Welcome to the T.V.A. office.
T.V.A. stands for Time Variance Authority. We have the harrowing task of maintaining order in the Marvel Universes chaotic structure of time travel. We are like the I.R.S. DON'T GIVE US PROBLEMS AND WE WON'T GIVE ANY BACK!

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Now for the rules to time travel in the marvel universe
Principles of Time Travel in the Marvel Universe
1. The Marvel Universe is part of a multiverse (a system of related universes) which diverge from one another at critical junctures. (This has been demonstrated in numerous issues of WHAT IF? as well as other titles.)
2. The act of time travel always produces a critical juncture diverging a new alternater timeline or worldat the moment one enters the reality of another time period, past or future of the time period one set out from. It creates one timeline where an extratemporal person or element materialized via time travel and one 'virgin' timeline where that person or element did not.
3. Because it is impossible to travel to the 'virgin' timeline (the timeline one did not travel to), and because divergent timelines are dimensionally displaced from one's root timeline, all time travel actually involves dimensional travel. A time traveler does not travel straight backwards or forwards in time, but backwards or forwards and a bit off to the side to a divergent timeline now running parellel to one's timeline of origin. Since this timeline will have been identical to the 'virgin' timeline until the moment of divergence, there will be virtually no differences between the two timelines until the timetraveler's actions produce some. Consequently, most time travelers have no reason to be aware that they are not the 'virgin' timeline.
4. If one travels to a second time to an era one has already been to, one will not materialize on the 'virgin' timeline nor the timeline diverged by one's previos trip, but a third timeline diverged from one or the other. A time traveler can never travel back to the exact same timeline more than once. Again, since, the second and third divergent timelines are identical until the timetraveler's arrival, they will be indistinguishable at first.
5. When one travels a second time to any era in which one already exists (either indigenously or through time travel), it will be possible to meet a temporal counterpart of one's self already there. A new counterpart diverges into being every single time a time traveler travels to a timeline one already exists in. Subsequently, multiple temporal counterparts could co-exist through multiple time trips to the same period.
6. The co-existence of multiple counterparts of the same being on one timeline does not cause time paradoxes. Time paradoxes (a paradox being a set of contradictory conditions) are only possible in single timeline universes. 7. Altering an incident in the past will indeed affect the futures reality of the timeline diverged by the time travelers presences. One can create any number of different divergences by one's significant actions, the act of time travel being the first. Whether one will be able to return to the present of the timeline where one did no reality-tampering divergences or one which diverged as a consequence of one's past actions is a function of a means of time travel.
8. Returning to one's present also creates a divergent reality (a timeline where one returned, another where one did not). If one has been gone any length of time, one may find differences have accumulated in accordance with the length of time away. (This is no different if one returned to one's home after a simple trip to another city rather than another time period.)
9.Selective alterations in the present as a consequence of the time travels actions in the past do not occur. (For instance, the fading of Marty McFly's image from a family portait in Back to the Future would not happen in the Marvel Universe.) An alteration in the past will create an entirely new timeline with events proceding smoothly from the point of divergence. To the denizens of thattime lines 'present,' the past is a continuous series of events that always happened as they happened. Were one to see selective dematerializations, they would either be caused by something other than the act of time travel unto itself or would be hallucinations. Taken from Mark's Remarks: Marvel Age #117, Oct. 1992.

Beside the normal time travel (which is more diagonal than forwards or backwards) There have been instances where one did travel directly back and altered there own universe. These instance are VERY rare and would need signifigant REALITY altering powers. Its is not that the person just jaunts back in time but the whole reality is put in rewind except for the individual(s) who were set out of the rewind process. These changes can be set right if the anomaly time-changer is simply prevented from changing the past. The number of times the past has actually been changed can be counted on one hand.

Places and Biengs of importance in Time.

In order to maintain the complex mutli-universal, multi-reality format that it has there are some forms of order and some who are in positions of power in the temporal hierarchy.
Note-It will to things as in-reality or out of reality. Beings and places that are in-reality exist inside of each reality. Though they may have access to other realities, there is a version in every or some divergent realities. If a being or place is out of reality, then there are not variant versions of them in the multiverse.
Merlyn-In-reality Cosmic entity who's purpose is unclear. He seems benevolent as he has tried to save the Time Stream and the isle of Britian before. His stats are probably around


F-100 Health:1700 A-100 S-500 Karma:6100 E-1000 R-100 Pop:0 I-3000 P-3000 Resources 500 Powers: Time Travel/Manipulation CL3000 Energy Creation/Control Cl1000 Matter Creation/Control Sh-z 500 Contacts:Roma works for him. Excalibre would aid him
Nexus of Realities-There are many of these scattered across worlds andmost have a protector. From thes people can travel to different places in thier reality or to other realities through the Axis of Realities.The big Nexus on Earth is in Florida and protected by Man-Thing.
Crossroads of Reality-Probably an in-reality dimension in which millions of dimensions can be reached. Other realities can be reached by going to Limbo.
Limbo-an out of reality place not to be confused with Illyana Rasputin's Limbo which is an in-reality dimension. Many portals lead through Limbo and is a very common way to travel through realities. It is maintain by Immortus and reaches over about 80, 000 years. Time travel before or after this 80,000 years would probably use a different Limbo. Limbo is normal seen as just white but can be seen however Immortus chooses. Besides Immortus his son Marcus as well as Space Phantom can be found there.


