Codes and Tricks

Let me warn u that I am not responsible for any damage that maybe done by the codes. So be alert of the little symbols that tells u if there's any danger of that code.

=Be alert that this code may damage/erase your game (doesn't that symbol look like a bomb )

*= This code has been tried and that it works

= This code may or may not work

#000 Pokemon- Missingno. *

In order to catch Missingno. (with a dot), u have to talk to the guy in Viridian City that teaches u how to catch a Pokemon and say no. After that, fly directly to Cinnabar Island and go to the east side of the island (the side with the gym). Then surf and be in the position where you're half on land and half on water. Surf up and down (on half land half water) and you'll eventually bump into Missingno.

WARNING!!!!!!!!!: There are 2 kinds of Missingno. 's. One's name is just plain Missingno. and the other is 'M (with some weird stuff behind and before the 'M) ONLY catch Missingno. if you really want one. If you catch 'M and saved your game, your whole game will be deleted!!!!!! 'M is a deadly virus!!!!! 'M: muhahahahaha (just kidding) Do NOT try using Missingno. or 'M! It will mess up your game too! My classmate has tried it and his game got deleted.

BabyCharmander's Note: I have tried catching Missingno. it will only screw up your Pokemon League website thing. It will show Pokemon that you've never used in the Pokemon League and some weird stuff. And when u are going to see Missingno. or 'M, the screen will be black for like 3 second. And this code can also work at the coast of Seafoam Island

Another way to catch Missingno. *

Go to Cinnabar. Walk to the Pokemon Lab and go into the Meeting Room. Trade your Pokemon to one of the guys or gals. Walk to the east coast (the side with the gym). Surf up and down the coast at half land, half water. You'll find Missingno.

BabyCharmander's Note: I'm not sure about this but I heard that u can just trade anywhere and go to Cinnabar. And also I'm not sure if this code works at Seafoam. Try the I-am-not-sure ones and send if it works or not to me. Plz!!!!!

BabyCharmander's Note: Read above for warnings and stuff.

Fighting Safari Zone Pokemon Else Where/ Fighting Pokemon In Water *

To fight Safari Zone Pokemon else where, u must go to Safari Zone and waste your time there. Or if you wanna catch a certain Pokemon, then go to where it will or has appeared and waste your time there (one Pokemon at a time unless it's in the same area). Then DO NOT go on any tall grass or and where that u can catch Pokemon and fly to Viridian. Talk to the old man who tells u how to catch Pokemons and say no. Go to Cinnabar Island (without going into anywhere that u can catch Pokemon) (another words fly) and go to the east side of the island (the side with the gym) and surf half on land and half on water. Surf up and down and u'll be able to see the Safari Zone Pokemon and be able to capture them. The Pokemons that are in water can not be captured.

To fight Pokemon in water is the same. U just go to the place where u can catch that certain Pokemon (the place can not be water) and then fly directly to Cinnabar island, surf up and down on half land half water, then u'll see that certain Pokemon in water (actually half land half water) eventually.

BabyCharmander's Note: This code also work at the coast of Seafoam Island.

Catch Pokemon that are over Lv. 100 *

Well again, go talk to the old guy in Viridian who teaches u how to catch Pokemons and say no. Fly to Cinnabar Island directly. Go to the east side of the island (the side with the gym) Surf up and down on the edge where it's half land half water. Eventually u will see Pokemon over Lv. 100.

BabyCharmander's Note: There's lots of Snorlax's and Golbat's there. The Golbat's there are VERY powerful. It almost beat my Lv. 100 Blastoise. My friend also have this Clefable over Lv. 100. It's pretty rare so you'll have to surf for a while.

BabyCharmander's Note: This code also work at Seafoam Island.

Get Over 100 Items *

AGAIN! Talk to the old guy in Viridian and say no. Fly to Cinnabar directly after that. Go to the east side of the island (the side with the gym). Surf up and down the edge where it's half land half water. You will eventually see Missingno. or 'M. When you do, you run away from it. Then whatever item was there of your 6th item of your item list should be over 100.

