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The Temple of STAN!

My Secret of Monkey Island Page!

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Updated Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge!

The Curse of Monkey Island PAGE!

The Monkey Island 1 walk through! (well almost)
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Murray's World!
Pages for all 3 games!
Walk through for all three games!
Easter Eggs!
And much more!

What the heck are these games about?

Well let me tell you...In the first game The Secret of Monkey Island you are Guybrush Threepwood a wanna be pirate. Durring this game he finds his one true love, Govener Elaine Marley . But bad luck for him, because the evil Ghost Pirate LeChuck, is also inlove with her. So LeChuck is torturing Guybrush and trying to woo Elaine for three games... so far.

You know you have played too much Monkey Island when...

10. You only date guys named "Guybrush"
9. You start calling everyone "Plunder Bunny"
8. You catch yourself trading insults at your local play ground.
7. You get in trouble for spitting on the walls in class.
6. Every time you bump into someone you have the urg to say: "My name is Guybrush Threepwood, prepair to die!"
5. You start to try to fix the sink with a monkey.
4. You start to collect ingredience for a Voodoo doll.
3. You start singing bad songs off key there for makeing people physicly ill.
2. When ever someone is coming in you start to yell out "BUWWAAHAHAHAHAAA!"
1. If you spend your spare time: Playing the games, looking for pages of the games on the internet, or make a page like this one.
Thanks to all of you who made the pages. I am sorry I stole your pictures and I am hoping to upload my own soon.

I have used Murray to scare Mort times!

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