1993-1995 WCW Worldwide Tapes

Here are the 1993-1995 WCW Worldwide shows with their match listings:

5/93 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 64)
-Sting vs. Pat Rose
-WCW Magazine: with Tony Gilliam
-Update: Slamboree 93 (beginning is cut)
-Hollywood Blonds vs. Tommy Angel + Brad Anderson (cut off)

5/93 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 64)
-Update: Slamboree 93 (beginning is cut, clips of legends' matches are shown)

7/93 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 64)
-Update: Cactus Jack on the streets
-Rick Rude vs. Jobber
-Control Center: Beach Blast 93
-Sting + British Bulldog vs. Tony Zane + Brody
-Interview: Sting + British Bulldog
-Flair for the Gold: Maxx Payne
-WCW Magazine: Closeup of Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham upcoming match
-All 3 Horsemen vs. Dick Slater, Shanghai Pierce + Tex Slazenger
-Interview: Horsemen

8/93 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 64)
-Rick Stockhauser + Dick Slater vs. Arn Anderson + Paul Roma
-Sid Vicious vs. Jay Sledge
-Flair for the Gold: Dustin Rhodes
-WCW Magazine: A Look at Yoshi Kwan
-Ricky Steamboat + Johnny B Badd vs. Maxx Payne + Paul Orndorff
-Highlights: Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham (from Beach Blast 93)
-Comments: Ric Flair

4/94 WCW Worldwide(tape 64)
-Terra Ryzing vs. Vern Henderson
-Interview: Nasty Boys
-Angle: Sting tricks Rick Rude into signing a contract
-Terry Taylor vs. Diamond Dallas Page
-Control Center: Spring Stampede
-Clip: Ric Flair talks about Hulk Hogan
-Ric Flair vs. Tony Mella
-Interview: Col. Parker, Steve Austin + Bunkhouse Buck
-Bunkhouse Buck vs. Kenny Kendall
-Interview: Vader + Harley Race
-Harlem Heat vs. Marcus Bagwell + 2 Cold Scorpio

4/30/94 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 66)
-Brian Pillman vs. Bunkhouse Buck (beginning is cut)
-Drawing: 1st Dream Match of May Mayhem

8/20/94 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 2A)
-Terry Taylor vs. Bill Payne
-Interview: Hulk Hogan with Jimmy Hart
-Guardian Angel vs. Chris Sullivan
-Interview: Nasty Boys
-Clip: Antonio Inoki gets an award
-Erik Watts + Barry Houston vs. Terry Funk + Bunkhouse Buck

9/3/94 WCW Worldwide(tape 69)
-Stars + Stripes vs. Tony Vincent + Ron Oakes
-Interview: Steven Regal
-Dustin Rhodes + Nasty Boys vs. Rip Rogers, Bill Payne + Butch Long
-Control Center: Fall Brawl 94
-Frank Anderson vs. The Gambler
-Clip: Cactus Jack DDT's Dave Sullivan during an interview
-Steve Austin vs. Dave Walby
-Interview: Johnny B Badd
-Highlights: 8/94 Clash of Champions
-Interview: Hulk Hogan at a beach
-Interview: Dusty + Dustin Rhodes + Nasty Boys

9/10/94 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 69)
-Comments: Hulk Hogan + Brutus (Joined in Progress)
-Ron Simmons vs. Scott Armstrong
-Control Center: Fall Brawl 94
-Bruise Brothers vs. Joey Maggs + Todd Morton
-Interview: Ric Flair from Mirage in Los Vegas
-Brian Pillman vs. Tom Burton
-Interview: Steve Austin
-Vader vs. Brad Armstrong
-Interview: Vader

10/94 WCW Worldwide(tape 65)
-Clip: Hulk Hogan + Dave Sullivan vs. Ric Flair + Masked Man

10/94 WCW Worldwide(tape 65)
-Alex Wright vs. Brady Boone
-Interview: Honkytonk Man
-Steve Austin vs. Leroy Howard
-Control Center: Halloween Havoc 94
-Clip: Sting vs. Vader (from Saturday Night)
-Guardian Angel vs. Nasty Ned
-Interview: Johnny B Badd
-Terry Taylor + Mark Starr vs. Harlem Heat
-Interview: Hulk Hogan at home with his parents

10/29/94 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 65)
-Highlights: Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair (Halloween Havoc 94)

