New Orleans By Night is a World Of Darkness online role playing game using Vampire The Masquerade third edition rules. The following are the modifications that we deem necessary for our version of this chronicle, Big Easy by Night and Rage Across Orlean Parish. Please read and refer back to this page if you have any questions.


1) Role Playing Etiquette

~Role Playing is meant to be fun for all players. We understand that at times arguements may and will occur. If you have a conflict please do not argue about it in the room as this detracts from everyone elses' role playing experience.

~If a conflict arises we ask that you contact a ST and, if no ST is online at the time please log the discussion and the ST will review it and make a ruling.

~ CYBER SEX IS NOT ROLE PLAYING. We are not saying that you cannot cyber all we are saying is that you will not get experience points for it.

We do not condone, nor do we condem the manner in which you conduct yourself in private situations however, we do ask that if you feel the need to cyber that both parties consent and that it is taken to an appropriate room (ie...private)..

~HARASSMENT IS NOT TOLERATED in Big Easy by Night and Rage Across Orlean Parish or AOL. If a complaint is made to a ST involving sexual harassment you will be banned from the realm,and the complaint will be sent to AOL TOS.

If characters should have intimate encounters please do not feel the need to send the log of said encounters...we buy our own porn, thank you ::grins::. If said encounters in anyway enhance the SL and you find the need to post such enhancements please...keep in mind that we are following an "R" or "NC17" rating...not "X", try to keep it as clean as possible. We reward creativity and individuality but not in this forte.

~ The Story Tellers (hereafore refered to as STs...or Demigods...whichever you prefer...) are here to guide the stories and to insure the rules are followed. The STs graciously agree to do this mainly because they enjoy storytelling. Again the game is meant to be fun for everyone...this includes the STs.

Any arguement involving a ST will be reviewed by a board of STs including the Master Story Tellers (hereafore refered to as Master...Lord...God...or any other title of supreme reference...). The ST involved will not be allowed to vote. All parties involved will be afforded an opportunity to state their complaints and any logs related to the complaint will be reviewed.

~Please keep in mind...preponderance of the evidence is a wonderful thing.

~Following is a hysterical little exerpt from a page I found while surfing...try to keep it in mind as you go about playing. It was written for TT but I personally think it says all that need be said.

"Some things should be left unsaid. Some things people should pick up on on a subconscious level. Some things are so blatantly obvious that anyone with an IQ over 7 will be able to pick up on. But we all know how perceptive gamers are don't we?

So some things must be explained in explicit detail. Think of this like that sunscreen song.

Use soap. This means you, unwashed teenage males. Being in a small room for hours with 3 or 4 other people who have not washed in a week is not a pleasant thing. We have all experienced this to some degree. However, it becomes more important if, god forbid, there is a Female(TM) present. Females(TM) notice hygiene more than males. This is a Bad Thing(TM). So, wash. It can't hurt, they just recently proved that washing doesn't cause the plague.

Don't recreate Stone Henge or the Sphinx with dice and/or pencils. This annoys people to no end, especially Story Tellers. Annoying Story Tellers is a Bad Thing(TM), as stated above. Also, nervously rolling dice on the table top when in a tense situation or when you're bored is also a Bad Thing(TM). Anyone participating in this most heinous of activities is just asking to be jumped by an Abomination.

Rules lawyering is also a Bad Thing(TM). Do not argue rules with the Story Teller during a session. They will become annoyed. This is a Bad Thing(TM), remember? The Story Teller is God. The Story Teller is God. The Story Teller is God. Chant this. The Story Teller is God. Make it your mantra. The Story Teller knows all, sees all, has all the NPC statistics and can drop something heavy on your character at any time. The Story Teller controls all that you see and hear. The Story Teller is the final authority on all rules contained in any rulebooks used and can change them when and if he/she feels the urge. Do not annoy the Story Teller, this is a Bad Thing(TM), if you recall any of the preceding paragraphs.

What else? Hmmm... let's see...

Bodily functions. Any an all. Even breathing. Don't. You know why? Because flatulating/belching/chewing/etc can annoy the Story Teller. Which you already know is a Bad Thing(TM).

For the love of God, annoying the Story Teller is a Bad Thing(TM).


Now stop doing it."

~Rules Lawyering however is looked down upon and you will be given a warning. If you have a problem with an ST's call please send it to the MSTs...stop yer the scene...whine about it in IM's to each and every one of your friends...and continue play.

2)Experience & Chat Logs

~Experience points are 1 per week with an opportunity to gain up to 8 per week (that's a max there, folks...not a guarantee) for role playing, message board posts, SL ideas, and recruitment (heavy emphasis here!)


~It is imperative that you email us an updated character sheet AT LEAST once a month. Failure to do so may cause your unfortunate removal from the game. We are not total hardasses, however. There are exceptions, such as:

Hospitalization...illness...vacation...temporary loss of sanity...your dog ate it...loss of one or more limbs (including your head)...or loss of hard drive. These exceptions are granted on a believeability try to act convincing.

~We require (bleh...hates THAT word) logs for the following:

OOC arguements

Will Power expenditure

Fight scenes if an ST is not present (and sometimes...even when they are!)

Scenes that directly relate to a story line

Complaints against another person in the realm

~ Remember...It is to YOUR benefit to log all chatrooms and IMs just in case a problem arises. If there is no reason to send it to us...delete it.

3) Combat

~ We use the VtM3 combat rules. Nuff said!

All damage is considered capped at incapacitated unless a fight to the death is declared in the room and agreed upon by one (yes...only one) party and the ST present (if such is the case).

Be advised that if you constantly hunt and kill vampires or other beings you draw a lot of attention to yourself (it will be dealt with in character...muwahaha). You may find yourself being hunted by someone you cannot handle.

~ White Wolf does have a free download for the basic rules. You can find the link to their site on the "Merci Beaucoup" page.

That is all we have for now. We are very honored that you have chosen to play in the Big Easy by Night and Rage Across Orlean Parish and the "powers that be" wish you all happy gaming!