BabyCharmander's Note: I super recommend doing this on Masterball's, Nuggets', Elixer/Ether's, and Full Restore's. And this code also work at Seafoam.

Duplicate Pokemons/Clone Pokemon *

You'll need 2 Gameboys and a cable link for this. Trade the pokemon to be cloned and have your friend get a Pokemon they don't care about. Trade them, and make sure the person getting the bad Pokemon can see the other person's screen. When the receiver of the good Pokemon's screen says "Waiting", get ready to shut the other one off. When "Waiting" disappears, turn off the Gameboy that's getting the bad pokemon. When the other one says "Trade Completed", turn that one off too. When you turn the games back on, you should both have the Pokemon.

WARNING!!!!!!!!!: This code could delete your game because of switching it off at a wrong time. And so plz do think about this before doing this code.

Get a Diploma *

After u get 150, go to the Game Designer in Celadon in that Celadon Maison at the GAMEFREAK Development Room. He's the guy at the very end in the middle and not at any computer. Talk to him and he'll give u a diploma.

Unlimited Chance to Catch a Rare Pokemon *

Before u fight the rare Pokemon, save your game. So if u made it faint or u faint, then u can turn you Gameboy off and then on again and you'll still be able to fight it.

Starts With All 3 Pokemon *

For this code, you'll need 2 Gameboys and cable link. Make sure that Game Boy B takes Bulbasaur to start. Start a new game with Gameboy A. Go to Prof. Oak and get Squirtle. Go to Viridian's Pokemon Centre and trade Squirtle to Gameboy B. Start a new game in Gameboy A and repeat the steps above once. After that, start a new game with Gameboy A and get Charmander at Prof. Oak. Go to Viridian's Pokemon Centre and trade Charmander to Gameboy B. Start a new game with Gameboy A. Repeat the above steps 2 times. Then start a new game with Gameboy A and get a Bulbasaur. Gameboy B trades back 1 Charmander and 1 Squirtle. And then both of them have all 3 Pokemon.

BabyCharmander's Note: As long as Gameboy B doesn't trade one of the 3 Pokemon away, this code should work.

Phantom PC *

Go to Celadon and go southeast (bottom right). There's this place with a door. Go in it. (This place is a hotel for ppl.) Think about this place as a Pokemon Centre. Go all the way right and stand right in front of where the PC should be. Then press A and puff! It's the Phantom PC!

Standing On Top of a Tree *

U have to have Cut in order to do this trick. Cut down a tree. Stand right where the tree should have been. Save your game and shut it off. Turn it back on and you'll be standing on the tree.

WARNING!!!!!!!!!: This trick will make u stay there forever! There's no way outta this! (However, this doesn't do any damage to your game.)

Fishing in a Statue *

First go stand in front of the statue in Pokemon Gyms'. Use any rod and u will be able to fish. This trick works best in Cerulean Gym (Misty's Gym).

Make S.S. Anne Stay *

Get HM 01 from the captain and then fight a trainer. Make yourself lose and so you'll be back at the Pokemon Centre. The S.S. Anne with still be here.

Slot Machine Odds *

Go to any machine in the Game Corner in Celadon. Play x3. Stick with that machine for a long while. Sometimes it will make u lose all your coins but buy some more and continue being on that same machine. When u are starting to win 3 times in a row, DO NOT leave that machine to save or whatever! Play until you think u have enough coins. But don't be greedy or else you'll lose all your money and then you'll have to buy coins and go to that machine and play a lot AGAIN!

BabyCharmander's Note: I've tried winning BIG TIME there. All I did was stick with that machine. I won a real big time there. At first I lost ALL my coins. But then I won so much. From 100 to 1280 something.

How to Catch a Charmander *

This isn't a code nor a trick. It's sorta a secret or something like that but anyways here it is: In order to catch a Charmander, u have to go into Diglett's Cave and walk around for like an hour or two and u will find one. Recommended capturing it with a duplicated Masterball (or the first Masterball u got).

