Dodging Bullets

A day is soon ending
Night drawing near
Uselessly try to drown
Sorrow in beer.

He wants a new friend
To help battle night
But spreading this pain
Doesn't seem right.

The Ghosts of lost love
Are haunting the man
Thinking insecure thoughts
His head in his hands.

He looks at the clock
His dosage is due
Counts out one pill
Then he takes two.

He drains the last beer
Gold for the road
He's ready to crash
His brain on full load.

His eyelids grow heavy
Dream starting to gel
Signaling this night's
Journey to hell.

The sound of a gunshot
A limp body falls
No footsteps are heard
No worried voices call

Only one thing
That this can mean
A body at rest
Free from his pain.

No more raw heartache
Unable to cry
Kids without father
Mom wonders why.

A final decision is
Finally made
All those bad thoughts
Finally fade.

A lance of white heat
A heart on a stick
The clock on the wall
Now starts to tick

A moan from the bed
Emits from a lump
The body sits up
Awake with a jump.

His head is now throbbing
Renewed evil roars
Bad thoughts and fear
Wage brutal wars.

Both eyes are open
This peace was a lie.
His chest is now moving
New chance to die

He runs to the bathroom
Throws up in the sink
Spits out some bile
Cleanses with drink.

A new day beginning
Full of old dread
His mind starts to ponder
Better off dead?

A brain trapped in silence
Is the only way
To steel himself to
Face the new day.

He hums to himself
To quiet the voice
The inner one screaming

He's soon getting ready
Battling his best
Everyday facing
His final test.

He stands with some trouble
Glances into the mirror.
Smiles a mad grin
And ceases to care.

He's all talked out
There's nothing to say.
He passes the test
And lives one more day.

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