Destruction Derby 2

By Psygnosis


Game Info: The sequel to the best-selling smash 'em up is back on track. Resprayed, rebuilt and retuned, Destruction Derby 2 is a helter-skelter collision course of crumple zones with advanced 3D graphics. Destruction Derby 2 features spectacular 3D crash sequences, where cars will actually flip, roll and cartwheel in real-time before hitting the dirt. Upon impact, gamers will see dramatic new special effects, including shooting flames, flying sparks and vehicle parts propelling through the air.

Ordering Information:

System Requirements:
  • MS-DOS 6.0
  • Pentium 75
  • 8M RAM
  • PCI Video Card
  • Sound Card

    Registered Version $??.??

    Destruction Derby 2 Can Be Ordered At 1-???-???-????

    Screen Shots

    Shareware version has one race.

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    Download Destruction Derby in ONE file of about 3 Mb:

    Destruction Derby from GameSpot

    Destruction Derby from Psygnosis

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