of `N Snyc, even if they
                             were grumbling about not seeing enough earnings
                             from their mega sales, simply decide to up and
                             leave their label? Record company contracts are
                             notoriously complex, but `N Sync's deal is even
                             more complicated than most. When the group first
                             debuted, there was little appetite for teen pop at
                             home so they originally signed to Transcontinental
                             through BMG in Germany. When the group
                             exploded overseas and wanted to put out records in
                             America, `N Sync signed a licensing deal with RCA,
                             which meant RCA marketed, promoted and profited
                             from the band in the States. The question teams of
                             lawyers will now have to wrangle over is whether or
                             not 'N Sync has released enough records to fulfill
                             the terms of their RCA licensing agreement. If they
                             have, Jive may soon have pop's Murderer's Row. If
                             not, RCA could get another crack with 'N Sync,
                             although the label will almost certainly have to
                             sweeten its original deal.

                             ERIC BOEHLERT
                             (September 15, 1999) 

                        Backstreet Boys Won't Take Their Fans to the Cleaners 
                        The Backstreet Boys try to save their ans a buck or two on ticket fees

                        Which artists fight for consumer
                        rights? Most fans answering that
                        question would probably point to
                        Pearl Jam, who battled
                        Ticketmaster over the firm's high
                        service fees, or maybe the Dave
                        Matthews Band, who routinely
                        keep their ticket prices low. But
                        the Backstreet Boys, those pinup
                        stars of teen worship? 

                        It's true. For the group's already sold-out fall tour,
                        the Backstreet Boys worked behind the scenes to
                        eliminate the additional costs, such as parking and
                        facility fees, that often accompany concert tickets
                        these days. 

                        "We wanted to eliminate hidden fees," says Jeff
                        Kwatinetz, who co-manages the Backstreet Boys.
                        "When we say we want a $38.50 ticket, we mean
                        it." He's referring to the fact that along with
                        Ticketmaster service fees (which artists have no
                        control over, including the Backstreet Boys), fans
                        often get hit with additional add-ons, tacked on by
                        venues and promoters, that quickly add up.

                        "We're definitely saving our fans money," says
                        Kwatinetz. The company he co-founded, the Firm,
                        also oversees the Family Values Tour, and a Firm
                        employee confirms that tickets for this fall's Family
                        Values Tour, featuring Limp Bizkit, will also come
                        without hidden fees. 

                        Facility fees are exactly that, a fee fans pay directly
                        to facility, as a sort of user tax. They first surfaced
                        years ago under the name "restoration fee" (usually
                        just $1 per ticket back then), and were charged
                        most often by old, downtown theaters in an effort to
                        raise money for refurbishing purposes. Soon, newer
                        buildings began to tack them on their ticket prices
                        as well. Sometimes the fees cover the cost of
                        on-site parking, sometimes they do not. 

                        Amphitheaters today are the most common source
                        of facility fees, as owners try to recoup new
                        construction costs. Some, including Irvine Meadows
                        outside Los Angeles, charge $3 per ticket. Others,
                        such as Riverport Amphitheater in Maryland
                        Heights, Mo., and Sandstone Amphitheater in
                        Kansas City, have been known to charge $4 per
                        ticket facility fees. For a single sold-out concert,
                        that comes out to a cool $50,000 in facility fees.
                        Talk about your revenue streams. 

                        Now the trend has moved indoors. Madison Square
                        Garden, and its smaller Theater at Madison Square
                        Garden, both charge a $3 facility fee on every
                        concert ticket sold. 

                        The Backstreet Boys weren't buying it, though, and
                        they demanded venues not tack on extra surcharges
                        to the group's ticket prices. "We went building to
                        building," says Kwatinetz. "It was a lot of hard work.
                        But we felt it was a battle we could win." 

                        ERIC BOEHLERT
                        (September 1, 1999) 

Christina Aguilera, Puff Daddy Displace Backstreet Boys, Limp Bizkit Christina Aguilera's debut debuts at No. 1 Who knew the Mickey Mouse Club would be a launching pad for late-Nineties pop sensations? For the second time this year a former Mousketeer has hit the No. 1 spot. The self-titled debut from Christina Aguilera, following in the footsteps of Disney alum Britney Spears, sold 252,000 copies for the week ending Aug. 29, according to SoundScan. That's an eye-popping debut considering Spears sold 120,000 copies her first week in stores back in January. Clearly, the sultry singer's radio smash "Genie in a Bottle" helped fuel her break-out success. That and the fact the assembly-line teen pop machine shows no signs of slowing down. Right behind Aguilera at No. 2 was Puff Daddy's Forever. But the less said about the rapper's disappointing commercial performance, probably the better. Not only did the overexposed mastermind of Nineties hip-pop fail to beat out Aguilera, a teen singer nobody had heard of four months ago, but the rap mogul's new album barely sold 200,000 copies in its first week. (Industry insiders figured it was a cinch to make 300,000.) That, despite a non-stop promotional push and the fact Forever is a follow-up to Puffy's massively successful, multi-platinum debut, No Way Out. The problem was the album's first single, "P.E. 2000," has been AWOL at radio, and most critics have slammed Forever. (One New York scribe labeled it an "unconscionably bad record.") With a flurry of new superstar fall releases set to hit stores, it seems unlikely Forever will ever reach No. 1. Speaking of new releases, looking ahead it will be interesting to see if Aguilera can hold off country phenoms the Dixie Chicks and their latest, Fly, which arrived in stores on Tuesday and makes its chart debut next week. Coming off their six-times platinum debut, Wide Open Spaces, the Dixie Chicks' critically acclaimed Fly has all the markings of a blockbuster. Aguilera and Puff Daddy weren't the only ones hitting the Top 10 in their first week out; Rapper Noreaga's latest, Melvyn Flynt: Da Hustler, the follow-up to '98's N.O.R.E., debuted at No. 9. Other notable sales performances belonged to hard rockers Sevendust, whose Home came in at No. 19, while soft rappers LFO's self-titled debut checked in at No. 21. From the top, it was Christina Aguilera's Christina Aguilera, followed by Puff Daddy's Forever(selling 205,000 copies); the Backstreet Boys' Millennium (200,000); Limp Bizkit's Significant Other (141,000); Mary J. Blige's Mary (127,000); Britney Spears' ...Baby One More Time (124,000); Santana's Supernatural (116,000); Kid Rock's Devil Without a Cause (110,500); Noreaga's Melvyn Flynt: Da Hustler (110,000); and Ricky Martin's Ricky Martin (109,000). ERIC BOEHLERT (September 1, 1999)
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Tuesday August 10, 7:13 PM HE DIED ON MY BIRTHDAY!! AHHH!!! *SNIFF!* SO SAD!!!

