HISTORY The World of the Maestro is a variant future. This reality diverged from the central marvel universe when the gamma-irradiated Leader tricked the Human race into begininng another World War. Over the course of several Decades their were many wars fought using nuclear bombs and other high- tech weapondry. During this time the Incredible Hulk who feeling alienated from the world lived on. He was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time and survived though all the wars. The Radiation soaked into his body to make him more powerful but probably helped in driving him insane. The wars and radiation posioning caused the death of most of the human population and superhuman as well. The super beings not destroyed by that were killed by the Hulk, himself. After 80 or 90 years past the Leader's initial plot, and current Marvel Universe, the only about a few thousands had survived by living underground. The Hulk, now calling himself the Maestro, began building back the remains. He created the city Dystopia which survives with Radiation protection. The human population began to grow again in the worlds only city. After about 10 a group of rebels led by Janus, Rick and Marlo Jones' granddaughter, had discovered Doctor Doom's Time Machine and after some time even got it to work. The rebels used totime Machine to bring present day Hulk into the future toend the Maestro's reign of terror. The present day Hulk succeded in killing the Maestro and returned back into his own time. Not long after Maestro's defeat, those who followed him were forced to lead and free elections were held. Captain Agarn was elected head of the new city. Unfortuatley the gamma-irradiated Abomination, who was also more powerful and insane, learned about the Maestro's demise and along with his hord of mutates stormed the city. They are currently in control and ruling with and iron fist. PLACES Dystopia: This is the one and only city that exists at the time. It is protected by unground anti- mag radiation shielding. If this were to fail then the city would bombarded with the radiation that is rampant and cause illness, though not immediatley deadly. It is probably the size of a large current city like Manhattan. There are exits to the outside and vice-versa. *Downtown-The downtown area is rather cramped with people and buildings. There are some old-stlye buildings of concrete and brick but are very old and probably hazardous. Most are newly constructed and very sturdy. *Market place-This is the center of town where all the people can barter for food, electronics, antiques, prostitutes or bionic limbs. *Secret rebel HQs-These are located underground many parts of the city. There are hidden Lifters in "old-style" builing that bring the rebel many stories below the surface. In order to use the lifter the person must have the password and match a visual scan. If not then the self defense kicks in. It detonates an In rank explosion in the area of the unknown person. Someone could by pass the technology with an AM50 reason feat. Inside the bases are living quarters, dining quarters, scientific labs, weapon lockers and secuity station. From the security station one can control all lifters as well as have control of Rm30 level survelence and turn on the inner defenses. The inner defenses include IN40 level Acid, Musturd Gas and Laser beams. Inside of one of the HQs is Rick Jones's Relic Room. In this room are relics are all te dead heroes and villians. It contains pictures, ashes, weapons and even a few corpses. Some useable articles are Wolverines Adamantium bones, Quasar's Quantum bands, Captain America's Shield, Thor's Uru hammer, Illyana Rasputin's Soul Sword, Hellstorm's trident, Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto, Shatterstar's Swords and Daredevil's Billyclub. There are many more weapons and armore but most are not in good condition. Also in this room is Doctor Dooms's workingtime machine and the Timeond, a magical item that can cause the user to enter the crossroads of reality. This room has no security and its items are pretty much for the picking. *The Castle-Maestro built his castle atop cliffs a few hundred feet high about a half mile on the edge of the city. The castle is very elaborate and filled with the Maestro's chosen. These people are his trusted soldiers and the most beautiful women. The castle is also filled with laboratories w/ scientists, war rooms, med labs, interigation rooms, living quarters, eating quarters and security rooms. Behind the throne is a high tech sarcoficaus where Shulk was kept in suspended animation for eight years. The cliffs along the outside of the castle are where all the dead are tossed. A living person whose is around the dead must make a ty6 endurace roll per turn or pass out from the smell. The castle haws little security besides the gaurds as the Maestro is capable of taking care of himself. Waistlands: Though not part of the city, this barren, dry land seems to also be protected by radiation. A few hundred farmers strive to live here but with little luck. They get little food and would have to bargain with the Maestro for enough to survive. These famers would live in shacks in the dry heat and many would die a year. AreaX: This is an area not far from the city limits. It is where all the hundreds of mutates live with there leader, the Abomination. The would stay underneath the mucky waters, probably in an underwater hideout that protected them from radiation. All the mutates were seriously deformed with discolorment, multiple libs, tentacles, ect. A few even had some superhuman powers like mental abilites. Most of the mutates have moved to Dystopia, but some of the larger or none mobile one have stayed in AreaX. Mutant encampments: Scattered across the globe are a few mutant encampments. The Sentinels probably survived because of thier resisance to radiation and continue with their mission. Like the Days of Future Past possible future, the sentinels probably assumed the best way to protect human kind was to enslave the mutantkind. Most info about the mutant camps is unknown, including whereabouts, number, prisoners, attitude towards Dystopia, ect. TECHNOLOGY Typical blaster ms-gd10 shot ex energy blast up to 4 areas away. Heavy Blaster ms-gd10 shot In energy blast 4 areas away. Tracker pocket size device that can track a certain person with gd10 ability Slider Device that was able to take people memories and put into holograms or saved on chips. The person can resist with a EX20 psyche feat. The power can be juiced up to RM30 but if the person rolls a white while resisting then their mind will become vegetablized. The ms is from gd to ex. There are also devices made just to display the memory chips which are made of gd ms. The maestro has a slider with IN40 strength restraints. Dog of War Mechanical War dog made of Sh Y MS. A person can be bounded to it and control or it can be reprogramed to have its own personality. F-30 Health:300 A-50 S-20 E-200 Invulnerability-Its frame gives it 200 protection from Physical and 180 from energy. It is also immune to Radiation, Disease, Toxins and Aging. Size-a Dog of War is +1cs to hit Leaping-Am50 Jaw-If it catches something in its mouth ( a fighting fight vs opponents agility) it can do up to Un100 damage. It will break things of Sh-Y the first round and up to Cl3000 the second. Teeth and claws-rm edged Damage. CHARACTERS


