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OTB Homepage Forum is now up and running!

Welcome to the OTB Website, where you will find unkillable hacks for each car.  engine, brake, suspension, paint, & weapon hacks.  Want to find out the reason why we are doing this?  Read Nightmares msg.  I, Liquid Air just want to say sorry for the lamers that have been giving out hacks to everyone. I feel sorry for you.  This page will stay up and will have every hack that has ever been made by nightmare or myself (liquid air) or unkillables.  One more thing, Nightmare[OTB] was the first one to ever create a "VDF" hack of any kind, so if you think you started it then you need help! 

Thank you,
LiQuId AiR [OTB]

P.S-I don't care how mad you get because we have put our unkillable hacks on the internet so everyone can download and ruin the game, it's not our fault.

Well, Well, Some little moron decided to give out "MY" vdf hacks to every lamoid that begs for hacks. So since this seems to be just SOOOOOOO funny, and my sence of humor is just SOOOOOO good. I have just given them the ultimate punch line to thier joke. I am giving immortality to EVERYONE. Nitro will be as fun as watching the grass grow now. Hope you enjoy your game !!!!!

Thank you,

Nightmare has made a decision to take the vdf's off this site, for many reasons which i can't say at this time.  I will soon be adding some more hacks but not vdf's :-)  Thats it.

Thank you,
LiQuId AiR [OTB]

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