Fan Arts

Draw by: BabyCharmander

Looks weird... don't u thinkż But I like the Dratini and Sandshrew. I hate all the others...That Pikachu with the glasses was suppose to be one of the little character on my "D&T (Design & Technology) Safety Poster". Oh well... no one in my class handed in the poster anyways. And all the others were the Pokemons on the background of my "Awards I've Won" page. I draw them out instead of just listing them... Like to remember which Pokemon should be on the background and stuff. I think u don't even know the heck I'm talking about so u can just ignore me 'cause I ALWAYS get ignoredˇ (note ˇ is an exclamation mark upside-down not an i u know i and ˇ the exclamation is longer...)