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This is a list of eternity shards which have appeared in the official literature or have appeared in our campaign. Their abilities and other vital information is included.

'The Golem' Print Core Earth 55 15 To remind man of his humble stature Will re-fill drained ords with p-energy Create Hardpoint Ords must be of Core Earth Reality
Ankh of Ra Core Earth 40 15 To illuminate others, to reveal what is hidden +3 to Find, Ev. Anal., Nullify darkness, 20m@3/d Stelae Sense Only to seek or communicate knowledge
Ayar-Manco Statue Core Earth 200 15 To preserve the spark of life in mankind +3 to First Aid and Medicine Life Thread May not be used to inflict physical harm
Blanket of Moses Core Earth Many 100's 17 To awaken the spiritual powers of mankind Core Earth Hardpoint, radius 15m Shift Possibilities Only for SPI skills
Codex of Brahma Core Earth 50 20 To enlighten people of Hindu trinity and Aperios +3 to MIN or SPI roll for Hinduism or Cosmverse Block Must have Faith, non-Hindus Tapping Diff. 23
Computer Chip Core Earth 28 15 To process and utilize information CE social axiom within 1km of P-rated bearer Create Hardpoint None, connected chip will show flow of p-energy
Cross of Pelagius Core Earth 40 18 To keep alive free will Free all from tech./mag. thrall w/ SPI 16 total Shift Possibilities Augment SPI skills only, user must have Faith
Crown of Arthur Core Earth 35 15 To protect its bearer from mortal injury None Life Thread Cannot be used outside British Isles
Excalibur Core Earth 100 19 To defend the peoples of Great Britain In combat, 1 free p-pnt/min, STR+12 Life Thread Only vs. Britain's enemies/for Britain's allies
G. Ankh of Ozymandias Core Earth 35 19 To remind people of their history and heritage +3 Scholar (Realm Lore) when researching past Create Talisman Possibilities only for researching/relating history
Heart of Coyote Core Earth Many 100's 16 To rekindle the divine fires in mankind Core Earth Dominant Zone, range = touch Shift Possibilities Augment SPI skills only
Holy Grail Core Earth 200 25 To inspire the souls of mankind Heal completely those who drink from it Send Faith (Christianity) total of 20, pure of heart
Horn of Roland Core Earth 50 18 To rally the defenders of Core Earth Inspire allies or set back foes None None
Pestel of Baba Yaga Core Earth 100 15 To aid wizards protect Mother Russia +3 Entity Knowledge, -2 backlash Insight User must be Russian or in Greater Russia & wizard
Possibility Chalice Core Earth 50 20 To act as a rallying point, to light the Signal Fire 1-3 free possibilities to facilitate communication Herald May not be used to bring harm to living beings
Prayer Wheel of Jokhang Core Earth 20 16 To renew religious belief in Tibet +5 to Faith of anyone in contact with Wheel Create Talisman May only be used by those born in Tibet
Swords of the Shogun Core Earth 60 18 To unite Japan against invaders +2 to Melee Weapons for 2 rounds/success level Stelae Sense Only to retake territory wrongfully taken
True Cross Core Earth 500 18 To reaffirm Christianity Spiritual Axiom 13, 100m, acts as Focus for Bless Create Hardpoint Must have Faith (Christianity)
Viking Ward Core Earth 5 15 To ward off Viking invaders -5 toViking combat skills against bearer's town Create Hardpoint Town must have a second-generation citizen
Fang Land Below 31 15 To preserve the natural order of the Land Below +2 STR & TOU, Animal Friends for Reality Total Herald No animal will assist user against interest of L.B.
The Sphere Land Below 1000's 30 To preserve the savagery of the Land Below Land Below Pure Zone, 10m, p-bearing splinters Seize Must be inside sphere to use/gain Group Power
Puttantak Living Land 10-50/tree 15 To spread the Word of Lanala '-4 to difficulty of all miracles within 20m Life Thread None
Suttantak Living Land 15/plant+ 18 To enhance the sensations of Lanala's children +1 PER/level of success Mind Expansion Must have Faith (Keta Kalles), PER skills only
Uscranta Living Land 25/plant 20 To sustain life +3 Medicine to heal follower of Keta Kalles Life Thread Bearer must have Faith (Keta Kalles)
Eye of Horus Nile Empire 400 14 To preserve the true spirit of ancient Egypt Range 0 Nile Dominant Zone Gate Actions must stop Evil, cannot intentionally kill
Idol of Osiris Nile Empire 25 23 To further the teachings of the Egyptian gods +3 to Faith for benificial Egyptain miracles, 5m Insight Only by or to aid characters w/ Faith (Egyptian)
Natramititi's Crown Nile Empire 21 18 To protect owner from danger Teleporation, range 100km, once/Horus config. Shift Possibilities None
Staff of Amat-Ra Nile Empire 50 19 To aid the oppressed against tyranny Great Curse Send Must have Faith (Egyptian), curse only vs. Evil
Eyes of Palan Nippon Tech 75 21 To spread the word of Palan +2 Focus to users with Faith (Palan) Judgement Must have Faith, non-Palan Tap. Dif. +3
Tobukai Algorithms Nippon Tech 60 17 To reaffirm the potential of the human mind Science (Math) & (Computers) @ 20 for 1 hour Insight Only for MIN and PER skills
Coins of Gold Terra 35 19 To rebuild the glory of the Incans -1 DN on actions towards purpose Conversion Spaniards take 1 shock/ round in contact w/ Coins
Ivory Eagle Terra 25 18 To support German national pride 1/7 normal food & water, 1/4 normal sleep Uplift Can only be used by a German or for Germans
Tome of Darkness Terra 35 19 To unite the powers of Evil -3 DN of spells, -2 cost for Sorcery for Evil characters Enslave Must be Evil and make Major Pact (vul'n. to Setback)
Mask of Ershan Tz'Ravok 40 16 To allow the strong to dominate the weak +3 to Taunt, Intimidation, and Test Create Talisman Cannot be used by Good or Honorable characters