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Enough with the sites.


Ok so I made another Site. Sue me...Well this time I made a NetLink Movie site. If you already don't know or do know. The Sega Saturn NetLink is the internet device that can sure the web. The problem is it can't see AVI's or MOV's (Quicktime movies)
So what I plan to do is convert them to Animated Gifs so netlinkers can at least SEE these Movies. So check it out if you are on a NetLink.

Lord Bane's Movie Theatre

Games Available


If you already didn't know...the games for the NetLink are out. The bundle Pack with Sega Rally NLE (NetLink Edition) and Virtual On NLE is out along with the Browser Gold edition. And if that wasn't enough. Saturn BomberMan is also available now. Thats right with 2 controllers and someone on the other end with a NetLink. You can have a 4 Player Bomber Fest over the Phone. Or 10 of your very close friends. (Hopefully they have controlers and maybe a tap) and Have a 10 Player Bomb fest at your house. Either way there is a lot happening with the Saturn and the NetLink. With More on the way...

If you need help finding people. Check with Saturnworld or the NetLink comunity or surf the Sega Saturn NetLink Ring for someone.

SaturnWorld Whitepages Careful its a little big
The NetLink Community
Sega Saturn NetLink Ring HomePage

Net Link Game Pack


The Net Link Game Pack will be available for sale direct from SEGA beginning August 15th. For the low price of $24.99 + 5.95 shipping and handling, Net Link users will receive Sega Rally Chapionship PLUS (the NetLink edition), Virtual-On Net Link Edition, The updated Planet Web Browser v3.0 and a limited edition Net Link Zone t-shirt only Net Linkers will have.

To order:
1. Write down the serial number from the back of your Sega Saturn Net Link. (This offer is only available to owners of the Sega Saturn Net Link.)
2. Call 1(800)329-SEGA
3. Tell the representative you would like to order the Net Link Game Pack #81608.
4. Give them your valid Net Link serial number.

Final Upgrade?


The Golden version of the browser is now available on the Sega and PlanetWeb sites. Check out http://www.sega.com/netlink/upgrade or http://www.planetweb.com/upgrade.html for the details. This is the same version as will be on the upgrade CD now in production from Sega. The CD will also have a new NetLink City and other graphical improvements that aren't able to be included in the downloadable version. Mirror sites can not be made available from here. Planet Web Has new browser Detecting abilities to deture people from making mirrors.

More NetLink IRC Rooms Opens


3 chat rooms are now being tested and are open on SEGA's Server! Be sure you have downloaded the upgrade

Sega's IRC Rooms

Another Beta Update for NetLink's Web Browser


The fourth beta feedback version (1.122) of the browser is now available. The big change in this is a new caching system, so images should be held in the cache longer. This should help when using the "Back" button and when browsing sites with images shared on several pages.
Update to 1.122 NOW

NetLink Bug fix for Beta


Planet web has located a minor memory leak in the update 1.118 and has released 1.119 to fix it. Click here for Update 1.119 NOW!

The NEXT NetLink Browser Update


Its about 2am as I'm reporting this. Its an unusual update because I make ALL my updates from work. But I am always up to date on whats going on. NetLinkers who have been waiting on IRC improvment wait no further. Click here for Update 1.118 NOW!

NetLink Bomberman


Hudson's Bomberman game due out later this year will support multitap and Netlink. On NetLink two players will be able to play on the host Saturn and two more on the other Saturn and 6 bombermen controlled by the Saturn AI. Release date is expecced for Late Summer.

Update is here


The Browser update is here....I have some mirror sites and info here.
Mirrors and Update news

Duke Nukem 3D


The Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D is shaping up very well. This is a shot of the first level which has been faithfully translated to the Saturn hardware.

Players take on the role of this character who must blast his way through over 30 levels of aliens. The game's distinctive attitude and level design has made it one of the more popular Doom clones of 1995/1996.

The traditional weapons are back ranging from shotguns, to shrinking rays to pipe bombs to the almighty destroyer. Sega has promised NetLink support for the title which it will be publishing early this summer. The addition of a NetLink title whose multiplayer brilliance is well established is likely to help shift additional NetLinks and Saturns.
Duke Nukem Pic 2
Duke Nukem Pic 3

Sega NetLink Games


The Saturn NetLink will finally provide gamers with internet gaming galore. Months ago, Sega announced that Sega Rally would be the first Net game, and it would be up and running a few weeks after the NetLink launched. We all know that so far the NetLink's only purpose is for web surfing.