BabyCharmander's Note: I don't know what Lv. it's at 'cause I haven't seen one yet. But this sode does work because my "friend" saw 2 of them but killed it.

Getting Pikablu

This code is authorize by Nintendo!

First, u have to have 150 Pokemon. Then u have to have 17 of them at Lv. 100. After those jobs are done, go to the guy in Pewter who ask u if u have gone to the museum yet. Say no so he will lead u there. Go in it and go upstairs. Talk to the girl who says, "I want a Pikachu! It's so cute! I asked my Daddy to catch me one!" Then immediately go to the exit. Go out of the door but don't walk down or up. Walk either left or right. Fly immediate to Celadon. Go to Safari Zone and catch a Tauros. Leave room in your Pokemon slots (another words bring 5 and no less). Put Tauros in your first slot. Go to the lady in the Game Corner who says, "Welcome! You can exchange your coins for fabulous prizes next door. But this time she'll say, "Hey? You have all the badges? WOW! Well then since you were nice enough to talk to me, I will give you this Pokemon I found stranded behind the Pokemon Museum, he is so strong I can not cintrol him. But since you have all the badges, YOU TAKE HIM!" It'll say "You got ???????". Then when you try and use it, it will be like pressing cancel and will exit everytime u click on it. Then go to Prof. Oak and he will say the same thing that he sais when u delivered OAKS PARCEL. It'll still say, "YOU DELIVERED OAK'S PARCEL!" Then when u go to your Pokemon slots, it will replace your Pokemon on your first slot. So put a Magikarp, Pidgey, Spearow or something in the first slot. It will still say ???????. So go to the Nickname guy and name it Pikablu. It has the moves ElectricWave, Psyshock, and Electrode (don't ask me why it's called Electrode but I heard that it's a cool move.) It's a Lv. 999 Pikablu and it will appear in you Pokedex! After 150, it will say 154. The Pokedex Info will look like this:

Name: Pikablu Type: ??????? Height: 2" 3" Length: 3" 4"

Height: 2" 3" Weight: 34

Stats: Attack-999 Defense-999 Speed-999 Special-999

Attacks: ElectricWave Psyshock Electrode SonicBoom <------- When you get 60,000 more experience points after catching it

It Learns SonicBoom when you gain around 60, 000 experience points and it kills any pokemon in one hit and it never misses!

Fighting double Pokemon *

Go to the Old Man in Viridian and say yes u're in a hurry. Talk to him again and say no. Fly to Cinnabar. Surf up and down on half land and half water at the east side (the side with the gym). You'll eventually see a 'M at Lv. 0. Catch it and it will not go away and if u catch that blink area, it will say u caught a Ditto.

BabyCharmander's Note: This code also work at Seafoam.

Getting Mew

Go to the PokeCentre located beside Mt. Moon. There's a guy who's selling a Magikarp for $500. Buy it and go to the Daycare Centre that's located below Cerulean. Give that Magikarp to the Daycare Centre guy and play your game for a LONG while. Go back to the Daycare guy to see what Lv. your Magikarp's at (this is an anytime thing). Once it become a Lv. 50 Magikarp, take it and Magikarp will evolve into Mew.

BabyCharmander's Note: FACE IT! U CAN CATCH A MEW WITHOUT A GAME ENHANCER! I still in process of this code. So if this works, it's gonna stay here. But if it doesn't work, it's in the fake code section. But hey, Mew is in the game. No Gameshark I mean. My classmate has it. So 2 bad if u don't believe that Mew's in the game!!!!!!!!!!

How to Catch Electachu

You must have the Blue Version for this code. First go to the Power Plant and capture a Raichu grow it to level 50. Remember, don't give it any TM's! Go to Cinnabar and go to the Pokemon Lab: Meeting Room to the guy who will trade you Electrode for Raichu. Trade your Raichu. Go outside the building then go back in and talk to that guy again. He will say "Your Raichu went and evolved." Go back to the Power Plant and walk around alot, 'cause it's very rare, until you find a really weird looking Raichu at level 50. Catch it and it will have better stats and health than a Raichu would have! And u can go change the name to Electachu!