F-6 health:46 A-10 S-10 karma:200 E-20 R-75 Resources:100 I-50 P-75 pop:0 Powers: Invulnerability:CL1000 Dimensional Travel CL1000 Time Control CL1000 *Time warp *Time Turbulencein Limbo *Negate others time travel powers *Alter temporal flow *Time Travel Energy Control AM50 Hallucinations MN75 Mental Probe MN75 Mind Control MN75 talents:SH-Z in dealing with Time Machines Contacts:Previous selves, The Avengers, Marcus, Space Phantom, The Timekeepers

Space Phantom

 F-4 Health:26 A-6 S-10 Karma:42 E-6 R-30 Res:EX20 I-6 P-6 Pop:0 Powers: Can transform into any being and gain all powers, even tehnological ones.He must be in the same area as the person and transforming takes one full round. The person duplicated is transported to Limbo. He does this with UN100 ability. He can't do Magic, Immortality or anything above UN100. talents:Military, Leadership and Time Travel.

Nexus Interzone:This out of reality place in the center of every thing and where the Cosmic Axis is located. All the realities revolve around the axis as it is the seat of all power in the Multiverse. This Interzone may actually be located in the reality that is shown in the comics(see below), though there is only one. All the Nexi of Reality have portals that go here but it is the only way to go. The Nexus Guardian will try to stopany being who tries to enter the A Interzone. The Nexus are the only known way to enter the Interzone. Earth's only natural Nexus (Excalibre's old Lighthous may be one and there may be one in Canada created by indian dieties)is located in Florida and its gaurdian is Man-Thing.


F-30 Health:139 A-4 S-30 Karma:72 E-75 R-2 Reources:Fb2 I-20 P-50 Pop:-10 Powers: Emtion Detection:MN75-This also causes his actions. Positive emotions make him happy. Negative make him sad and Fear makes him attack. Burning Touch-When he detects fear, his body excretes acid at IN40 rank. Vegetable form:MN protection vs physical. /it becomes -1cs every week he leaves the swamp to a min of RM30. OOzing-He can ooze through small openings. vulnerabilityLEvery week away from swamp, his S&E drop -1cs when at FB2 he become comatose until returned to his swamp. Contacts:Thing, SpiderMan, Howard the Duck, Dakihm, Jennifer Kale, Kerrek the bararian and Steve Gerber.
Congress of Realities:a group of about a dozen Nexus Gaurdians (Man-Thing not included) that are there to maintain that nothing goes wrong in the Interzone. Most of them were slaughtered by the Deviant Ereshkigal. Time Variance Authority:An infinitley large bureaucracy Governing a sizable number of Universes in the ever expanding multiverse and dedicated to keeping tabs on every universe in existence. It is unknown who governs the other Universes if they are governed. It is there job to write up what happens when different realities are created. They also try to prevent beings that exploit time-travel and create too many alternate realities. They are all a series of clones who work in a business typeformat with Mr. Alternity being in charge and many level all the way down. The universe they are in is out of reality. Using their computers one could find information on allmost anything in any reality.

Time Cops

aka Justices-generic F-20 Health:100 A-20 S-30 Karma:14 E-30 R-6 Pop:0 I-6 P-2 Resources:EX20 Weapons: Time Displacement Gun:MS gd When hit with blast victim is transported to the Null-Time Zone, which is a place out of reality filled with nothing. It is like a temporal holding cell. Armor-GD10 armor vs Physical and Energy Sled-EX MS. Gd control AM airspeed and Cl1000 dimensional travel talents:police enforcement(equivelent), guns, Timetravel knowledge
The T.V.A. uses these Justices to maintain there laws. If someone has done something really bad they can be up for inspection from the Temporal Infraction Commitee. A serious offender can be erased from existance in ALL timelines.
Cross Time Express-This is a train that goes through the T.V.A. dimension where one can get to all of the Universes that the T.V.A. govern.

Our Universe

Our universe, or the one we read about in the comics, is assumed to be the Prime Universe or very similar to the Prime Universe. The divergent realities are set up beside each other but in reality all seem to be based off of one main reality. One reality might be different in that Dr. Doom is a villian and another in thatthe Avenger died. One would see that in the one where the Avengers died, Dr. Doom is still a villian. It is as beside the one event that is different, All other points not affected by that event are exact to the Prime Universe. This is the reason I stated that The Nexus Interzone might actually be in the Prime Universe. Other things Like Limbo, The T.V.A. and the Living Tribunal's realm may also be in just the Prime Universe and not in someplace beyond all Universes.

Time flow in different realities

It would appear that different realities, time flows at different rates. If someone travel from one univers to one with a slower time rate they would not notice the difference while in the reality but when they return to their own it may be as if they did not stay long at all. This time flow difference is also the cause of possible futures like Days of Future Past, 2099 and Future Imperfect.

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