Accomplishments of the 20th Annual Conference of the
Cambodian District of the C&MA

The Lord richly blessed the 20th Annual Conference of the Cambodian District of the C&MA. Over 170 delegates registered for the conference and over 200 attended the worship services. This year the conference was also blessed with the presence of numerous representatives of the church in Cambodia. Rev. Youeng Sot, the president of the KEC, and Rev. Sok Sophon, the vice president, together with their wives joined the conference at the invitation of the District and shared wonderful testimonies of the great things God is doing in Cambodia. The Conference also enjoyed the presence and ministry of three missionary families currently on furlough, Rev. David and Doris Strong, Rev. Mony Khiev, and Rev. Bunnoeuy and Chanthan Kes. In addition, Rev. Gene and Carol Hall, former missionaries to Cambodia, joined the conference. Many lives were touched through the challenging and convicting messages Rev. Hall brought each evening. Rev. Joe Sarom Kong, Director of Intercultural Ministries and past Superintendent of the Cambodian District, also attended and participated throughout the conference providing guidance and leadership during the election process and many other conference activities as well as excellent teaching and exhortation throughout the week.

The conference opened with three seminars which provided valuable training to the delegates:

During the first part of the business session of the conference the delegates listened to the reports of the District Superintendent, the Treasurer, the Youth Director, the Christian Education Director, and the presidents of the Alliance Men and Women. Finally, the representatives of the four regions within the District presented their reports and each local church reported on their growth and activities. The delegates rejoiced in the victories and growth that the Lord has given the District during the past year. In particular, the entire conference rejoiced when the District Treasurer, Mrs. Lom Ann Pok, reported that, for the first time in the history of the District, through the generous and faithful giving of the local churches and members of the District, the District had met its budget goals. As the delegates listened to each report two areas began to stand out as being the highest priorities of the district during the coming year:

During his report the Youth Director, Kreng Krich, expressed his intention to pursue other opportunities for service within the District at the end of his current contract in December. The DEXCOM met and interviewed several candidates for position of Youth Director during the conference. John Kaysarn was selected and accepted the call to serve as the new Youth Director for the District.

Following the conference reports the various conference committees met to address and plan for the needs and activities of the District during the coming year. Each committee prepared a report which was presented for discussion and approval to the delegates. The following proposals were approved by the delegates:

Great rejoicing accompanied the closing service of the conference as Rev. Nareth May was installed as District Superintendent. In addition, three pastors were ordained as Ministers of the Gospel, Rev. Kan Em, Rev. Sonly Goy, and Rev. Victor Penh, and one pastor, Rev. Sy San Ouk, received a Certificate of Completion for the MSP program.

Of final note, a central calendar for the District is now being maintained online by Mac Thang, West Coast Regional Youth Director. It may be viewed at

Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. John S. Brown
Secretary of the Cambodian District of the
Christian & Missionary Alliance