From:	Michael Henry Yenco []
Sent:	December 8, 1998 10:22 PM

Subject:	Good StarFlight News for Mac owners...
Just thought I would let everyone know that StarFlight and StarFlight II
both work on an iMac!!!   And as if that isn't great enough news...  it
works with Mac OS 8.5.1  (which is the latest revision of the Mac OS as I
write this)!!!   There are some pitfalls and tips to keep in mind though...

1.  Sound won't work --  looks like the higher quality audio of the iMac has
effectively killed all sounds in both versions of the game.

2.  Make sure you set your monitor setting is 256 colors for best results. 
Not only does the 256 color mode make StarFlight and StarFlight II REALLY
fast on the iMac,  but it also avoids a strange color flashing problem that
seems to happen at higher color settings in StarFlight II.

btw...  the previous report of the color versions not working on PowerPC
Macintosh computers is not quite correct.  I think the problem is due to the
video display hardware...   There are some 680x0 and PowerPC Macs that use
different hardware that will not work with StarFlight...    but there are
also many 680x0 and PowerPC Macs where it works fine.   So in general,  try
out the color version first...   if it doesn't work,  then use the B&W

3.  I'm not really sure if running this software could cause problems  (I
mean let's face it,  StarFlight and StarFlight II were not designed with Mac
OS 8.1/8.5 or PowerPC G3 in mind...   so I would recommend running Disk
First Aid after any game session just to make sure it didn't cause any

Michael Henry Yenco
Freelance Enterprises

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