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CONVERT THIS!- Gives A priest who calls down lightning instead of converting enemy units.
GREAYLINKSPENCE- Renders all other wildlife on the map to the stronger more agressive king of there species. It works well with the gaia cheat which grants control of all of the animals on the map.
POW- Gives A baby on a tricycle who blasts away with A large gun.
KING ARTHUR- Converts all birds to dragons. though they are still harmless.
STORMBILLY- Brings A little mechwarrior, which fires lasers at the enemy.
BIG MOMMA- The white alternative to the black sports car cheat, bigdaddy. Both cars are very tough with missile launchers on the roof.
PEPPERONI PIZZA- You get 1000 food.
COINAGE- You get 1000 gold.
QUARRY- You get 1000 stone.
WOODSTOCK- You get 1000 wood.
ZEUS- Makes the Photon Men or nuke troopers invincible.
UPSIDFLINTMOBILE- Makes your Chariot Archers lightning fast in movement and fire rate.
DARK RAIN- Adds camouflage to your composite bowmen, who look like trees when standing still.
BLACK RIDER- Gives Cavalry with attack and armor ratings at 20 which becomes A catapult when killed.
FLYING DUTCHMAN- Juggernauts that travel both land and sea easily, like a hover craft.
E=MC2 TROOPER- One space jockey toting A nuke missile appears at town center.( Attack: 300, Range: 88)
PHOTON MAN- Another space jockey, firing a laser gun.
BIGDADDY- The black sports car with 500 hp sporting missiles from the roof causing 300 damage.
MEDUSA- Innocent little villager, but when first killed, it turns into A Black Rider then into A catapult.
STEROIDS- Villagers move extremely fast, and build/repair anything instantly.
BIG BERTHA- All heavy catapults are given much greater range and damage.
ICBM- All ballistas granted an incredible range of 100 tiles.
HOYOHOYO- Priests get 480 hit points and can actually run, instead of there usual turtle pace.
JACK BE NIMBLE- Select A catapult selected before typing this code. Your catapult will shoot cows in one direction, or villagers doing cartwheels, and looking like super man when facing in another direction.
HOME RUN- Win scenario immediatly.
DIEDIEDIE- Every player except you dies.
RESIGN- You resign the game.
REVEAL MAP- Reveals the entire map, does not include where enemy units or buildings are located unless in sight range.
NO FOG- Turns off the fog of war that obscures vision during battle.
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