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Name :   Sheltem
Email :   none
Geographic Location :   germany
Comment :   Such programms are written only once every 10 years.
Name :   John Fleming
Email :
Geographic Location :   Florida
Comment :   It is great to know there are other lovers of this fine game! I still have it, with cluebooks, maps, and of course that damn wheel! Great game!
Name :   Robert Wade
Email :
Geographic Location :   Portland, OR
Comment :   I took the map with me to work, to study it. When I got a PC version of SF I, I almost got fired when the sound caught me unawares.
Name :   william buttrum
Email :
Geographic Location :   herrin,il
Comment :   i really love this game its very chalenging
Name :   Smaug
Email :
Geographic Location :   Ontario, Canada
Comment :   I still have fond memories of that game... it blew the socks off all the competition and was a precursor to Star Control 2 (another excellent game).
Name :   Frank Chase
Email :
Geographic Location :   Utah
Comment :   This is still one of my favorite games and I keep coming back to it.
Name :   Jesma
Email :   
Geographic Location :   Canada
Comment :   The webmaster is sexy
Name :   Michael Martin
Email :
Geographic Location :   Arkansas, USA
Comment :   I have this game in it"s original format and package. I used to play it on a Commodore Colt (PC-XT)! My favorite game, unfortunately, I couldn"t find a way to put it on a more modern computer. Now I have it as "Abandonware". Hope it works!
Name :   DownSpin
Email :
Geographic Location :   Texas
Comment :   Great Website. Keep it up! I love StarFlight and StarFlight2(To whom it may, StarFlight is the greates game ever!)
Name :   Chico
Email :
Geographic Location :   ARTH
Name :   Eric
Email :
Geographic Location :   
Comment :   
Name :   Eric
Email :
Geographic Location :   Home
Comment :   how do you find things here
Name :   Joshua Booth
Email :
Geographic Location :   Connecticut, USA
Comment :   
Name :   Rich
Email :   
Geographic Location :   NJ, USA
Comment :   Glad to see that there other fans of SF. I am replaying the game for the first time in 13 yrs. This game was/is awesome. To bad we cant play head to head over the internet. Rich
Name :   Carlos
Email :
Geographic Location :   Bolivia
Comment :   Soy uno de las pocas persona de latinoamérica que haya jugado este grandioso juego, bueno... yo y un amigo, realemente es uno de los mejores juegos que jugué en mi vida, cambió muchos aspectos en mi vida. Ojalá que más pesonas hayan disfrutado del el mund
Name :   C Carter
Email :
Geographic Location :   N. CA
Comment :   I spent way too many hours on SF1, and now want to revisit again!. Can't seem to get it working on my PC. Hopefully i will figure out how to get rid of blue screen,(any ideas?) I will get lost in another time and place!
Name :   Darren
Email :
Geographic Location :   usa
Comment :   would love to be able to play both the starflight 1 and 2 again on my windows 98 machine is there any way to do this. alos it is a honor to talk to the people responisble for getting me hooked on computer games first game i had was starflight with a ta
Name :   James Haun
Email :
Geographic Location :   Montana
Comment :   Great site for a great game. I still play it on a old dos PC that I keep for just this purpose.
Name :   Jennifer Harper
Email :
Geographic Location :   Michigan
Comment :   Thanks for putting up this great site. It is so nice to know that others love this fantastic game too!
Name :   Tyrone Slothrop
Email :
Geographic Location :   MA, USA
Comment :   Just got a x486 laptop and I'm playing Starflight again - like the very first time. Like a vir-r-r-gin...
Name :   Fabio
Email :
Geographic Location :   Rome, Italy
Comment :   Please keep this site running so that everybody will visit it will try to play at least once this marvellous game, and maybe someone help us in the SFIII project. Ciao a tutti!!
Name :   Matt Sawyer
Email :
Geographic Location :   Grand Rapids, Mi.
Comment :   Well, it happens Starflight is the first computer game my father even bought. For our old..OLD Tandy. And we still have it, truely a classic.
Name :   sebi
Email :
Geographic Location :   münster/germany
Comment :   great site!!!!!!!! just stumbled about it and started playing starflight I again almost immediately! keep up this wonderful page!
Name :   Eleanor Hendricks
Email :
Geographic Location :   Sacramento, CA
Comment :   Great job on the site, it is really exciting to see this. I played Starflt I and II when they both came out in the 80's, I am still playing them, I've introduced my grandchildren to them, and they love the games also. I have always wished that there was a
Name :   Noxturtle
Email :   noxturtle
Geographic Location :   Florida, USA
Comment :   Good job.. preserve this wonderful bit of software! Future Generations must know what decent games look like! ;)
Name :   Peter Reuben
Email :
Geographic Location :   Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Comment :   Ifound this game amazing evan after 10 years still a new gameevery time i play .I would love to try sf3 when releised. if I could help e mail me Capt Pete of the Iss Dodger
Name :   Matthew Little
Email :
Geographic Location :   Houston, Texas
Comment :   SFI, great game - none since it has impressed me in scope and imaginiation.
