Win an Award

Bronze Award

You can win a Bronze Award if you have at least 5 sections in your page (with things that are relevant). Your site MUST be about Pokemon. No swearing, no stuff that are not suitable for kids. At least 5 pictures. Background or music would be nice. Very simple. Like when my site first started.

Suggestion for the 5 sections: Home page, Codes, Pictures (a little on the main page would be ok but recommended to be in a section), Pokemon Games on GB (a little section describing it will be ok), and a little section about Pokemon (any subject or links or whatever).

Pika-Friendly Award

You can win this Pika-Friendly Award if I go to your site and maybe ask you something by E-mail in disguise. But of course you can still apply for this and I'll just have to E-mail u. This award will also be given to sites that I'll visited (as in u don't have to apply for it if your site is popular).