Glossary of Terms
There are many people outside of New Zealand who do not understand some of the terms used on this web site.  To assist Australians, (or West Islanders), Stewart Islanders, Anyone south of the Bombay hills, and Americans  to understand the Auckland city boy humor I've created a list of terms.

Americas Cup:  Imagine a race to paint a wall but the real excitement comes in watching to see which wall dries first.  Then imagine spending 100 million dollars on getting just the right paintbrush or roller.  No matter how excited Peter Montgomery gets it's still like watching paint dry.  Americas Cup yacht racing could be made so much more interesting with muzzle loaded cannon.

Auckland:  My home and the largest metropolitan city in New Zealand.  It is the largest in everything but the population suffers from a huge overdose of ego.

Bondai:  New Zealand's 5th largest City.  Located in the city of Sydney, Bondai is the spiritual home of expatriate New Zealanders living in Australia.

Rave:  A dance party with loud, beat driven, electronic music.  A recent study has show that children are influenced by computer games.  If that were the case then Pacman would turn the current crop of twenty somethings into pill swallowers who hang out in dark rooms listening to monotonous thumping music.  err….

Ecstasy:  Auckland is slowly dragging itself into the late 20th century.  This provides the police and HM Customs with the opportunity to put into action all that training with the drug dogs to seek out the narsty little drug traffickers.