A few things to know about Infantry

Infantry Strategy:

Infantry - the most basic unit in the game and also one of the most complex to command. Infantry are used to hold buildings and victory locations by just stationing a infantry unit there.

Allied Infantry:

When playing the side of the Allies in Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far there is a few things to know about Allied infantry.

Allied Infantry Armament:

Allied infantry teams are armed with rifles, the Lee Enfield and Garand rifle. The reliable Lee Enfield offers the same amount of firepower as the German Mauser Kar 98 rifle, while the American Garand semiautomatic rifle can out shoot the Lee Enfield and the German Mauser Kar 98. In a fire fight between a German rifle team and an American rifle team with equal cover the Americans will win with superior firepower. Allied machine guns are not supplied with a lot of ammunition, around 500 rounds while German MG-42 teams are given 1250 rounds making them better than Allied machine guns.

German Infantry:

When playing the side of the Germans there is a few things to know about the infantry.

German Infantry Armament:

German infantry is armed with a slow non-automatic rifle that does not give a whole lot of firepower. The Germans also have the excellent MP-44 a fully automatic assault rifle that can out shoot any Allied gun, while these guns are not in good supply they do give some German teams an edge over there counterpart. Overall German infantry is the best suited for attacking targets that are being suppressed by other units. This works really well with the MG-42 machine gun that can lay down devastating fire at an enemy unit.


Overall Strategy

Using cover to your advantage:

By using cover as an advantage like a wall or trench you can defend much more territory with the same number of teams it would take to defend a smaller area without cover. Use bushes as an advantage when moving Recon teams and snipers to ambush enemy units, using cover is important to make your units survive a battle. If troop morale is low making them move through the open taking many hits is likely to make them either run or cower. If at all possible never move units through the open within range of enemy guns. The best way to defend anything is to have good cover for your troops to attack enemy units. Cover provides good protection from enemy small arms fire but is pretty much useless against 20mm and main gun fire from tanks and guns. When hiding troops from enemy tanks it is best to do this in trees where tanks with there limited view are not likely to see the infantry until they are on top of them.

Types of cover:


Good four sided protection from all types of weapons with the exception of large artillery, good lines of sight to shoot at targets. - Deadly to any team inside if attacked with a flamethrower, this is the only main drawback


Good protection from enemy fire from one direction, allows a few units to defend a long line of ground. - Very vulnerable to fire from tanks and artillery

Trenches and Foxholes:

Good protection for units in the line of fire and being able to fight back with minimal exposure to enemy fire. - Vulnerable to mortar and heavy guns

Shell holes:

Offers minimal protection but is better than sitting out in the open. - Vulnerable to everything except to a lesser extent than out in the open


Offers minimal protection from anything but is good cover when closing in close to the enemy - Small arms fire will destroy your unit if caught in along these bushes


Trees offer fairly good protection even when the enemy knows the troops are there because trees mess up good lines of fire - Very vulnerable to mortar rounds


Streams offer a good but slow way to travel through heavily defended areas - very vulnerable to anything when caught with fire from the stream or sides

Defending a Building:

Hiding a unit in the building gives the your troops the best ability to defend the area! If you are playing the German side hide a unit like a MG-42 to mow down attacking infantry. Because of there use of Panzerfausts they do not need a antitank team to support them. If playing the side of the Allies place a unit like a British Bren or American BAR Rifle team along with an antitank team if tanks are expected in the area.

This picture here shows how powerful the units in the building can become when defending a building.

The units are an American Bar team defending a building against a German Sturmgrenadre unit during in Son Town

Launching an attack:

When launching an attack it is almost always necessary to have more units to attack a defended enemy! Chose a good unit with firepower to make the assault, usually a unit like the American Assault or German Sturmgrenadre teams. Move these teams up close to where you plan to attack using cover to get the unit there in one piece. Place another team usually a machine gun team to where the enemy is so they can suppress the enemy and launch the attack with minimal casualties.

American Infantry attacking a German held building with the aid of a Crocodile flamethrower tank


If your forces are pinned down with no way of attacking the enemy it is time to retreat and regroup. To retreat attempt to move another team up close to the pinned one, use this team to attract the attention of the enemy team. Tell the pinned down team to throw a smoke grenade in front of them and have them move backwards using the sneak command until they can retreat to a safe place.

German infantry retreating by using a Tiger tank and a smoke screen as cover

Using the terrain to your advantage by flanking:

Take a good look at the map when you zoom out to see the entire map. Based on what you know about enemy positions and your own look for a weak point in the enemy line with good cover. If you find a place like this send a unit like a Recon team to scout the area and then send heavier units through so they can attack enemy units in a strong point from behind or in all directions.

Flank the buildings at Schijndel Road by using the bush as cover to out flank the enemy

Conserving Ammunition but still being able to win a battle:

If your troops are low on ammunition and you need to win the battle, this is especially important if you are playing the with the Allies. At the start of the battle tell all of your troops to hide and wait until an enemy unit has closed to with in 20 meters and then have all of the units in the area fire at it. This may seem like wasting ammunition but it is not because the enemy team is quickly destroyed with minimal ammunition.

Using tanks and infantry in a combined attack:

If making a combined attack make sure that the tank leads with the infantry really close so they can route antitank teams in the way. Always be ready to use smoke to hide your attack. Using this way of attack you should be able to eliminate almost all opposition, beware of hidden enemy teams that allow the tank to pass and then maul the infantry following it!

German Infantry advancing with a Tiger tank in a combined attack

Launching a mass tank attack:

This is the type of attack that strikes fear into the enemy! What is worse than having several tanks charging down on your positions. There is next to no defense against this type of attack, the only way is to have several of your own tanks to back you up or antitank guns. Even if you have these defenses the tanks will still probably over run your troops. The best terrain to launch an attack like this is to have large open terrain that is flat with few obstacles. This type of attack will defiantly not work on terrain like swamp on maps like The Island and Tulip Fields, the tanks will not travel fast enough and be destroyed before they reach there objective. To begin the attack have the tanks or mortars fire smoke rounds just in front of where you think the enemy is. If possible place the tanks in formation as they charge across the terrain, the best formation is a wedge shape with the most powerful tank available leading the formation. Once the tanks reach the enemy have infantry follow them up to secure the new captured ground.

"Iron Wedge"

This type of attack is probably impossible to stop with the King Tiger in the lead.

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