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To get your Norns to go to sleep, tickle them until they go to sleep. Be careful though, if you don't stop right away, they will wake up.

To get rid of a pesky Grendel, tickle him, and he will follow your hand. You can then lead him away from your Norns.

I have noticed that some of the kits won't work sometimes, with the Performa Power PCs. What I do is export all of my Norns out of the game and put Creatures in the trash, and reinstall the program. According to Mindscape, there is something about the CPU architecture of the Performas that keep the game from running quite like it should.

Some of the kits within the Creatures folder do not have as much memory allocated to them as they should. (It is a big no no to have your preferred and minimun lower than your suggested memory.)This can cause your computer to crash.The kits and the correct memory allocations are as follows: Funeral Kit-Suggested should be 5000. Minimum should be 5000 Preferred should be 5000. Microsoft Help suggested 512 minumum 512 preferred 512. Owners Kit suggested 5000 minimum 5000 preferred 5000. Score Kit suggested 5000 minimum 5000 preferred 5000. Make sure you go to the Get Info box and change these, and you might have less crashes.

Always keep a backup folder of your Norns, in case something really drastic happens to your game. That way you will still have them, if they disappear. (Hey, it can happen. It happened to me.)

After your egg hatches, you can teach them better, if you export all of the others. There is less distraction that way.

Grenorns are a cross between Norns and Grendels, and usually take on the characteristics of the father.

When teaching your norns the names of objects, teach only the broad category first. they associate this word with all of the other objects in the same category. Later you can teach them more detailed descriptions.

If you tickle a Norn that is smiling really big, it will do a little dance for you.

In case you are wondering, a Sweet Norn does not need to eat to keep up their lifeforce, due to a constant high level of glucose.

Highlander Norns have a constantly high lifeforce level. They must eat to keep their health up.


This tip is from save a dying norn, first select the norn. bring up the science kit and switch to the hypodermic page. Give the norn a full dose of energy and then a full dose of adrenaline. Switch to the biochemistry page and check the glycogen and glucose. the glycogen should be high, and you should also have a glucose reading.


Those of you that have TerraNornia try running it with the Cheese Cheat on. I had to end up taking the Cheese Cheat off because my norns were starving. The keyboard command that you normally use to talk to the norns is the Save feature, when the cheese cheat is on. Clicking on the dialogue box doesn't always work either. If you take the Cheese Cheat off, make sure that you back up any Norns that are in your game. On some Macs TerraNornia will crash when the auto-save feature is going.


This tip is from Heather. If you have downloaded Chris, my little norn that wouldn't wake up, then you need to have the hand say his name a couple of times. He should start turning around in his sleep. Then say is name several more times. It probably wouldn't hurt to tickle him a little bit too. He hopefully, will wake up then. I was told that a couple of minutes after he woke up, he turned into an adult. But so far, Heather hasn't been able to get him to breed. Thanks for the tip!!!


This tip is from Bug. If you want to have friendliet Grendels in your world, try playing with them and tickling them as soon as they hatch. they shouldn't be as mean. Thanks for the tip!!!!!







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