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Enemies of the Alliance

Here follow descriptions of some of the more notorious Angmarim. There is also available a list of Angmar soldiers and their descriptions sorted by name and sorted by description.


Sometimes she's the Captain of the Army, sometimes not. At any rate, she is the self-righteous officer of the Army whom you can find arguing at length about how anybody who beats her in a fight is in an unbalanced guild. She is quite a formidable little goblin.


Another fearsome opponnent, Deproelius is what some would call the "Party Man" of the Army. He is the author of the Angmar Home Page, which could be a really excellent piece of work if the bias were extracted from it. However, the bias is part of the charm for some, I suppose, and many people love to hate the site. At any rate, it is clear that he is more talented than the average goblin when it comes to writing things and organizing them.


An angry little fellow. He seems to like attacking Rangers, and could often be found slaying Gelan guards (at least until he was caught and killed doing so by some Calians). He is very aggressive and will attack at the drop of a hat, or perhaps even for not dropping the hat.


Jadavin is a particularly loathsome creature. His pleasure seems mostly to lie in slaying newbies and others much weaker than himself. Much like a rabid dog, he should be shot without remorse, and even then he isn't worth the arrow you spend shooting him with.


The sometime Captain of the Army. Monika is without a doubt the deadliest Angmarim. She is quite impressive physically, and though she is not as imposing as Denethor or Deproelius, she is much smarter and much more canny than both of them together. Do not underestimate Monika, and never allow yourself to rely upon the hope that she makes a mistake.


This fellow is quite the confused one. He has been a member of many of the guilds of Genesis at one time or another. He is very aggressive, and surprisingly vicious. He can be well-likened to an attack dog: seemingly harmless, but once within arm's reach, suddenly frothing and snarling.


The little egoist known as Vlady delights in attacking Rangers. He does seem to have a sense of humour, but it certainly doesn't interfere with his malice when he is on the hunt.

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