German Marder III Tank Destroyer

Close Combat Links:

Microsoft: Close Combat A Bridge Too Far - The official site of Close Combat: A Bridge too Far

Site contains screen shots, sounds, patchs, download demo for Windows and Macintosh

Atomic Games: The official site of the Close Combat series

News Flash!!! Close Combat IV The Battle of the Bulge!

Site contains information and screen shots of Close Combat, Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far, Close Combat: The Russian Front. Complete unit information on Close Combat: The Russian Front and some info on Close Combat: IV Battle of the Bulge due to come out in late November

Site contains all kinds of maps for Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far and unit modifactions and conversions. Site also has the awsome converson called Eastern Front that turns all of the Allied forces into Russian Forces that works really well. Works really well on Macintosh too! Gives us a good look at the Russian Front even if Close Combat: The Russian Front does not come out for Macintosh/

World War Two Links:

Atchung Panzer website

Site contains all sorts of information offering a complete history of German tanks of World War Two. Lots of pictures and facts on all tanks!

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