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The Lost Plane.....
Is no more. From a design standpoint, the page was all presentation and no content. Not to mention the disorganization of it all. So I made pages longer (but not too long), and put togetther a lot of stuff that's worth stopping by for. I'll have the old page moved and renovated real soon. But I WILL NOT be rushed and I WILL NOT be done anytime soon. Until then, the classic Lost Plane won't be around.

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Enter Palin Kordae:
Palin Kordae is the bastard son of a high noble and a powerful demon, trying to make civil disorder by having a demon in the royalty. But Thaz, the god of goodness and purity, made all of Palin's physical charistics normal, but inside of his soul, there dwelt a much more dangerous problem...... that would manifest itself when he used powerful enough magic to alert the demon inside of a powerful host.

Greetings All......
This page was done on June 14, 1998 and would of been uploaded to my Geocities server, but then an unexpected hard drive crash. So I get to do all of this wonderful webpage writing over again. And that also means that the content is about 1/2 of what I had because I didn't backup anything and the origional stuff I did went down the hellhole of fate. Deciding that Geocities would care after I made my 15th account, I went to Fourtunecity, which is just as cool.

The Upcoming AD&D PBBRPG Campaign Info.
(That means play-by-bullitien-board-role-playing-game)

I'm the DM, and are already two players. It is going to be set in a REALLY gothic AD&D world. Also, any class that can be sent to me by a player can be used, like if you wanna play the kit "Hamster", just send me the info, and there you go. Same thing with a certain NPC, a city, a monster, or something like that. Trust me, this game isn't going to be a fallow-every-rule-to-a-t-or-else type of deal.

I will accept any character under level 12, but as time goes on, I will get more picky as more people sign up and I have a need for balence.

We are looking for 5 players at this point. CONTACT ME!!!!

E-mail me with any questions.

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Tome of the Damned v1.666 An execellnet reasorse when playing a dark/goth campaign.
Vampires and Vamprisim Net.Book Again, if you ever need a good undead villian, this and the one above and below will help lots.
Vampire Class This is for making PC vampires, but it still works better for NPC.
Werewolf Class This is a good one if you happen to have someone want to stay a werewolf after turning into one.
  Character Sheet 1/2 (all seperate sheets)
A Character Sheet.... Character Sheet 1/2
And the other one. Character Sheet 2/2
A DOS util for making a character sheet. Actually pretty good, I haven't seen it around, so I dare to say I'm the only one who has it.
Reeeeeallly Old Greyhawk Boxed Set. If anyone can more accurately date it, I'd be thankful. This could be pre-TSR Greyhawk!!
Templar Class Kit From TSR's Website.
Darksun Timeline This'll help later, trust me!

Contact Palin23
I am reachable via every free way over the internet. First ask yourself what you need, and then contact me via BBS, E-Mail, lostplane mailing list, ICQ, and the Yahoo! Pager.

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My ICQ # is 14249899, email, the BBS is for players only, and my Yahoo! name is Palin23. Remember: I am REALLY busy usually, so stuff that can be worked out by someone else should go to the mailing list.

By Geocities..... Oh man do I love those guys! (*sniff*) HONK-HONK!