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I put the new url up for MacNorns in my links section. I also added a link for a new site called Creatures World. I put up nine new norns on the Other People's Norns page. This will be the last update for awhile. I have expanded my computing skills. We got a PC a couple of months ago, so I am going to be working on a C2 site. I will post the link for it when I get it up and running.



I removed the link for MacNorns. Sandy has apparently taken it down. I added one new link for a C2 site. I also added a tip on how to wake up Chris, my little norn that I have up, that I couldn't get to wake up. This tip is from Heather. I also added another tip from Bug. This should help you have friendlier Grendels. They will be on the tips and tricks page.



This is just a small update this time. I removed the links that no longer work. I added seven new links for some sites. Be sure to visit them. They are all excellent sites. In my web travels, I will add more great sites, as I come across them.



I have completely changed the look of my site. I changed the music on my main page. Last but not least, I have put up a few norns. There are 10 of them all together. They are on the Just Norns, Interesting Norns, and Mixed Up Norns pages.



I recieved 2 more awards! Thank you Bug and Medusa!!!! There will be an update to the site, the end of this week.



Finally, an update! I have added a page of norns. It is called Interesting Norns. Almost all of them have something unique about them. The norns have been stuffed with a new version of Stuffit. You WILL need the new version of Stuffit Expander to open them. I have put the new version of Expander on my site and you can download it either here or on the Interesting Norns page. I found an older version of DropStuff, so you will be able to unstuff Expander.

I have also changed the graphic on my main page. Thanks, Medusa for your help in doing the graphic for me.



I changed the name on Sally's Mac Page to Mac 'N' Stuff.



I added the What's New page and I also added some more norns to the Other People's Norns page and a few cobs. I also added a couple of links. Hopefully, I will get time in a few days to add some of my norns.


I have added a graphic, so people can go to NornMan's site to sign the petition to get more Creatures items for Macintosh.


I recieved a virtual Christmas gift. Thanks Medusa!


I recieved another award. Thanks Caitlin!


I fixed an award on my awards page. Also a note to everyone, I will be glad to help anyone that needs help, but you must provide me with a complete email address. (AIREXPO please e-mail me. Thank you.)

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