Here are some files for your downloading pleasure. Some of them I did myself, some of them I didn't.

For links to download female models, please go HERE.

Files I made

IRON MAIDEN SKIN (No, not the old metal band, the model) A skin called EVE

PRINCESS LEIA SKIN A skin for the Yohko model, depicting Princess Leia in her skimpy slave outfit, click here for a peek.

RAPAZA SKINS Here's a pile of skins for the Rapaza model. Go see the models lined up wearing their new outfitshere.

NEW SAILORMOON SKIN A skin for the new "Moon" model, nothing much, just a bit more detailed than the original one that came with it. Picture it here.

SAILOR MOON SOUNDS A zip file of sounds for the sailormoon model, mostly clips from the TV

SAILOR MOON SKINS: A zip of many skins for sailormoon. Nothing too exciting. Look HERE or HERE for a picture of some.

AN ALITA SKIN: A skin for the Battle Angel Alita model... I didn't do much besides re-color the original skin (by Evil Bastard of course) and change the head, but I think it looks not bad. Look HERE, HERE, orHERE to see how it looks.

MORE FOR ALITA: A couple more skins for Alita, of Motoko from Ghost in the Shell. Well, actually one skin of her, then a rendition of her Thermoptic camoflage that really doesn't count. Look HERE, orHERE, to see her, andHERE to not see her.

MISCELANEOUS STUFF: Pictures I've done, along with some experiments I've done with web pages and javascripts and stuff like that.
Other files
TITANIC LOVE THEME: A punk version of the sappy classic "The Heart Will Go On"
SOUTHPARK: "The Spitit of Christmas" --the very first Southpark ever made, in realvideo