BabyCharmander's Note: If u wanna have Electachu in the Red Version, trade Electachu (good that I have both version).

How to get Yoshi

Get both US Version that have all 150 Pokemon then on the Red, get Dratini. TRADE Dratini to the Blue. Make Blue evolve Dratini into Dragonite. Then TRADE it back and then in the Red, go to the Unknown Dungeon. Go to the exact spot that u found Mewtwo. Then use the Stones (I dunno which one but it's one of the normal ones not like the Mist Stone or whatever) on Dragonite. It will evolve into Yoshi. It'll only look like Yoshi.

BabyCharmander's Note: I've heard that this is only a April Fool's joke. So I really dunno if it works. Tell me if it does or doesn't. But on a site, it said that one of his friend showed him it and that's y he put it up. But that still doesn't prove anything. So plz send me the answer!

Catch a Pikablu & Topegi in Safari Zone (most likely to work)

First teach SURF to Snorlax. Then surf 20 times up and down half land half water anywhere. Then go to Safari Zone. A Pikablu and a Togepi will appear. Never throw a ROCK at Togepi and never throw a Safari Ball at Pikablu without throwing 3 BATE!

Get a Togepi

All u have to do is use the ITEMFINDER in MT. MOON 100 times (make sure that it is all in different places, or it doesn't work) and on the 101 time it will respond. When you find the item it will be an egg. After u play long enough the egg will hatch and into a Togepi!

Catch a Trainer

Go beat a trainer (e.g. Giovanni). Then surf along the coast of Cinnabar (like the Missingno. code). Within 10 min., u should see a Missingno. at Lv. 0. Catch it and beat the Elite Four 6 times. Go back to Cinnabar and there should be the trainer u first talked to (in our case, Giovanni.) Get his HP to the lowest point possible. Then catch it.

Bill's Secret Garden

First to get to the Secret Garden where you catch a lot of cool pokemon, have an Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and 2 Geodudes on your team . At Bill's place (around Cerulean), on his computer, it has his a display of 4 Pokemon. The order of those Pokemon on the computer is how u should order your team and have the 2 Geodudes on the bottom. Then look them each 50 times, then talk to Bill and he will give you the location of the Secret Garden.

Pokemon: Prof. Oak (most likely to work)

He won't be in your Pokedex. That Pokemon will only look like Prof. Oak. U have to have this item called NICKNAME? (that's the item that let's u walk though walls), a Red Version game, and have to have a Mew. Go to the Elite Four (with your Mew) and fight until u reach Lance's Room. Use the NICKNAME? on the statue, but instead of stopping before, the screen turns black. Just walk until your game glitches. Turn your game back on. Your Mew will have a picture of Prof. Oak instead of a Mew when u check the STATS of it. But in battles, it will look like a Mew. In the STATS, it will look like the Prof. Oak at the beginning of the game (when he was holding a book).

A Rhydon Over Lv. 100 (most likely to work)

Go to Viridian and go to the OLD MAN who teaches u how to catch a Weedle. When he asks you are you busy say "Yes", then talk to him again and say, "No". After he shows you how to catch a Pokemon, FLY to Cinnabar island. SURF along the right side of Cinnabar so that u are half in the water and half on land. Then fight and capture a "MISSINGNO." (level 138 works the best. level 138 are actually stronger than level 146). Go to your box on the PC and deposit one of your Pokemon and then hit "Withdraw Pokemon" choose "MISSIGNO." (like have 6 pokemon with you so "MISSIGNO." is tranported to a box and then deposit one and continue code.)(BUT DON'T ACTUALLY WITHRAW HIM) if you tap the button once you will have a menu saying "Withdraw, Stats, and Cancel" Look at the stats twice before withdrawing again. Now u can teach your new "MISSINGNO./Rhydon" all of Rhydons attacks by using TM's, and the game WON'T glitch during battle. Also, Rhydon/MISSINGNO. will still know Water Gun, Water Gun and Sky Attack (which can be taught normally). (I'm not sure if you have to give "MISSINGO." , a Grass Pokemon nickname.)

