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Golden Axe

Welcome to my Golden Axe arcade. Please feel free to e-mail me things that have to do this Arcade machine. I will try to post any info I feel will be helpful. Most of the info on this page comes from

This Game is now in a Double Dragon Cabinet that I bought at a auction in Columbus OH on 4/12/97. I am using this cabinet as my jamma cabinet. The reason is because the cabinet has a pull out front door with the mother board and the power supply. It makes changing games easy and quick. Well if you have any more info on this game please e-mail me!

Dip Switch settings toGolden Axe.

Game Info

Developed by Saga Enterprise, Inc.

Manafactured in 1989.

2 Joysticks Required for two player game.

Three buttons required for each player.

Monitor Horizontal.

Requires Sega to Jamma I/F Harness.

More Coming Soon!

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