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Hi there!

  Welcome to my island! This website is all about the game Creatures from Cyberlife Ltd. If you don't no much about the game then you can read my breif introduction to creatures.

Stuff you can find on the island:

  :- Here is a selection of 'Creatures Object Files' for you to download and inject into albia. You must have Winzip and a version of the creatures object injector to use these files.


  :- Here are several different breeds for you to download and add to your gene pool. These new norns have a completely new genetic structure and will increase the possibility of you breeding norns with interesting characteristics.


  :- A list of links to other Creatures websites


  Above is a link to 'The Creatures Island Adoption Centre'. Here you can adopt a norn which someone else has put up for adoption, or you can put your own unwanted norn up for adoption.

[introduction] [cobs] [breeds] [adoption centre]

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