Sega stated that Sega Rally is still slated be the first link game, and that Duke Nukem 3D will have two-player NetLink compatibility when it hits the Saturn this summer. The pre-alpha version runs really smooth, has great sound, and the graphics are almost identical to the PC version. Sega is also planning to incorporate some Sega exclusive levels to Duke, but once again, it's too early to tell. Sega also commented that they are considering Net Link options for Quake, Doom and Hexen.

GT Interactive Not So Active


Saturn owners have yet to see any support of the NetLink outside Sega's offices. Despite their optimistic claims of a large number developers ready to make online games, support may be less than total.

GT Interactive, one of two companies announcing online support at the October debut of the NetLink, seems to have dropped any plans for online games. GT reps were not aware of any plans to make NetLink games for 1997. But as mentioned yesterday, May be giving games like Duke Nukem to another publisher. So not all hope is lost

Capcom is the only known 3rd party company that will produce a NetLink title in the near future. And is still in developement

NetLink Sales Lower than Expected


Sales of NetLink and browser units reached 10,000 this month. This fell considerably below the expected sales level of 100,000 units by 1997. At a rate of 4000 units a month, this marked it as one of the better selling Saturn peripherals.

Sega is undaunted, however. As an Internet box units, the NetLink user base exceeds its closest competitor, the WebTV from Sony/Philips/Magnavox, which has sales estimated around 5,000. At the current rate of sales, the NetLink is expected to exceed the current established base of Mission Stick and Virtua Stick owners in 2 years. As the NetLink is expected to carry over to future Sega platforms, this isn't a bit problem for owners.

However, Sega expects sales of the NetLink to increase once Xband and NetLink games become announced. Sega has announced Sega Rally NetLink, GT Interactive's Duke Nukem 3D is expected to have NetLink support, due 2nd Quarter. Other titles that may incorporate NetLink technology are Hudsonsoft's Saturn Bomberman and an as yet unnamed title from Capcom.

NetLink Game



GT Interactive announced last week that they have commissioned Lobotomy Software as the developer responsible for the Saturn version of the popular PC shoot 'em up, Duke Nukem 3D. Lobotomy Software, whose last game, Powerslave was also a first person shooter, will be using a somewhat tweaked and modified Powerslave Engine to produce Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem 3D will be Net Link compatible for death match and co-op games and should be released this June.

NetLink Expands Point of View


Sega distills essence of Web for NetLink users

ViewCall wants its software in every Internet-TV box in America, starting with the NetLink

On-TV (NOT the cable network), a Web summary service, is now available for NetLink. For the price of $39.95/year, NetLink users can get the USA Today of the World Wide Web.

Basically, On-TV scours the Web and five major news services for information, and boils it down to TV-sized text bytes for you. NetLink users can get a sample of it in the What's New section of Net Link city. In theory, On-TV subscribers can get their daily dose of news by visiting their "channel." So far, though, it has proved popular with Internet TV set box manufacturers, including Philips/Maganvox, makers of Web TV.

NetLink Game Integration Going Slowly


Sega begins cautious moves into the world of online gaming

Virtual On for NetLink has been released in Japan, with amazingly little fanfare. While a seemingly small step, it does indicate Sega's increasing committment to Internet/Online gaming.

However, integration of online capabilities into the average Sega game's feature set is going slowly. Like the proposed Sega Rally NetLink release, Virtual On is not a complete game in itself, instead containing the basic graphics engine, modem drivers, and Xband software.

Sega has stated that NetLink capabilities will become part and parcel of many Saturn games by 3rd and 4th quarter of 1997, and it seems that the newer Sega games will not be immediately networkable. Capcom and GT Interactive have yet to unveil their NetLink titles, but it seems Hexen and Doom (arguably THE premier PC network game) will not utiliize the modem in the first revision. Saturn Bomberman by Hudsonsoft has also been delayed, and may not see Western shores until late 97. Hopefull, we'll see a hearty 2nd generation of NetLink games by then.

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