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I have a redirect script emedded into the frame page. In the case you're still reading this, then that means your browser can't redirect. Here is the link for this site's new location: Mirror

Fear not if you are having trouble with my new location, for I'll leave this location up.

-Fred Drader


Notice anything different? Yes, these are frames you're looking at. I finally got around to redesigning this site. I'm also going to mirror this at @home so the page'll display better. I'll have a link up soon.

On the SOVF side, I still don't know anymore. It's possible Interplay could decide to continue production sometime this year and get it done before 2003 (when their licence expires), but I don't know that for sure. We can only hope.

-Fred Drader


Just when you thought I was gone for good, here I am once again for another update.

We now draw ever closer to the latest rumored date of release for this game: That wonderful month of January 2001. Though I still doubt the game will actaully be released at that time, We should all expect an annoucement of Interplay's newest proposed games at that time.

t is quite possible that Interplay could announce that they will again work on this title or perhaps remake the origional idea using new technology. I am sure that it would be no problem to incorpate the origional voice recordings into this new product (which would minimize cost). However, keep in mind that this is all just wishful thinking for now. But, do expect Interplay to announce new titles and keep some hope that one of them is SoVF or a new game using the origional concept with improved technology.

That's it for now. I don't know when you can expect further updates, but rest assured that this new year may hold new ground for our battle to save Vulcan Fury. I know this is contrary to what I said last time, but people do change their minds, and I am no expection to that truth. I remembered one of Spocks own sayings: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one". This saying reminded me that while my efforts to move this game along were starting to seem futile, there were many people who were counting on me to help them see this game. And so here I am again with this small, but hopeful update that I offer to you while I regroup. Again thank you all.

-Fred Drader


Due to circumstances beyond our control, this game will likely never be released now. CDMAG does not list the game at all now, neither does IGN Sages list the game.

Sadly, I must now give up my efforts to save this game. I will no longer be making updates to this site unless the unlikely chance that the game's status changes.

In addition, Geocities has taken my petition down as well as my counter, so all the hard work we have done is lost.

I am intending to keep this site up so that people can see what could have been, but may never be.

Thank you all for all your hard work and devotion in this cause. All your work was not in vain, we did in a way make a difference. You did so to me in a time when I thought that I was alone in saving this game. Because you cared, I continued my efforts on your behalf and had something to believe in.

In closing, so long dear friends. We may meet again someday, and when we do we will finally have a Star Trek game worthy of playing. But until that day or if that day never comes, remember to fight until the bitter end on everything you do and never forget that you can make a difference. Not until this day did I realise that Interplay would likely not see the light. I struggled to the very end, and I hope you can forgive me for giving up for now, perhaps forever. But please, take up the fight yourself if you so desire. Who knows, maybe you shall be more convincing. Take care friends, and in the words of Spock, "Live Long and Prosper."

-Your Friend and Star Trek Fan Forever,

-Fred Drader