Awards That I Won

I won an award of excellence from Pokemon-O-Rama!

I won Mewmew's Silver Award!

I won Mewmew's Silver Award!

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I won an award from Pikachu's Pokeball!

I won an Gold Award from Pokemon Unofficial HQ!

I won an award from Pokemon Bar!

I won an Silver Skyscraper Award from Pokémon City!




I caught a Mew and won the ROX and Bronze Award from All Pokemon!

Dratini Kenny's PokeAwards Shelf
PlatinumBlueDratini Kenny's 
Blue Dratini Award!Cascade RingDratini Kenny's Pokemon Ring Dratini Award for being part of one of the best Pokemon
Dratini Kenny's Pokemon Center

I won the Blue and Ring Dratini Award from Dratini Kenny's Pokemon Center!

I've Won the Pokénook Silver Articuno Award!

I won an Silver Award and pass the test at Pokénook!

I won the Cool Site award from Pokemon Lab!

I won a Blue Award from Squirtle and Cubone's Pokemon Mania Page!

BabyCharmander's PokePark won the silver award

I won a Silver Award from Pokemon City!

I won a Gold Award from Pokemon Guru!

Pokémon HQ

I won this award at Pokemon HQ!

You won the Silver Award!

I won a Silver Award at Pokemon Underground!

I won a Silver Award at the Pokemon Plus!

I won a Silver Award at The Pokeball!

I won this award from King Pikachu!

Adam's Pokemon Page

I won a Silver Award at Adam's Pokemon Page!

I won a Gold Award at Pokemon Realm!

I won the Award of Excellence!

I won the Award of Excellence at the Pokemon Lounge!

I won Quiz Awards at Ash & Pikachu's Pokemon Zone!

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I won the Silver Dragonite at jesses pokemon palace

I won these award from Jesse's pokemon palace!

I won the Gold Award at the Ultimate Pokemon!

I finish the Impossible Quiz at The Pokemon Factory!

I won the Silver award at Ash & Pikachu's Pokemon Zone!

I won the Rainbow Badge at Celadon City!

This Pokémon Trainer is smart!

An badge that I won at The Pokemon Breeding Centre!

I got this award at Clefable's Pokemon Site!

I won the Silver Award at Trieu's Pokemon!

I found the hidden Pokemon at Pokemon Playground!

Pikachu's Paradise Awards Shelf
Pikachu's Paradise Starter award for having a Pokémon site!<"cascade"><"crew">Pikachu's Paradise Lighthouse Award: Only the Masters have this!
Pikachu's Paradise
  Award shelf  
Excellence know it all award master elite award mew award Frost Award
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6 7
8 9 10
fantasy pokemon

webring member

adopted a


Galactic pokemon

top 50 member

Pokemon story

writer award

Helped me award



Get your own award at Hobbie's Pokécenter!

I won this award from Hobbie's Pokecenter!

I won these awards from The Pokemon Castle.

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I won the award from Psypoke Connection.