Spice Girls creator Herbert killed in car crash

LONDON, Aug 10 - Bob Herbert, the creator of British pop supergroup the Spice Girls, has been killed in a car accident, record company RCA said on Tuesday.

Herbert, 57, who picked the five young English women after they answered his ad in Stage magazine, was killed instantly on Monday when his car crashed in heavy rain, RCA said.

The Spice Girls were "shocked and saddened" by the news of his death, a spokeswoman for the group said.

Herbert was most recently the manager of British pop band Five.

Simon Fuller, who took over from Herbert and was widely credited with taking the group from obscurity to superstardom, was sacked as their manager in November 1997.

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Wednesday August 11, 5:25 PM

Spice Girl Founder Dead

Both the Spice Girls and 5ive were in mourning last night as the man that put both groups on the road to stardom died in a road accident. Bob Herbert died after he lost control of his sports car. Ex Spice Girl Geri Halliwell said ''without that little ad. he placed in the stage magazine I wouldnt be where I am today''. 5ive are in Argentina and are said to be cutting short their tour after hearing the tragic news.

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August 14th, 1999
Backstreet Boys Back on Top 
                              The Backstreet Boys dethrone Limp Bizkit once
                              again for week's top album spot

                              Back and forth they go. Like two
                              heavyweight champs, the
                              Backstreet Boys and Limp Bizkit
                              continue to battle for the top spot
                              on the nation's album chart. Over
                              the last two months, the groups
                              have seesawed back and forth
                              between No. 1 and No. 2. This
                              week, it's the Backstreet Boys
                              who recapture No. 1. The group's
                              Millennium sold 233,000 copies for
                              the week ending Aug. 8, according to SoundScan.
                              Limp Bizkit's Significant Other came up just 13,000
                              copies short. Over those past seven weeks, BSB
                              have been No. 1 three times, Limp Bizkit four.

                              The week's big debut belongs to MC Memphis
                              Bleek. A follower of fellow New York rapper Jay-Z,
                              Bleek's Coming of Age came in at No. 7. After
                              debuting big last week, the Eighties-friendly
                              soundtrack to Runaway Bride (Eric Clapton, U2,
                              Billy Joel, Hall & Oates) jumped into the top ten, all
                              the way up to No. 4.

                              Making room for the new top ten entries were the
                              Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication, which
                              dropped one spot to No. 11, while Hot Boys' Guerilla
                              Warfare fell from No. 5 to No. 12. Santana, whose
                              self-titled debut album was released thirty years
                              ago, continues to score well with their latest,
                              Supernatural. Eight weeks after its release, the
                              album, featuring the rock radio hit "Smooth" with
                              Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, climbed to No. 18.
                              Notable debuts for the week include Forget About It,
                              by bluegrass/pop singer Alison Krauss (No. 60), the
                              Kiss-inspired soundtrack to Detroit Rock City (No.
                              68), and Master P rapper Lil Italy's On Top of Da
                              World (No. 99).

                              From the top, it was Millennium, followed by
                              Significant Other (selling 220,000 copies); Ricky
                              Martin's Ricky Martin (144,000); the soundtrack to
                              Runaway Bride (139000); Britney Spears' ...Baby
                              One More Time (138,000); Now That's What I Call
                              Music, Vol. 2 (130,000); Kid Rock's Devil Without a
                              Cause (110,000); Smash Mouth's Astro Lounge
                              (103,000); and Destiny's Child's Writing's on the
                              Wall (100,000). 

                              ERIC BOEHLERT
                              (August 11, 1999) 

from the official *N Sync site
The soundtrack album will not only feature this fantastic duet, but also new music from a mix of major urban and Latin music. Please click here or on the album cover to sample"Music of My Heart." OK, now here's the NSIDE scoop on the movie. The movie, "Music of the Heart" stars two time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, Academy Award nominee Angela Bassett, & Grammy Award Winner, Gloria Estefan in her motion picture debut. The movie is directed by Wes Craven (Scream) & the Miramax film opens in over 1,000 theaters on October 15, WOW! Is that gonna be awesome or what? Congrats to NSYNC for being on the soundtrack. Don't miss the 8/12 performance, it's gonna be great.

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