11/12/94 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 65)
-Dave Walby vs. Vader
-Hulk Hogan + Sting vs. Bruise Brothers

11/94 WCW Worldwide
-Clip: Avalanche destroys Dave Sullivan + Sting

12/3/94 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 68)
-Interview: 3 Faces of Fear
-Scott + Brian Armstrong vs. Avalanche + Kevin Sullivan

12/10/94 WCW Worldwide(tape 68)
-Nasty Boys vs. Harlem Heat
-Control Center: Starrcade 94
-Pretty Wonderful vs. Frankie Lancaster + Barry Houston
-Johnny B Badd vs. Bunkhouse Buck
-Interview: Hulk Hogan

12/17/94 WCW Worldwide(tape 68)
-Pretty Wonderful vs. Fantastics
-Interview: Hulk Hogan + Sting

12/24/94 WCW Worldwide(tape 45)
-Nasty Boys vs. Nasty Ned + Ron Oakes (beginning is cut)
-Interview: Honkytonk Man
-Vader vs. Barry Houston
-Control Center: Starrcade 94
-Handicap Match: Avalanche vs. Joey Maggs + Bill Payne
-Harlem Heat vs. Vern Henderson + Todd Morton
-Interview: Johnny B Badd
-Mark Starr + Frankie Lancaster vs. Stars + Stripes
-Interview: Hulk Hogan + Jimmy Hart

12/31/94 WCW Worldwide(1994 Year in Review, tape 70)
-Steven Regal vs. Brian Pillman
-Interview: Honkytonk Man
-Clip: Dustin Rhodes + Arn Anderson vs. Bad Attitude
-Clips: Hulk Hogan joins WCW (parade + contract signing)
-Hulk Hogan + Sting vs. Bruise Brothers
-Tuxedo Match: Johnny B Badd vs. Steve Austin
-Interview: Jim Duggan

1/7/95 WCW Worldwide(maybe incomplete, tape 68)
-Statement: Nick Bockwinkle
-Jim Duggan vs. Ned Brady
-Control Center: 1/95 Clash of Champions
-Arn Anderson + Bunkhouse Buck vs. Kenny Kendall + Joey Maggs
-Interview: Kevin Sullivan + Avalanche
-Highlights: Starrcade 94
-Sting vs. Bobby Eaton
-Interview: Hulk Hogan + Randy Savage

1/14/95 WCW Worldwide(maybe incomplete, tape 68)
-Guardian Angel vs. Sonny Trout
-Control Center: 1/95 Clash of Champions
-Kevin Sullivan + Avalanche vs. Brian Costello + Vern Henderson
-Interview: Guardian Angel
-Stars + Stripes vs. Bunkhouse Buck + Arn Anderson

1/21/95 WCW Worldwide(Everything before the main event is on tape 68)
-Kevin Sullivan + Avalanche vs. Ron Oakes + Chris Nelson
-Vader vs. Dave Walby
-Control Center: 1/95 Clash of Champions
-Blacktop Bully vs. Steve Collins
-Interview: Guardian Angel
-Harlem Heat vs. Fantastics (1st part is on tape 68 + the ending is on tape 45)
-Comments: Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage + Jimmy Hart (tape 45)

1/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 72)
-Handicap Match: Avalanche vs. Leroy Howard + Butch Long
-Angle: Col. Parker goes to bail the Blacktop Bully from jail
-Steven Regal vs. Brian Costello
-Video: Vader
-Jim Duggan vs. Arn Anderson

2/95 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 72)
-Video: Ric Flair
-Harlem Heat vs. Brian Costello + Dave Walby (Joined in Progress)
-Video: Vader (cut)
-Brad Armstrong vs. Bobby Eaton

2/95 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, tape 1A)
-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Vern Henderson (beginning is cut)
-Jim Duggan vs. Bunkhouse Buck
-Interview: Vader

2/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 1A)
-Blacktop Bully vs. Barry Houston
-Interview: Big Bubba + Avalanche
-Stars + Stripes vs. Tony Mella + Derek Lambert
-Control Center: Superbrawl 5
-Clip: 1/95 Clash of Champions with Hulk Hogan interview
-Dustin Rhodes vs. Jimmy Rogers
-Interview: Sting + Randy Savage
-Jim Duggan + Sting vs. Arn Anderson + Bunkhouse Buck