Name :   Klaus Heuse
Email :
Geographic Location :   southern Ontario
Comment :   dunno why, but never searched for Starflight info before, and am sooo glad sites like these exist for a most incredible game - keeping the brilliant game design and ideas alive will, I'm sure, influence others as to what's possible and to aim higher - tha
Name :   mark
Email :
Geographic Location :   montana
Comment :   anyone wanna sell opened or un-opened game of sf1 or 2? is 3 comeing out?
Name :   steve
Email :   
Geographic Location :   newnan Ga
Comment :   I hadnt Played this game in years, My first copy was on the old genesis system. I kept it for 5 years after I got rid of the system. haha Well for any of you athers who had the games and lost them in moves or your comp wouldnt play it anymore and you lost
Name :   steve
Email :   
Geographic Location :   newnan ga
Comment :   If you lost your old copy it can be found here
Name :   tc
Email :   
Geographic Location :   NE USA
Comment :   Wow, vistor 95000! Very cool! I'm glad I found this site. Here it is 2002 and still the best space game I've ever played was written in 1986!
Name :   facekidd 2002
Email :
Geographic Location :   uk
Comment :   lookin for uleck brain world been playin it for 5 years still not found it funny eh!!
Name :   Rick Cleveland
Email :
Geographic Location :   Arizona, USA
Comment :   Never did finish and now can't get to work with XP?
Name :   Don Thompson
Email :
Geographic Location :   Minnesota
Comment :   The greatest game ever! I would like to see Starflight combined with Tachyon
Name :   Veith
Email :
Geographic Location :   Germany
Comment :   One of the best games i ever played, now i am happy to have it again
Name :   Mark Mixson
Email :
Geographic Location :   Texas
Comment :   Just found and old 3.5 PC version of SFII and gave it to the kids to play..working on the bugs but it is still a great program. Will check out the III version. Thanks for the help I found here
Name :   Brian Critser
Email :
Geographic Location :   Taiwan
Comment :   your site rocks thanx for keeping the greatest game I have played alive and well.
Name :   karlos allen
Email :   
Geographic Location :   Oregon
Comment :   Starflight 1 was the first real computer game I ever played I was about 14 when I was intro'd to it I only played five times before I won but those five times took me 2 yrs! I still have all of the software and documentation for both games! I can't wait f
Name :   Larry Marositz
Email :
Geographic Location :   North Carolina
Comment :   Stumbled on this site accidentally. Serendipity in action. I've been wondering how to get my old Starflight game to work with my VGA card.
Name :   richard heeren
Email :
Geographic Location :   VA
Comment :   starflight rules...still play it on the sega!!!!
Name :   matt
Email :   mkhyron
Geographic Location :   ohio
Comment :   funny i use to play both on my dads tandy 1000 long ago i loved both allways wanted a #3 to come out
Name :   Borno
Email :
Geographic Location :   arth
Comment :   Xenon-- where is my money ?!!! Borno.
Name :   askal online
Email :   
Geographic Location :   
Comment :   tough to disco in a spacesuit
Name :   John L.
Email :
Geographic Location :   Pittsburgh Area
Comment :   Starflight Rulz!
Name :   Steven Michael Casperson
Email :
Geographic Location :   US Wisconsin
Comment :   cool blast from the past :)
Name :   Micah Williams
Email :
Geographic Location :   North Carolina, USA
Comment :   I remember getting Starflight for the PC back in '88. We found it at a pawn shop in Houston, TX. When I got back home I played it constantly. I was enthralled with the game and wrote notes all over the map. It is one of my favorites of all time, along wit
Name :   Greg Hitzel
Email :
Geographic Location :   Spokane, WA
Comment :   Just wanted to thank you for such an awsome childhood experience. Starflight was my first game, which my parents bought for me along with our shiney new 286 (with the speedy 8 Mhz option). Needless to say it is one of the best games ever written, especial
Name :   Craig T.
Email :
Geographic Location :   philadelphia
Comment :   what a great site! my favorite game of all time. I had a flashback into my childhood this morning of battling aliens and solving the mysteries of the galaxy, so I jumped online to find out what was out there. I'm so excited to actually be able to play t
Name :   Luis Camarillo
Email :
Geographic Location :   Mexico
Comment :   I thought I was crazy when I was trying to look for the game after loosing it when moving and now I found you still not knowing if I should download it or not. The best game ever
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