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Sega, PlanetWeb say "Surf's Up!" for Sega Saturn Videogame System Owners

Sega Saturn Net Link and PlanetWeb Browser Let Sega Saturn Owners Surf the World Wide Web, Send E-mail Using an Ordinary TV

NEW YORK, N.Y., October 22, 1996 - Get ready to catch the wave. Surfing the Internet is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to Sega™ of America and PlanetWeb. Due in stores October 31st, the new Sega Saturn™ Net Link lets owners of Sega Saturn videogame systems access the World Wide Web and send e-mail with an easy-to-use new browser developed by PlanetWeb, Inc. The system connects to a standard TV, which provides the display.

"We want to make it simple and fun for ordinary consumers to access the Internet," said Ken Soohoo, PlanetWeb founder and chief technology officer. "In the past, television screens did not display fonts and images very well. Now, with the software technology we've developed, Web content is clear and sharp on any TV. At the same time, we've given the browser an entertaining look and feel, with graphics and sounds that make the Web surfing experience much more fun."

"Sega selected the PlanetWeb Browser because of its point-and-click simplicity and engaging, game-style interface," said Tedd Hoff, executive vice president, sales & marketing, Sega of America. "In just a few minutes, anyone can set up the Sega Saturn Net Link and master the PlanetWeb Browser's controls. No computer or Internet experience is necessary."

The PlanetWeb Browser introduces a number of new user interface innovations to make Web browsing simple and fun. Navigation controls include a translucent tool bar and a pop-up "Command Compass." The PlanetWeb Browser emits sounds each time a user presses a button or control. Users can also select from eight motifs to change the browser's controls and sounds to suit their own style - from "Far East" to "Rocket Man."

Designed to display Web pages on an ordinary TV screen, the PlanetWeb Browser uses proprietary technologies to produce clear, sharp text and bright, crisp images viewable from a normal TV-watching distance. A unique magnifying glass feature allows users to zoom in on portions of a page to better view small images, image details and text embedded within graphics. The PlanetWeb Browser also provides smooth page scrolling and flicker-free screen images.

PlanetWeb has also incorporated a highly-regarded parental control system into the browser. Parents can regulate access to Web sites using 15 separate criteria and five different content-filtering levels within each given criteria. Over 170,000 Web sites have been rated for this service.

The PlanetWeb Browser is compatible with most Internet Service Providers, and allows users to send and receive e-mail from anywhere on the Internet. The Sega Saturn Net Link, including one month of free Internet access from Concentric Networks, will be available for a suggested retail price of $199.99. A bundled package that includes the Sega Saturn, the Sega Saturn Net Link and PlanetWeb Browser, keyboard and a video game will be available for a suggested retail price of $449.99.

About PlanetWeb

PlanetWeb, Inc. develops enabling software that makes it simple and easy for consumers to surf the Internet. The Company's first product is The PlanetWeb Browser, a powerful World Wide Web browser and e-mail application.

PlanetWeb's focus is consumer software. The Company's browser works with existing hardware designs and allows users to choose their own Internet Service Provider. Consumers can use PlanetWeb software on low-cost "Internet appliances" attached to standard television screens connected to the Internet via standard telephone lines. Initially available for the Sega Saturn Net Link, the PlanetWeb Browser's portable architecture, small memory requirements and lack of need for an operating system will enable it to be quickly and inexpensively customized for a wide variety of Internet appliances.

Founded in 1996, by Ken Soohoo and Kamran Elahian, PlanetWeb is located in Santa Clara, California. For more information about PlanetWeb, Inc. OR About New Updates to the Sega Net Link Browser visit the Company's Web Site at or phone (408) 982-4688.

About Sega

Sega of America is the arm of Tokyo, Japan-based Sega Enterprises Ltd. responsible for the development, marketing, and distribution of Sega videogames in the Americas. Sega Enterprises Ltd. is a nearly $3.3 billion company recognized as the industry leader in interactive digital entertainment media.

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