(deceased) F-40 Health:300 A-10 Karma:80 S-150 Pop -80 E-100 Resources IN40 R-30 I-20 P-30 Powers: Regeneration/Healing AM50 Invulnerability:Am vs Physical and IN vs En Resistance to Heat/Cold/Fire/Disease/Radiation:Cl1000 Astral Detection Hyper Leaping SH-Z Adrenaline Surge-Like Hulk, when the Maestro gets angry he gets stronger. This depeneds on the judge. His Strength, Endurance, Psyche, Regeneration/Healing, Invulnerability and Hyper Leaping go up +1cs. This is to a max of +3cs. Every +1cs Maestro gets, his Intuition and Reason goes down -1CS. Talents:the equivelent of Martial Arts B and +1cs in Pysical, Electrical, Biological, Chemical and Robotic Science. He gets +2cs when dealing with Radiation. Contacts:The Maestro commands Dystopia and has a loyal army and thousands of loyal residents.

Future Abomination

F-20 Health:340 A-20 Karma:36 S-150 Pop -50 E-150 Resources:Ex20 R-10 E-20 P-6 Powers: Body Armor: AM50 vs Physical and Energy. Un vs cold/heat/fire/disease. Extreme temperature like lakc of oxygen force him into suspended animation until the condition is gone. He also has cl1000 resistance to radiation Leaping:cl5000 Talents:Espionage, multiligual english/yugoslavic/russian, Military Contacts:The Mutates.


(deceased) F-40 Health:235 A-20 Karma:36 S-100 Pop:-10 E-75 Resources:0 R-6 I-10 P-20 Powers: Body Armor: In vs Physical, Ex vs energy. Mn75 vs heat, cold, disease/fire. Cl1000 vs radiation. Leaping:Sh-Z Claws:Shulk has two bone claws of UN100 MS. They do Mn75 edged damage. Talents:Lawyer, Martial arts C. Contacts:Could get aid from future Abominatio if she wanted.


F-20 Health:110 A-10 Karma:46 S-30 Pop -10 E-50 Resources0 R-10 I-30 P-6 Powers-Armor Am vs Phyican and Rm vs Energy Sentient Fire- can shoot up to 5 areas. does Mn75 damage for three rounds. Devostator Ms-IN40 Fires Mn Energy blasts up to 10 areas away. Talents:Tracking, Universal Navigation Contacts:Future Abomination Background-A bounty hunter from another planet in the future who followed Janus to the present. He was beaten by Hulk but is unknown if still alive.


F A S E R I P 30 30 10 20 10 30 10 health:90 karma:70 pop:0 resources:fb2 Staff: UN100 ms can do rm 30 blunt damage or shoot a cuncussion blast of AM50 force up to 4 areas away. If it is on touch (must hit with fighting feat) it does UN100 concussive force and opponent must roll In edurance feat or be blinded for 1-10 rounds. Hair. Can use hair without penalty to attack. Does fb2 damage but is useful if she can't use arms. talents:MA A,C,D,E,Tumbling,Acrobatics, Strategy Contacts:The Hulk Go back 1