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BabyCharmander BabyCharmander's Note: Hi ppl. I'm BabyCharmander. This site is MAJORLY under construction with the pics background and sounds. But here it is. without all the fancy stuff. The specials in this site are the codes and the pics. And I promise, I promise I'd get PikaTimes done as soon as I get my hands on the pictures I took. (If u didn't know what it is, it's the free newspaper in this park : ) ) And that's it! I can't take it anymore! I'm gonna upload that Picture Gallery and make serval page so that it doesn't load that long! And I mean this!!! I'm working on a text Pokedex, and I'm trying to find a background for each of them. So PLZ and I MEAN PLZ help me with this or else I'll have to stick with the drawings in that official guidebook and make them into a background (and that doesn't actually look nice... well in a way it looks bad.) Ha!I finally updated my codes page! ALWAYS remember this: I am partically always on net and I always update the page so you kinda need to press Refresh like once an while or something. Hope u like the park. Pikachu's gonna fall!

Pikachu's happy!This site is mostly pics and codes so I need more stuff. I add music on every page too. I'll continue searching for those stuff and if u have any information that u can give me then PLZ do so.

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