Origin Table

01-20 Mutant 21-50 Altered 51-65 Alien 66-70 Normal/Misc. 71-75 Sorcerers 76-90 Crafted 91-98 Combos 99-00 NPCs

Sub-Origin Table


01-95 Random ex-if the book sells well its a mutant character 96-99 Breed ex-Inhumans 00 Step -not quite a mutant but a being who is the is the next step in the evolutionary process. (does'nt work like in real life. Trust me i'm mr. Anthro but its comics so who the F(*@ cares. At some stage in their adult life the being evolves into a higher form of his/her species. Ex-Cap'N Reptyl from Silver Surfer books is one.


01-65 Mutate ex-Hulk, FF, Spidey 66-80 Hi-tech-Punisher/War MAchine 81-90 Cyborg (I would suggest looking At Alien's page dealing with Cyborg characters. It's very well made.) 91-95 Undead-Werewolf by night, Living Mummy 96-96 Ethereal-Ghosts 97 Survivor-It seams the the final being that survives of a race somehow becomes very powerful-ex. The Elders of the Universe 98 Inorganism-An Inorganic Thing granted life ex-Pyro's Fire Creatures, Bob the Belly Button lint Man. Many of these beings do not possess the abilities to have any stats for R, I, or P. 99 Death -a being that is dead but not risen such as a shadow that escaped from Pluto's dimension or a skeleton from Hela's 00 Sylph -this is a living body without a soul ala Marlo Chandlor(sp?) for a while.


01-15 different species from Earth-Deviant, Atlanteans, Smurfs (oh god now who can make their stats first) etc. 16-80 Alien/Universe 81-99 Alien/Dimension 00 Alien/Time-this is not just a time traveler but one in which it is a different species ex. a Neandertal time traveling to present. Normal Neadertals have different stats then normal humans.


01-50 Normal Human ex.You (I hope) 51-60 Animal ex. Your pet (I hope) 61-65 Normal other i.e. plant/Virus/bacteria (Yes now u can play an ameiba) 66-75 Minor Demon 75-80 Minor Angel 81-82 Composite ex. Uni-Mind 83-94 Minor Deity ex.-Thor, Hercules 95-98 Demi-Being-This is caused with reproduction of two similar species such as a Horse and Donkey making a mule. Two different alien species in the marvel universe that are similar could do the same thing. Of course the being is sterile. ex-uhh a Mule. 99-00 Mortal Incarnation -this is the mortal incarnation of a near omnipotent being. Roll on the NPC chart.


01-80 Mage-get out your trusty Realms of Magic book out and use that chart. 81-90 Misc mage ex-necromancer/etc. There are kinds listed in the UPB now go use that to make a mage. 91-95 Seer born with unharnessed personal energies these being possess mental abilities. 96-00 Alchemist Someone possesing knowledge capable of duplicating spells with potions and artifacts.


01-75 Robots--there are many kinds such as synthezoids/androids/etc. some robots however do not possess some mental attributes such as R,I or P. 76-96 Creation-non robot creation ex. Adam Warlock (though that is contested right now), Kismet, some of High Evolutionary's works. 97 Surgical Composite-Frankenstien's Monster Robert DeNiro. 98-00 Existance -This is a being that might have been created by a powerful entity, the universe, a magician or something else--ex-Banshees, Leprechauns, etc.


-this means u roll from start that many times however u may get combo again and then u just keep adding the combination up. 01-75 combination of 2 76-90 combo of 3 91-00 combo of 4


01-20 Major Diety ex. Those who sit above all, Gaea, The Titans (not the eternals that live on Titan, 21-40 Major Demon ex. Dyspair, Blackheart 41-50 Major Angel 51-60 Life from Power hmm these are those created from a powersource such as Kubik, Cosmos, The Beyonders, Shaper of Worlds 61-80 Entity the cosmos contains certain beings who are just cosmically powered such as Living Tribunal, Beyonder race from the Microverse, possibly Galactus 81-00 Embodiement The Universe also seems to empower certain being whom represent facits of reality or lack there of ex. Death, Eternity, Mistress Love, Master Chaos, etc, etc Created by Nick "defensor of the Nexus" and friend Steve Boothe