Happy 1st Birthday!
Happy 1st Birthday Nornopolis!


Nornopolis Central

Lightning 2

While you're hear please take my quiz. And the Cool Quiz! (I fixed the link it now works.) Also, Sign The Resident's Book and View The Resident's Book

News of Nornopolis:
  • Agc stories subdirectory is completed!
  • I have received multiple messages saying that Azzwhupper will not work in Creatures 2 and has no chance of surviving. I am aware of this and Wiseman is in the process of making a norn adaptable to Creatures 2. If you would like to become a member of the Norn Committee or have any questions, write me at air_dove@hotmail.com. This is Matt, mayor of Nornopolis. Nornopolis was founded on July 18, 1998. My how the time has gone by. Anyway in case you don't know me I am the brother of the genetics genius, Wiseman.

    Norns Currently Available In The Genetics Lab:

  • Essex Norns - Al Maggs
  • Dude Norns - Wiseman
  • Pezz Norns - Wiseman
  • Survivor Norns - Al Maggs
  • Pinstar Pack - Pinstar
  • Coolio Norns - Benji
  • Azzwhupper, the oldest norn in the world - Wiseman
  • Kill.gen! Whup Ass Norns V1.0 are here!!!! - Wiseman in the Genetics Lab!

    Ok. You might want to know your way around Nornopolis. It's getting big.
  • You are at Nornopolis Central or index.html
  • Creatures E-mail Survey 1 asks questions and the answers are sent to me via e-mail. Click here to go take the survey.
  • Nornopolis Library contains stories from a.g.c. Click here to go there.
  • Nornopolis Town Meeting is the chat room. It is linked to Ice Chat. Click here to go there.
  • The Resident's Book is my guestbook. If you'll look at it some pretty famous Creatures players have sign it. If you have left your site address, I have visited your site if you asked me too. View The Resident's Book and Sign The Resident's Book.
  • The Nornopolis Awards Museum are my awards. I'm actually very surprised people have given me awards because I do not update it that much. Go to the awards museum
  • The Cool Quiz is just plain weird. Take it and you'll see what I'm talking about. (It doesn't work for everyone)
  • FAQ's. My Frequently Asked Questions page. You can go there but there's not many questions.
  • The Genetics Lab is all downloads for Norns. There's kinda of a lot. Go there.

    That's Nornopolis for you hope you enjoy your stay.

    This link here--> Read & Post Messages in the newsgroup is for all residents of Nornopolis. Feel free to post messages there. (It supports HTML)


    Please come back soon and visit me.

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