2/25/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 44)
-Nasty Boys vs. Quinn Nash + Adam Flash
-Alex Wright vs. Buddy Vale
-Craig Pittman vs. Todd Morton
-Brian Pillman vs. Nasty Ned
-Hulk Hogan + Randy Savage vs. Butcher + Avalanche

3/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 44)
-Johnny B Badd vs. Watson
-Meng vs. Leroy Howard
-Sting vs. Sledgehammer McGill
-Jim Duggan vs. Tom Burton
-Stars + Stripes vs. Harlem Heat

3/95 WCW Worldwide(incomplete, 2 copies, tape 63 and tape 70)
-Angle: Bobby Eaton asks Steven Regal to be his partner
-Big Bubba vs. Leroy Howard
-Interview: Randy Savage
-Jim Duggan vs. Arn Anderson

3/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 63)
-Randy Savage vs. Frankie Lancaster
-Angle: Steven Regal refuses Bobby Eaton to be his partner
-Steven Regal vs. Joey Maggs
-Comments: Hulk Hogan
-Harlem Heat vs. Ayala Brothers
-Highlights: Steiner Brothers in Japan
-Blacktop Bully vs. Barry Hardy
-Comments: Vader + Ric Flair
-Steve Austin vs. Marcus Bagwell

3/25/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 1A)
-Highlights: Uncensored 95
-Johnny B Badd vs. Butch Long
-Interview: Arn Anderson
-Clips: Vader + Ric Flair destroy Dave Sullivan
-Vader vs. Casey Thompson
-Highlights: Steven Regal vs. Bobby Eaton
-Bunkhouse Buck vs. Mike Khorey
-Interview: Sting
-Pretty Wonderful vs. Fantastics

4/1/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 15)
-Kevin Sullivan + Butcher vs. Barry Hardy + Vern Henderson
-Craig Pittman vs. Tracy Benton
-Big Bubba vs. Manny Fernandez
-Arn Anderson + Blacktop Bully vs. Alex Wright + Dustin Rhodes

4/8/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 15)
-Nasty Boys vs. Southern Posse
-Avalanche vs. John Crystal
-Johnny B Badd vs. Rip Sawyer
-Blue Bloods vs. Brad Armstrong + Tim Horner

4/15/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 15)
-Meng vs. Bill Payne
-Jim Duggan vs. Sledgehammer McGill
-Frank Anderson vs. Manny Fernandez
-Big Bubba vs. Kenny Kendall
-Stars + Stripes vs. Dino Casanova + Romeo Valentino
-Arn Anderson vs. Alex Wright

4/22/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 15)
-Sting vs. Cliff Sheets
-Harlem Heat vs. Vern Henderson + Kip Abee
-Craig Pittman vs. Walter Stowe
-Butcher + Kevin Sullivan vs. Stars + Stripes

4/29/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 13)
-Meng vs. Scott Sandlin
-Johnny B Badd vs. Buddy Vale
-Pretty Wonderful vs. Manny Fernandez + Casey Thompson
-Fantastics vs. Blue Bloods

5/6/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 13)
-Nasty Boys vs. Dino Casanova + Romeo Valentino
-Craig Pittman vs. Bill Payne
-Barry Hardy + John Crystal vs. Harlem Heat
-Brian Pillman vs. Buddy Vale
-Stars + Stripes vs. Blue Bloods

5/13/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 13)
-Brian Pillman vs. Rip Rogers
-Tim Horner vs. Bunkhouse Buck
-Kevin Sullivan vs. Butcher

5/20/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 13)
-Arn Anderson vs. Bart Sawyer
-Big Bubba vs. Dave Walby
-Alex Wright vs. Sledgehammer McGill
-Bunkhouse Buck + Dick Slater vs. Scott D' Amore + T.A. McCoy
-Ric Flair + Vader vs. Los Dos Amigos (non-match, Los Dos Amigos are the Mega Powers)

5/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 38)
-Harlem Heat vs. Eddie Jackie + Steve Starr
-Craig Pittman vs. Tim Horner
-Bunkhouse Buck vs. Brian Pillman

6/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 23)
-Renegade vs. Dino Casanova
-Kamala vs. Scott D' Amore
-Bunkhouse Buck + Dick Slater vs. Red Tyler + Leroy Howard
-James Earl vs. Mark Starr
-Sting vs. Paul Orndorff

6/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 23)
-Ric Flair vs. Tim Horner
-Kevin Sullivan vs. Julio Sanchez
-Brian Pillman vs. Dino Casanova
-Bunkhouse Buck + Dick Slater vs. Blue Bloods

