Submission Policy

It is a really sad state of affairs in this country and indeed the world, the Weasles rule and the common man must claw and scrape for even a shred of justice.
As such it is nessisary for me to outline the policys for submissions

1.) All submissions that expand on a known or common idea will be credited but you give up ownership.
Example: If you submit stats for an AK-47 assault rifle you will get credit (listed in the contributers) but you give up ownership to me.
Reason: This is because if someone  does submit stats for a weapon such as an AK-47 (or glock 17, or MAC-10, etc...) if the person who submits it retains ownership then I can never have an AK-47 in a commercial version of the game unless the person cooperates and some will not. This would just put too many limitations on the game. Who would be to say that I did or did not make up a weapon entry if it were simalar to another persons submission.

2.) All submissions of purely fictional and original work will retain the ownership and will be credited.
Example: If you submit a write-up on a fictional medival fantasy town for use in a fantsy version of JARPS you will retain ownership of the piece and have complete control over where it is placed and how it is used.
Exceptions: You may waive any of these rights that you wish.

3.) All submissions based on a commercial title or property, the writer retains his rights as in #2 but it will never be posted as a "FOR-PROFIT" item. Additionaly as it will be a fan publication if the company involved requests the material be removed, it will.

4.) All submissions are assumed to follow these guidelines unless otherwise stated.

5.) All submissions can be sent to the "Message Board" or my E-Mail "Chuck-Mann@Mail.Excite.Com"