A Super-Powered Rhydon (most likely to work)

Refer to the code below about Get Over 100 Items. After you have over 100 Rare Candy by using the code bring "MISSINGNO./Rhydon" up to level 192 (if you have caught one at level 138). Unlike any other Pokemon over Lv. 100, your new Rhydon will NOT go down to Lv. 100 after a battle. But if you raise your "MISSINGNO./Rhydon" above Lv. 192 however, it WILL go back down to Lv. 192 after a battle. Also you can give Rhydon A LOT of HP UP's, Carbos, Calcium, etc...

Infinite Health for Pokemon Over Lv. 100 (most likely to work)

Take your new Rhydon using codes above, or any Pokemon over Lv. 100 that u find on the coast of Cinnabar. For "MISSINGO./Rhydon", raise its Lv. to 192 but not over 255 (Lv. 215 works well) by using Rare Candies. For other Pokemon over level 100 use Rare Candies to raise its Lv. to about 150. Get into a battle and carefully lower its life to about 25. (Your pokemon MUST be poisoned.) When its your turn do not atttack. Instead play the Pokeflute continustly to waste your time, once your life is about 25 win the battle, it will say you grew to either level 100 or level 192 (for Rhydon). However your health went below 0. After it does this lowering or raising of the Lv. the game will mess up and make your life bar get HUGE and your life will now be MAXIMUM out of this HUGE bar.

BabyCharmander's Note and Warning!!!: If u go to a Pokemon Center and heal Rhydon, the infinite health will go down to what it should be. And it will also freeze if u use a potion or healing device so don't use any. U can ONLY use "Full Heal" to get health and unpoisoned and etc.. also u should get unlimited Max Elixers to restore your PP. Also if your life bar goes down, it will automatically go up when it reaches the half way point.

Another Way to Get Pikablu

U have to find the bottle first. The bottle is in the water somewhere. It changes for each quest of the game. The ones that I have heard are in the water near Cerulean (the water where u're going to The Unknown Dungeon), Cerulean Gym, the water going to Power Plant , and the water of the Unknown Dungeon. Go anywhere in any water and TELEPORT back to the Cerulean City Pokemon Center. Once u TELEPORT back it will say that u found a bottle! After u find it, go to the items and select it. It should give you a message on where Pikablu EXACTLY is. One of then says it's in the middle of the water in Seafoam Island. Go there and u will find found Pikablu. Then move to the right and u will find a Mist Stone. Some people say they found Pikablu by battling it. I don't know why maybe when they surfed to that spot a battle may have affiacted it.

PokeGods (Pokemon Factory)

To get to the factory or to get to the Pokegods, beat the Elite Four 30 times without talking to anyone in between except the Indigo Plateau Nurse Joy to heal your pokemon. On the 30th time Prof. Oak will say "I getting tired of this. Just explore a little." He will let u walk around the Hall of Fame room. There are pictures on the walls and a door on the far side. Go in the door and it will take u to a new city. In the city is the Pokemon Factory or the place where u can get PokeGods and people that will trade u pokegods for other pokemon!

Other Way

That's the fastest way. If you have NICKNAME? u can warp on top of the doors and then walk forward to get the the next room. Then at Lance's room SURF on the statue beside him then warp on him the walk into Gary's room then walk past Gary.

Catch Mew Summited by:

I found out the reall way to catch Mew its the hardest but its worth it I not shure on the exact place but i know that its true because i met a guy who caught 5 mews and let me have one anyway theres a certain area in curlean i not shure which but he only appears 1 out of evey 1000 pokemon but its worth it he can be taught any move when I got him in the trade the guy told me that he learns mega punch transform and some other stuff I cant remember if you buff him and everything he can beat the whole elite on his own