6/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 24)
-Nasty Boys vs. Dave Dalton + Chris Pionne
-Bunkhouse Buck + Dick Slater vs. Ayala Brothers
-Craig Pittman vs. T.A. McCoy
-Meng vs. Dave Walby
-Brian Pillman vs. Arn Anderson

6/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 24)
-Stars + Stripes vs. Manny Fernandez + Buddy Vale
-Steve Austin vs. Leroy Howard
-Johnny B Badd vs. Mike Thor
-Jim Duggan vs. Butch Long
-Frank Anderson vs. Sonny Trout
-Sting vs. Tex Slazenger

7/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 24)
-Blue Bloods vs. Red Tyler + Eddie Jackie
-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Bart Sawyer
-Brian Pillman vs. Barry Hardy
-Harlem Heat vs. Nasty Boys (title change)

7/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 24)
-Brian Pillman vs. Bob Bradley
-Dave Sullivan vs. Nasty Ned
-Bunkhouse Buck + Dick Slater vs. Scott D' Amore + Tommy Tanner
-Kamala vs. Mike Khorey
-Tim Horner + Scott Armstrong vs. State Patrol

7/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 24)
-Alex Wright vs. Rip Rogers
-Kevin Sullivan vs. Mike Thor
-Steve Austin vs. Mike Davis
-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Dave Sullivan

7/95 WCW Worldwide(First 3 matches on tape 24, last is on tape 26)
-Meng vs. Red Tyler
-Kamala vs. Ron Thompson
-Big Bubba vs. Bart Sawyer
-Harlem Heat vs. Alex Wright + Brian Pillman

7/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 26)
-Craig Pittman vs. Tommy Tanner
-Stars + Stripes vs. Sledgehammer McGill + Tony Mella
-Paul Orndorff vs. Steve Storm
-Vader vs. Mike Khorey
-Harlem Heat vs. Tim Horner + Scott Armstrong

7/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 26)
-Mark Starr vs. Chris Pillon
-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Ron Thompson
-Blue Bloods vs. T.A. McCoy + Bart Sawyer
-Tex Slazenger vs. Eddie Jackie
-Bunkhouse Buck + Dick Slater vs. Sting + Renegade

8/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 35)
-Ricky Santana vs. Arn Anderson
-Harlem Heat vs. Mike Legacy + Rick Garcia
-Zodiac, Kamala + Shark vs. Terry Morgan, Johnny Boone + Barry Houston
-Randy Savage vs. Paul Orndorff

8/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 35)
-Johnny B Badd vs. Manny Fernandez
-Kurasawa vs. Scott D' Amore
-Brian Pillman vs. Rick Matrix
-Alex Wright vs. Arn Anderson

8/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 35)
-Cobra vs. Bobby Star
-Vader vs. Johnny Boone
-Craig Pittman vs. Rick Garcia
-Sting vs. Shark

8/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 26)
-Jim Duggan vs. Dave Dalton
-Nasty Boys vs. Sledgehammer McGill + Tony Mella
-Meng vs. Ayala
-Harlem Heat vs. Bart Sawyer + Ron Thompson
-Randy Savage vs. Tex Slazenger

9/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 26)
-Craig Pittman vs. Vern Henderson
-Brian Pillman vs. Butch Long
-Nasty Boys vs. Tony Mella + Rip Rogers
-Johnny B Badd vs. Sgt. Parker
-Jim Duggan vs. Kamala

9/16/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 16)
-Renegade vs. Dave Dalton
-Blue Bloods vs. Al Philips + Todd Wilder
-Johnny B Badd vs. Sledgehammer McGill
-Kevin Sullivan vs. Mike Legacy
-Ric Flair vs. Steve Armstrong

9/23/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 16)
-Hawk vs. Terry Richards
-Kevin Sullivan vs. Todd Wilder
-Blue Bloods vs. Julio Sanchez + Barry Houston
-Paul Orndorff vs. Terry Morgan
-Armstrong Brothers vs. Brian Pillman + Arn Anderson

9/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 16)
-Disco Inferno vs. Barry Houston
-Kurasawa vs. Scott Armstrong
-Alex Wright vs. The Grappler
-Big Bubba vs. Johnny Drayton
-Sting vs. Arn Anderson

