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11/3/2000 - AAARGH
Well, the original homepage has been deleted while mdqnet moved :( and this is what is left. I'll release my new socom mod soon.

4/4/2000 - Additional maps
We already had some nice feedback and somebody sent us a map that he made for Kickflip Quake. That's why we decided to have a list for additional maps where you can download new maps for Kickflip Quake. If you made a good map for Kickflip Quake, feel free to contact us.

3/30/2000 - Kickflip Quake released
Guess what? Kickflip Quake has been released! You can download it in the download section.

3/5/2000 - Kickflip Quake finished
Finally, we got enough maps and tested it enough to release Kickflip Quake. Too bad our homepage is not finished yet.

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