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If this is your first time to Ancient Warriors welcome. If this is a return visit great! We welcome you to our part of the web. We have been online now since 1997 and have had this page with geocities since late 1998, way before they sold to . When we first got to the web we were promoting our BBS, but after 10 years and the advent of the internet we decided to shut down Ancient Warriors BBS and switch to the web, something we have had a great time with.

We have just acquired a new publication service.  We are now offering great online book service.  Offering hundreds of books, CD's and tapes that offer you a chance at making money online! Check it out.

We have sent out so many Dragon Awards that we have had to delete the winners page (over 1,000 awards in the last 4 years) and will revamp the site with a Today's Site Spotlight here on the main page. Check it out in the next few days.

I am pretty excited to offer new news every day about my new passion, Star Trek news, below is Today's news!

Why do you care about the number of visitors to our site? Well each Dragon Award given out just adds to the prestige of the award, and thus makes you look even better!

Star Trek News:

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