10/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 16)
-Ric Flair vs. Bunkhouse Buck
-Kamala + Zodiac vs. Terry Morgan + Scott Amour
-Tim Horner vs. Diamond Dallas Page
-Randy Savage vs. Dick Slater

10/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 16)
-Renegade vs. The Gambler
-Jim Duggan vs. Steve Storm (very funny match)
-Buddy Valentine vs. Scott Norton
-Craig Pittman vs. Chris Benoit

10/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 10)
-Brian Pillman + Arn Anderson vs. Vern Henderson + Leroy Howard
-Kurasawa vs. Chris Nelson
-Kamala vs. Todd Wilder
-Jim Duggan vs. Ric Matrix
-Big Bubba vs. Dave Sullivan

10/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 10)
-Disco Inferno vs. Chris Kanyon
-Zodiac vs. Barry Houston
-Paul Orndorff vs. Vern Henderson
-American Males vs. Southern Posse
-Craig Pittman vs. Johnny B Badd

10/28/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 10)
-Paul Orndorff vs. Rick Garcia
-Brian Pillman + Arn Anderson vs. Otis Apollo + Manny Fernandez
-Alex Wright vs. Dave Dalton
-Blue Bloods vs. American Males

11/4/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 10)
-Nasty Boys vs. Buddy Valentine + Johnny Swinger
-Shark vs. Vern Henderson
-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Cobra
-Armstrong Brothers + Tim Horner vs. Ric Flair, Brian Pillman + Arn Anderson

11/95 WCW Worldwide(missing Kurasawa match; tape 43)
-Brian Pillman + Arn Anderson vs. Todd Morton + Scott Sandlin
-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Skip Young
-Craig Pittman vs. Scott D' Amore
-Meng vs. Frankie Lancaster

11/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 70)
-Cobra vs. Bobby Star
-Highlights: Hulk Hogan vs. Giant (Halloween Havoc 95)
-Chad Brock vs. Manny Fernandez
-Interview: American Males
-Control Center: World War III 95
-Dave Sullivan vs. Rick Matrix
-Paul Orndorff vs. Chris Kanyon
-Jim Duggan vs. Big Bubba

11/18/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 70)
-Comments: Col. Parker
-Eddie Guerrero vs. Buck Quartermaine
-Interview: Hawk
-Meng vs. Luis Astea
-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chuck Williams
-Control Center: World War III 95
-Clip: Bobby Heenan sells part of WCW Pro to Sonny Ono
-Chris Benoit vs. Otis Apollo
-Interview: Col. Parker + Bunkhouse Buck
-Horsemen vs. Dave Sullivan, Mr. J.L. + Joey Maggs
-Interview: Horsemen

12/2/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 25)
-Lex Luger vs. Leroy Howard
-Meng vs. Manny Fernandez
-Nasty Boys vs. Super Assassins
-Kanemoto + Otani vs. American Males

12/9/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 25)
-Sting vs. Manny Fernandez
-Armstrong Brothers vs. Bunkhouse Buck + Dick Slater
-Diamond Dallas Page vs. Buck Quartermaine
-Hugh Morrus vs. Joey Maggs
-Chris Benoit vs. Big Train Bart
-Blue Bloods vs. Harlem Heat

12/16/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 25)
-Jushin Liger vs. Skip Brown
-One Man Gang vs. Cobra
-Eddie Guerrero vs. Otis Apollo
-Disco Inferno vs. Paul Orndorff
-Mr. J.L. vs. Kanemoto
-Super Assassins vs. State Patrol

12/23/95 WCW Worldwide(tape 25)
-Lex Luger vs. Rick Garcia
-Otani vs. Bart Sawyer
-Sting vs. Dave Dalton
-Johnny B Badd vs. Scott D' Amore
-Mr. J.L. vs. Kensuke Sasaki

12/30/95 WCW Worldwide(1995 Year in Review; tape 8)
-Johnny B Badd vs. Craig Pittman
-Harlem Heat vs. Nasty Boys (title change)
-Randy Savage vs. Paul Orndorff
-Blue Bloods vs. Dick Slater + Bunkhouse Buck
-Sting vs. Arn Anderson

Misc. WCW Worldwide Matches, Interviews + Angles
-Clip: Avalanche attacks + destroys Sting + Dave Sullivan (10/94, tape 42)
-Dustin Rhodes vs. Sonny Trout (3/95, tape 42)
-Steve Austin vs. Casey Thompson (3/95, tape 42)

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