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TV credits

Cardiac Arrest (1994-98). Three series of this hospital drama, with Helen Baxendale playing Dr Claire Maitland, although it looks unlikely there will be a fourth. An article in the Guardian reported in August '97 that her "work load may force her to quit [Cardiac Arrest]"

Bolshe Vita (1996). A Hungaian film set in 1989. Quite obscure, by all accounts.

Truth or Dare (Sept 96). Shown on BBC1 and also starring John Hannah of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Crossing the Floor (1996). Comedy from one of the writers of Drop the Dead Donkey. Helen plays Ruth Clarke, the secretary/mistress of the Home Secretary, David Hanratty who 'crosses the floor' by defecting to Labour.

In Suspicious Circumstances (Sept 96). Helen played Queen Elizabeth I in a double-episode of ISC.

Cold Feet (Series 1:1996, Series 2:2000). Winner of the Golden Rose for best programme and the Silver Rose for best comedy at the 1997 Montreux festival.

The Investigator. A drama bout homophobia in the military, where investigations are conducted to 'root out' gays and lesbians among the forces. Helen play the soldier in charge of finding these people. But we find Helen's character herself is a lesbian.

The Marshal (1993).


Helen has also done a fair bit of radio work too, including Envious Casca and many others. Some work includes Mammon (a series of six), a play called Tourjours Tristeste, and a comedy called Football

Personal Info

Most of this information is from her GQ Interview - read the full version here.

Helen Baxendale was brought up in Staffordshire and as a child wanted to become a ballet dancer. At 17, however, she realised that a ballet dancer's career prospects were limited. So she then spent three years at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. After that she had earned a place at Glasgow Citizen's Theatre, and at 22 she landed the role of Doctor Claire Maitland in Cardiac Arrest.

www.imdb.com says she has a son, Eric, born October 2001, and a daughter, Nell, born September 1998, both with David Elliot.

If you have any more information (where she lives now, current boyfriend, etc.) then send some mail.


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