Biots are, as the name says, robots with some organic parts. They were built by Ramans to serve as cleaners, guards and maintenance for the great ship.

Here are some of them:


These biots are giant mechanical trash disposal units. Crab biots carry trash to them they empty it and then process it further. Some usefull stuff can be found in trash bins near it.


These biots are not very bright. They are used as gerbage collectors. Get out of their way because they can and will mistake You for garbage. They usually move arround in triangular formations.


These biots are use for repairs of other machinery on RAMA. This biot is smarter and quite harmless. Sometimes they carry some usefull stuff so I recomend you search all of them.


Spider biots are the most dangerous biots on RAMA. They are used as guards and assasins. Don't go near them !

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