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July 97 -     Dungeon Keeper, a role playing computer game, is released. It is a twist on the Dungeons and Dragons game in which you play the evil opponent defending against the Forces of Good.

    I also discover Geocities where one can get a free home page. I had found resources in programming the Dungeon Keeper scripts to allow access to all the creatures and resources in the first playing level. I find a vacancy in TimesSquare/Dungeon and put up my first home page related to my resources. The name Torture Dungeon comes from the game.

Aug 97 -     Alas, there are many Dungeon Keeper sites on the Web; some much better than mine (Fizban's Dungeon Keeper Page is the best!). One of the rules of cool web sites is don't be a copycat; find something unique and different to do. I decide to select another area to develop my site. I expand on the torture chamber/torture dungeon theme. I focus the site on exploration of torture on the Web - a collection of links related to torture. Most of what I find are through Yahoo and the other search engines using the word 'torture'.
Sep 97 -     My collection grows and develops into more categories - Torture history sites of old torture equipment and methods and modern political torture abuse by governments. There are also sites related to BDSM, but Geocities content guidelines are limiting -- I provide only a link to the Yahoo categories and a few selected equipment and dungeon sites. Interestingly, Dungeon Keeper includes a Dark Mistress who is clad in leather and who loves hanging out in the torture chamber!!

    I discover the excellent Whipping Scenes in Movies Database and the Internet Movie Database and add another cateory of Torture in Mainstream movies.

Oct 97 -     I begin exploring the usenet newgroups and discover alt.torture and add a cateory of Torture Stories. I also find Urticus' History of Torture which is the best site to date for quality torture history resources. I add more resources as a result of newsgroups. After lurking for a while, I make a few contributions and promote my site; my counter goes from 500 to over 1500 in a week! Thank you Torture Town citizens!!
Nov 97 -     Add more resources and begin promoting the site. Joined my first webring - The History Ring
Jan 98 -     Joined The Dungeon Keepers' Ring. Add a VCR Alert for movies on TV (very few torture movies on the air). Reach 10,000 hits in Jan with 500 or 700/day on one weekend day (depending upon which counter you use) in mid-Jan. Things have settled down to about 100-200 hits/day now.
Feb 98 -     Add topic related links from Damsels in Distress (DiD) sites (actresses bound and gagged) for VidCaps (video captures), stories, illustrations, and VCR Alerts.
Mar 98 -     Now have 55 entries with over 200 links for Reel Torture in Mainstream Movies; reach 20,000, then 30,000 hits averaging 500 hits/day; thanks to Urticus, Oslo of Whipping Scenes in Movies Database, and Brian's Pages for their links as well as the search engines and newsgroups. Had 9 VCR Alerts this month thanks to Brian's Page (DiD).
    Classified links into 3 major categories:
       Real Torture (history, political),
       Reel Torture (movies), and
       Unreal Torture (BDSM, consensual play, stories, games, newsgroups).
May 98 -     Reached 100,000 hits!!
Sep 98 -     Reached 150,000 hits!!
    Average percentage for pages:
      100% index
       40% history
       40% movies
       90% bdsm
       10% dk

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